Mercenary Mode Private to General – Heroes of Hammerwatch

Mercenary Mode Private to General – Heroes of Hammerwatch 1 -
Mercenary Mode Private to General – Heroes of Hammerwatch 1 -

A guide for Mercenary mode from Private to General using all of the DLC.
Witch Hunter, Thief, and Ranger need to be Level 20 for use here.
Very straight forward strategy to get to General by NG6.


Thief to 20
Witch Hunter to 20
Ranger to 20
Drinks: Lady’s Blessing, Smelly Old Man, Mind Control, Mellow Mist or Crazy Eye, Enchanted Slammer, Incendiary Demise, Miner’s Delight, A Fool’s Errand
Blueprints to unlock and *attune early: Gladiator’s Net, Blackjack, Judgement, Bloodthirst Ring


Witch Hunter

  • Constant fire rate and movement by default
  • Twinned Arrow with the burst fire is pretty sick when you can run full speed
  • Dope hat



Grapple Hook 100% evasion while flying in the air, you can hook enemies, amazing to dodge projectiles from regular enemies AND TRAPS
Witch Pyre Stationary, damage dealing, healthy target for your enemies so you can easily mow down crowds
First Aid this ability isn’t really about the healing, though it helps early, the fact it REMOVES ALL DEBUFFS is why you keep this


Twinned Arrow because even with low luck, this helps auto target nearby enemies with amazing crowd clear
Sidestep because the pa*sive dodge every 5 seconds will save you a lot of heartache
Slice and Dice because attack speed is essential when using Judgement


* = attune ASAP
Arena, Forasaken Tower NG0, Forsaken Tower NG1
-Gladiator’s Net*
-KEYS Barring Arena, I buy as many as I can up to 13 each
Pyramid of Prophecy NG2, Moon Temple NG3, Pyramid of Prophecy NG4
-Judgement* the damage to bosses is critical to success
-Bloothirst Ring* can be swapped with Dwarven Pickaxe* if you’re comfortable
-Dwarven Pickaxe* makes your next runs easier with all the ore you get
Forsaken Tower NG5
-Bloothirst Ring*

Order of Completion

Arena to Rank 2 for extra gold to start tower, DON’T waste money on keys before going into Arena
Forsaken Tower NG0
Forsaken Tower NG1
Arena to Rank 4 DONT SPEND ALL YOUR GOLD before the arena, rank up in the arena to get more upgrades available first
Pyramid of Prophecy NG2 This will be difficult, hope you get Dwarven Pickaxe drop
Moon Temple NG3 earns Moon Shield
Pyramid of Prophecy NG4 Dwarven pick is too good here, you earn Colonel compeleting this run
Forsaken Tower NG5 you earn General compeleting this run
Runs from here on you should have an idea or preference for your build

The Priest

Path of the Defender because we want to live!
Blessing of Light because we are attack based, this will help us gain more life through more damage
Symbol of Essence because we want to live!
Divine Strike because this resets fastest, however you can pick other options and be fine


Switching between option 1 and 2 when you feel comfortable
Option 1 Safer

  • Smelly Old Man
  • Lady’s Blessing
  • Mind Control makes traps much easier
  • Crazy Eye or Mellow Mist
  • Enchanted Slammer or Incendiary Demise

Option 2 Riskier but gives more ore/gold

  • Smelly Old Man
  • Mind Control or Mellow Mist or Crazy Eye
  • Enchanted Slammer or Incendiary Demise
  • Miner’s Delight
  • A Fool’s Errand


Blood Rites

Don’t take too many or you can start getting one shot easily with low health, however these are ideal

Arena Upgrades

Focus on these first


Don’t ever stop moving
Continuously Shoot into crowds
Spam first aid under duress or when hit with a de-buff
Use grapple to dodge projectiles and traps combined with Mind Control to avoid confusion
That’s it, GLHF!

Written by Helliot

This is all we can share for Mercenary Mode Private to General – Heroes of Hammerwatch for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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