Morty AFK Win build – Vampire Survivors

Morty AFK Win build – Vampire Survivors 1 -
Morty AFK Win build – Vampire Survivors 1 -

Hello There! (General Kenobi!)
Tried and tested, I theorized a build that allows you to walk away for the last 12 minutes of a run on any map, hyper more or not. The only requirements are that you have to have the main boy, Mortaccio unlocked as he’s… Kind of incredibly overpowered. The build itself is a keep away build, with damage outside, inside, screenwide and nearest enemy knockback to put even more distance between you and the horde.
As the build is done without a crown for bonus EXP, I would recommend trying to keep the horde in one part of the map to maximize EXP gain as you can walk left and right easily.
Build & Upgrades required;
Wand > Cooldown Book
Book > Spellbinder
Garlic > Pummarola
Axe > Candelabrador
Fire > Spinach
Un-upgradeable required items;
Bone – Starting Weapon
Duplicator – +1 > 2 Projectile, scales with Morty’s ability
Account Powerup:
Duplicator (Or whatever it’s called)
Focus on getting the weapons first. If you can get an early Garlic, take it as you can walk into enemies for the first 3-4 mins and they’ll die in one hit for easy exp.
Weapon Level Order:
Bone > Wand > Axe > Fire > Book > Garlic
Accessory Level Order:
Duplicator > Spinach > Spellbinder (LV1-3) > Candelabrador > Spellbinder (LV3-8) > Whatever
Once done, the build will be like this
Enemies get knocked back and kept out by Unholy Vespers
Enemies that rarely get by Vespers are kept away and knocked back and out by Soul Eater
Enemies are killed by Death Spiral
Nearest enemies are knocked back & damaged by Holy Wand
Fire & Bones just bounce around your circle and do things.
IMPORTANT: The ONLY thing you need to look out for is the 18-ish Minute boss in library who does not take knockback & can walk through walls.
Here’s a late game sample from Minute 29 > Death (Sorry for the silence, dunno what happened); – [] 
Note that I was AFK for ten mins at this point before I thought of putting this guide together, hence the pause.
I had a lot of fun doing this build and it’s super satisfying basically being invincible and being able to walk wherever you want, even through the horde. I sincerely hope you’ll try this too.




Written by Magical 2HU Girl

This is all we can share for Morty AFK Win build – Vampire Survivors for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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