Money Making – Fallout 4

Money Making – Fallout 4 1 -
Money Making – Fallout 4 1 -

You may discover some tricks you didn't already know in this guide. You might be already familiar with this information and feel like you are wasting time by not continuing. There's only one way to find this information so let's do it.


For this one, if your settlements are growing, keeping your peasants engaged, setting up a trading post, and building all the maximum level of stores, then your settlements will start making money. The more you invest in people and the better your settlements, the more you'll reap the benefits.
Be sure to arm and defend everyone. If you don't, your settlements could be attacked more.
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Trading Posts

It is a great idea to set one up in each settlement. Although you may occasionally catch Carla or Doc, if you are like me and do a lot more settlement building for longer periods of time, it is possible to have all traders at once. This is a great way to get rid of your junk and purchase materials.


Gardening can be both relaxing and fun in RL. If RL is not your thing, then you can plant all your mutfruits etc. This can be done in the dirt, or in artificial soil.
I've noticed that if a structure is built over the dirt, which causes constant shadow, and unless you add overhead lights, nothing's going to grow.
I do a run and collect everything as I go, including purified water from the workbenches and caps. When you're done loading up, sell them at the stores or plant more stuff and sell the next larger crop.
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Settlement Stores

These are great, however, you will need to spend a lot of money to build the best stores possible. To build these stores, you will need to have caps because you aren't just a builder; you're also an investment.
If you do decide to go all the ways, they'll carry a lot more crap but they'll also have more caps. The more caps you have, the more you will be able sell. Your settlements will earn you more money over time if they have more caps. Free money is better than any money, so make certain to check your craft stations or workbenches!
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Purified Water

Although you may have heard about this one, it's definitely worth it.
Drop any junk you find useful for building into camp. You can then go to build mode and remove them manually. You will get more resources for building purifiers and probably more stuff. Similar to dropping stuff+buildmode+store in the workbench. If you get rid of your junk, you'll be able to build water purifiers faster and make more money.
There are many different types of water-plants.
The manual pump looks great as a garden ornament.
The water-based pump – good, but requires power. It will work in the Starlight Drive-in puddle. However, it is not designed for river-based and beachside settlements.
The water plant – forget what they're called but they're great to use as they don’t need to be in water. Although they do need to be in dirt, they are much more practical than the water-based ones and are also less eye-sore.
I did this before they introduced the water pump machines on the ground, but I loaded the river out of Sanctuary. I now have 600 units purified water each time I go there.


You can build a meth laboratory, stock up in fertiliser and plastic, and then you can start cooking up Jet.
Jet not only gives you a good return on your investment but it can also be combined with Flamer Fuel to make Jet Fuel. You can quickly refresh your action point with it and earn XP while producing it. Also, you'll be able to sell it for more caps than Jet.

Bleedin' Beartraps!

Bleeding Bear traps… Rider replied to me with a reply saying that you can get 100 caps each for these things. I think that's quite a clever idea. I'm going out to make my own. This will give you XP. If you have it, I believe it's Squirrel Stew. It gives you +2% of your crafting time.


Written by umop3p!sdn

Here we come to an end for the Money Making – Fallout 4 guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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