Monster Guide – Brookhaven

Monster Guide – Brookhaven 1 -
Monster Guide – Brookhaven 1 -

Monster Guide
Locations – weaknesses – drops – no drop rates
Work in progress as list is yet to be completed.

Monsters A – R

NameLocationWeaknessHealthDamageLoot DropExperience Gain
AnubisNormal DungeonDemonic Weapon303-10Small coin, wool, clue scroll, sacred gem shard, earth essence, copper bar, caveroot10
ArmadilloNormal DungeonCrush101-5Raw small meat3
Attic WhispererFrost DungeonFire206-10Bell, small coin, frozen essence, iron bar, caveroot, sacred gem shard, clue scroll15
BansheeFlame DungeonDemonic Weapon3010-15Chaos essence, small gold, clue scroll, gem shard, ectoplasm, bar iron25
BatAll but Frost DungeonSlash151-5Bat wings3
Floating GorgonPoison DungeonPiercing10015-25Medium gold, beholder tongue, clue scroll, gem shard, chaos essence, gold bar30
CloakerPoison DungeonPiercing10010-25Medium gold, barbed tail, clue scroll, gem shard, chaos essence, gold bar30
CrabBeachCrush151-5Crab meat3
DemonFlame DungeonHoly Weapon4010-15Small gold, clue scroll, gem shard, fire essence, gold bar, cloth25
DragonFlame DungeonWater5020-30Dragon scale,medium gold, clue scroll, gem shard50
Dragon HatchlingFlame DungeonNoneNot fightableNot fightableNone
DragonflyNormal DungeonSlash10NoneBug meat2
Electric ElementalNormal DungeonFire203-10Electric Essence, geode, copper bar5
Fire ElementalFlame DungeonWater3010-15Fire essence, flame geode, gold bar15
Flower MonsterForestFire205 to 10Earth essence, lucky charm5
FoxForest, Frost dungeonSlash255-10Raw meat, bone, tooth10
Frost GiantFrost DungeonFire3510-15Ice essence, cloth, iron bar, skull, small gold, gem shard20
Fungal MonstersForest during fallFire3010-15Mushrooms10
GargoyleFlame DungeonDemonic Weapon4010-15Iron bar, chaos essence, gem shard, clue scroll25
GhostFrost DungeonHoly Weapon255-10Ectoplasm15
GhoulNormal DungeonSlash253-10Skull, small gold, geode10
Giant GolemForest during winterSmash3010-15Regular stone20
GnollFlame DungeonSlash4010-15Cloth, gold bar, clue scroll, earth essence, gem shard, small gold25
GoblinsFrost DungeonSlash2010-20Goblin ear, cloth, iron sword10
GolemFrost DungeonCrush205-10Iron ore10
Griffin Forest during summerPiercing3010-15Ring, clue scroll, gem shard, earth essence20
HedgehogForest during springSlash101-5Needle, small raw meat3
HellcritterFlame DungeonHoly Weapon3510-15Small gold, clue scroll, gem shard, fire essence, coal, magma geode25
Hermit CrabBeachCrush15NoneShell3
HumongulusFlame DungeonSlash3010 to 15Small gold, gem shard, fire essence, ruby20
Ice ElementalFrost DungeonFire2010 to 15Ice essence, frozen geode, iron bar10
ImpFlame DungeonWater2510-15Coal, flame essence, magma geode15
InfritFlame DungeonHoly Weapon4015-25Demon parts30
Intellect DevourerNormal DungeonSlash105-10 plus mental DPSBrain, chaos essence10
Iron GolemFrost DungeonDemonic Weapon3010 to 15Iron bar20
JackapoleForest, WinterSlash151-5Raw meat, bone, skull5
KoboldNormal DungeonSlash1510-15Skull, small gold, geode10
Leaf ElementalForestFire151-5Earth essence3
Leaf ProtectorForestFire3010-15Earth essence, bird nest, hardwood10
Lightning ElementalNormal DungeonFire153-10Lightning essence, copper bar, geode5
MindflayerFlame DungeonSlash2510-15 plus mental DPSBrain, chaos essence25
MinotaurFlame DungeonDemonic Weapon4015-25Demon parts30
MummyPoison DungeonFire3010-20Eyeball, sulfur, bone20
NothicNormal DungeonSlash151-5Nothic eye, bone, raw meat5
OgreForest in FallPiercing4010-20Wool, hardwood, earth essence, small gold30
RatNormal DungeonSlash5NoneRaw meat3


Monsters S – Z

NameLocationWeaknessHealthDamageLoot DropExperience Gain
ScorpionNormal DungeonCrush101-5Bug meat5
Shardsoul SlayerPoison DungeonDemonic Weapon3510-15 removes magic buffGem shard, clue scroll, chaos essence, small gold20
SkeletonFrost Dungeon and Poison DungeonHoly Weapon255-15Bone, cloth10
Skeleton KingPoison DungeonHoly Weapon3515-25Chaos essence, gem shard, small gold20
SkunkForestSlash155-10Skunk tail, raw meat, bone10
SlimeAll DungeonsCrush10-301-25Slime3-15
SnakeNormal dungeonSlash51-5Snake fang, eye ball3
SpiderNormal DungeonCrush51-5Spiderleg, sulfur3
Spitting WormNormal DungeonSlash51-5Anti toxin, bugmeat3
VampirePoison DungeonHoly Weapon3510-20Bat wing, chaos essence, clue scroll, cloth, gem shard25
WerewolfForest on Full moonSilverlight Sword2520-25Wolf pelt, wolf claws25
YetiFrost DungeonFire2510-15Frozen essence10
ZombiePoison DungeonHoly Weapon3010-15Brains15



NameLocationWeaknessHealthDamageLoot DropExperience Gain
Sea TurtleAtlantisCrush155-10Turtle10



NameLocationWeaknessHealthDamageLoot DropExperience Gain
CrabBeachCrush151-5Crab meat3
Hermit CrabBeachCrush15NoneShell3


Blood Moon


Farm ( monsters were removed due to lag issues, may return )


Forest – All Seasons


Flame Dungeon


Frost Dungeon


Normal Dungeon


Poison Dungeon


Unwritten Lands


Special Event – Questline





Written by Tsukichild, mich_vanh

Here we come to an end for the Monster Guide – Brookhaven guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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