Modified and extended Guide – Quasimorphosis

Modified and extended Guide – Quasimorphosis 1 -
Modified and extended Guide – Quasimorphosis 1 -

Inventory management

Priority in order:
SMG and shotgun. Other weapons are helpful but not necessary to win.
Backpack and unloading vest.
Any kind of armor, along with armor plates.
Dr Jones and first aid kits.
Medical glue/bandages, then splints. Bandages stack most often increasing their slot value.
Clothes(to make rags) and rags, to repair the backpack and unloading vest, or stabilize.
Antibiotics or sorbent. You should only need 1 type if you manage infection well, they stack up to 10.
SMG ammo, then shotgun ammo.
Batteries.(At least for the first 1-2 levels. For scanning machines and autodocs.)
Anything else is lower priority and a candidate to be thrown away to make space:
Batteries. Plentiful, more useful if you find an XTS rapid blaster to use them.
Food. This is plentiful if you take the raw diet.
Repair Kits. Plentiful and it’s unlikely your weapons will break even once before you win or die.
Morphine & Naloxone if you don’t have both. Takes two slots and you need both, easier to find a stack of 5 bandages.
Generally keep items of the highest priority and drop lower priority to make room. This means shotgun ammo can be ditched, as you generally find more than you need, although the Crash 17 burst shotgun can help fix that for you.
The best bonus starting items are the first aid kit, and the frag grenade.


The quick slots you start with and from unloading vest are important for survival.
Put an item you can use from quickslot there, some examples:
Bandages, ammo for current weapon, first aid kit, grenades, antibiotics.
You can use these mid-battle to heal, reload quicker or throw a grenade.
When enemy throws a grenade, run until at least 3 tiles between you. This does not save you if its an incendiary grenade as they have a very wide blast radius, but it prevents you from being spaced by a frag grenade.
Grenades can be thrown over some obstacles, and you can shoot over some obstacles. Grenade throwing isn’t 100% accurate and they can hit walls and bounce backwards.
You regen 1 health/turn as long as you keep food a little above 400.
Keep health above 100 in general. If you are in combat, keep health above 100 with first aid kits etc, or risk being killed on the next action. Demons, etc can deal over 80 damage in a single hit with high accuracy. It’s better to use that first aid kit then risk being killed with an unused kit in inventory.
You can heal infection with antibiotics, sorbent, a charged autodoc or amputation. You don’t get infected as long as you stabilize it immediately and check it again after 6 or so turns.
Bloaters(fatman) deal a small amount of health damage AoE when they die. It shouldn’t cause wounds or deteriorate equipment.
All enemies become tougher (bullet sponge), more aggressive and ecolapse into demons more often at a higher Q-level.
Q-level rises over time and as you kill basic enemies.
Q-level drops when you kill an Ishkur Gaal(-300) or other demon(-50) or when you smoke(-100).
Since demons spawn more often at high Q-level, it will bounce around as you kill them but tends towards 600-1000 overall.
Press space to wait on spot. Press F to fire on a location.

Bonus survival

You can swap a weapon from inventory faster by dragging it over the current weapon, then pressing Escape to dump the other weapon on the ground. This takes less in-game time than placing the empty weapon back in inventory.
Walls can be shot out, for faster navigation or to move around holes made from grenades.
Don’t walk into barrels. Check the medical locker at the starting elevator of every run for 2 free medical items. Enemies can cause friendly fire.
If you sneak past the first few enemies, you might be able to keep the Q-meter lower temporarily. Killing them raises the meter sharply. Overall it’s not a huge effect.
While there is no great need, you can unequip “glory” armor at the beginning to conserve it for tougher, later levels when your backpack is more full.
The army knife can be thrown at early “sleeping” enemies within 4 tiles to one shot them. This does not have much overall effect.
v1.3 update: The character who starts with the knife now starts with a less accurate pistol, making the knife throw much better than shooting by comparison. Time your knife throw when the enemy is resting, and find a better ranged weapon asap.
You can close a door on a female disfigured enemy with spikes for arms, and she might not be able to reopen it, because no hands. Likewise for dogs and bloaters. If a corpse is in a door way, it will block it from being closed.
The scanning machine can be used to find the exit. You can often locate the exit with the first tier object scanner by checking for 2 items that are around 4 tiles apart. It only costs 5 batteries to charge to the first tier.

Bonus bonus survival

There are two “П” shaped “open space” rooms sometimes generated on the level. These rooms usually don’t contain much useful loot. There are also big “open space” rooms with separate platforms in them. These rooms usually DO contain some loot and are worth exploring.
There are “maintenance tunnels” rooms being generated on the map. In the first 1-2 levels these rooms don’t contain much loot and might even contain nothing at all. However they quite often do contain meat and an autodoc. Later they might contain a crate and a shelf or two.
When it comes to melee a police baton(or whatever its called) is better than a knife cause of stun chance.
However its better to use single shot weapons on level one instead of melee since for some reason even unarmed enemies can inflict injuries.
Sometimes you can get 2 injuries in the same body part. Pay attention to the overall number of injuries you have.
If you lose half of the durability on your backpack or vest: repair them. You can only repair half of the bar anyway, and that way you wont need to store more than one stack of cloth, as well as you will have less situations where you didnt notice that you lost some items.
Prioritize incendiary ammo.
A standard turn based roguelike tactic: use doors as chokepoints. There is a reason why SWAT operators and soldiers call door frames a “death funnels”.
Speaking of “death funnels”: rounds in this game can pierce through enemies. “Stack” enemies one after another for maximum efficiency.
Be aware that dogs, big demon dogs(whatever its name is) and disfigured move very quickly. Learn how many cells they cover per turn.
If your enemy is on fire simply run away or wait, no need to waste ammo. However be careful with fast enemies and ranged enemies. They still can shoot.
Prioritize madman always. Grenades are VERY dangerous.
Unload and disa*semble any guns that you find but dont need. Use parts to repair your weapon.
Usually the standard roguelike tactic is to move sideways in order to conserve food. But in this game you have plenty of food and proper positioning is much more important.
Check your inventory for any unstacked ammo to free up some space.
Wounds destabilize after 10 or so turns. Keep an eye on them.
If your shirt/headwear/boots lose half of its durability – disa*semble it. You cant disa*semble broken items.
Closing doors on enemies that chase you might diaggro them (Not sure about demons tho.They will probably still chase you down.)
If you find cigarettes smoke them right away, There is no reason to keep them. Same with excess food.

Best in cla*s weapons

Crash 17 is the best shotgun, it fires in a burst of 3, with a wide spread. Great at point blank where the spread does not matter.
Course VKT is the best smg, it fires in a burst of 4, quickly depleting 9mm ammo. Great at long range since the range and accuracy are high.
The builder nail gun fires in a burst of 8. Using the nails up can save some 9mm ammo.
The xts-666 blaster is the best energy weapon I found. It fires in a burst of 3.

This is all we can share for Modified and extended Guide – Quasimorphosis for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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