Merge Crafter tips and tricks – MergeCrafter

Merge Crafter tips and tricks – MergeCrafter 1 -
Merge Crafter tips and tricks – MergeCrafter 1 -

How to use fewer resources What should you aim at? Which item chains are best to ignore and which should be treasured? You'll find out here!

Use the right tools for merging

Combining five tools of the same type will result in 2 tools of better quality. However, they also combine reforge levels. Take 5 axes and reforge four of them each (. This will give you 2 strong axes that have'reforge-2.' If you wish to turn 2 reforge 0 axes into rank 2, it will cost you 5+15. The total cost for each axe is 40. Merging reforged products is cheaper!
You now have Max Gold Capacity. Crafting storage can increase it. This is not an easy task. Creating storage takes time, space, precious gla*s, and time. However, they provide a small boost for Max Cap. Imagine that you have only 1000 coins, Max Cap. The maximum tool level you can reforge for 750 coins is VI. But there's a trick. If you reforge the basic tools to maximum reforge Gold Cap), and merge them five times, their reforge rank is higher than your Gold Cap.
– You have tools at the lowest rank-1. These can be reforged to the maximum level (, or VI).
After merging, obtain rank-2 VII' tools. Now create 2 more and a 'empty' one. Merge
– You will be given tools of rank-3 'VIII,' and you can continue the process;
– rank-4 'IX';
– rank-5 'X';
– rank-6 'XI'.
This allows you to exceed the gold limitations in incredible amounts and save some gold.

Reforge your lvl 1 item cost Four items included at no additional cost Two items of the next rank (income)
I 5 20 40 (+20 –
II 15 80 110 (+30 –
III 35 220 280 (+60 –
IV 85 560 770 (+210 –
V 245 1540 2270 (+730 –
VI 750 4540 5270 (+730 –
VII 1500 10540 12270 (+1730 –
VII 3500 24540 ?


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