New game tips – Sokpop S07: Chatventures

New game tips – Sokpop S07: Chatventures 1 -
New game tips – Sokpop S07: Chatventures 1 -

Chatventure basics for new players

Quick Tips

Your pa*sword cannot be changed. Take a screenshot so you don’t lose it.
Make your name short/simple so that other players can type it easier/faster.
Players must be within 10 levels of each other to join a party. A party is temporary (exiting the game leaves the party), but you’ll split xp and get an xp boost.
Do not talk to the ranger (explanation in Questing section)

Essential Commands

Hovering over the command tells you how to use it, but here’s some extra tips:


look tells you the people, places, objects you can interact with, and whether there’s loot to pick up on the ground. Looking also can spawn enemies, so its very possible to get caught in a loop of looking to learn where to go, fighting a new enemy, forgetting the name of the next area, and looking again.
go to <place>. You’ll probably want a pen and paper to map places out to prevent getting stuck in a loop of looking and fighting.
flee or run will bring you back to the previous location you were at. If you run from a fight, and then run from a fight in the next area as well, you’ll go back to the first fight.


check <thing> can be used for monsters, items, NPCs, and players. check <player name> lets you learn someone’s level and see their equipment.
talk to <NPC name>. It’s good to talk to everyone, including shopkeepers, for quests. Do not talk to the ranger.
pick up # <item> or take # <item>. If you skip adding a number, you’ll take all of that item available on the ground for you to pick up. You may want to pick things up mid-combat so you can skip looking after the fight and spawning new enemies.
consume <item> or eat <item> or drink <item>. It doesn’t have to make sense which you use (ex. “eat milk”)


ask <name> stock or ask <name> inventory asks the shopkeeper to tell you everything they have for sale
ask <name> <item> asks the shopkeeper the price and other requirements of the item they sell, as well as buy price of anything they are willing to buy off of you
sell # <item> to <name>. if the number isn’t specified, you’ll sell only 1 of that object
buy # <item> from <name> if the number isn’t specified, you’ll buy only 1 of that object

Typing Tips:

names matter (example: “punch rat” won’t work, you need to type their name, like “punch ann”)
plurals matter (example: “sell 10 apples to martha” won’t work because it’s “apple” not “apples”. Same with “go to west plain” and “go to west plains”)

Level Tips

Most skills (strength, dexterity, intelligence) can be easily understood by hovering over them.


This skill cannot go higher than 20. You need some perception early, but you don’t need to level it very high (11? 13??)
15 perception will allow you to “track down” or learn the location of monsters and (if you know their name) online players
20 perception will let you “scrutinize” monsters for a chance to get more drops from them, but it costs 50 mana to activate. It’s not useful early game. Scrutinize is good when you are trying to get extra drops from a rare monster and you aren’t in danger of dying. After 3 successes, scrutinizing a monster won’t drop anything else. You won’t need 20 perception early in the game.


A minimum level of skill is needed to equip certain weapons and armor, but there’s no need to go higher than that minimum.


It increases your mana (and magic resistance), but otherwise is of little use until you can get a wand. Commands you learn from levelling this skill (like confuse) can’t be used until you get a wand. You’ll only be able to deal nature magic damage until intelligence 50, so you’ll still want to invest some skill points into melee fighting (strength or dexterity) for creatures that are strong against nature magic.


Fighting Tips

You can always punch or kick enemies (and you’ll have to at the start before you can afford equipment).
check monsters to learn if they are vulnerable to certain damage types (as well as if they are strong against or immune to damage types). Using a weaker weapon (like a stick) that deals the right damage type is probably still worth it.
You heal and regain mana while idle, so after a fight you can wait in the area to recuperate before moving on or looking for more monsters.
Monsters respawn in an area every minute or so. Spamming “look” doesn’t make this faster.

Damage Types

Melee damage is determined by the command you use (whack, slash, or stab) with your weapon.
Blunt – uses the whack command and scales with strength
Slashing – uses the slash command and scales with strength
Piercing – uses the stab command and scales with dexterity
Magic damage is determined by the command you are using. It’s not accessible until you can get a wand. All wands let you use magic bolt, which deals nature magic damage regardless of the wand’s magic type.
Nature magic – earliest magic damage type. A wand of this type is needed for commands like firebolt.
Light magic – equipping this type of weapon allows you to use healing magic, but you won’t get the ability to deal light magic damage to enemies until you get to intelligence 50
Dark magic – you’re not going to have access to this for a long long time


If you run out of HP, you will respawn at the last town you were at. You will only lose coins, so if you ensure your coins are low (buying stuff) before fighting a risky monster you can minimise your losses. Monsters keep the HP they were at even after you die, so you can weaken them over time through repeated fighting and dying. You can also pick up coin to retrieve your dropped coins.

Coins and Items

Most monsters don’t drop coins. You earn coins by selling items to a shopkeeper. Keep your coins low to minimize the loss of death.
Items can stack to 99. Picking up more will create a new stack, so there’s no loss in exceeding 99.
If you fill your entire inventory, you won’t be able to pick up new things.
Some objects respawn items over time, so check them whenever you can (example, barrel in smalltown and stump in thicket). It’s possible to get valuable items this way.


check quest lets you see a list of your current quests. You can also check progress on a quest by using its name (example: check entering the palace)
Daphne the Ranger
The ranger can be found in the forest relatively early in the game. She is in the forest hut in the evergreen forest (going into the hut is fine). If you talk to the ranger, she gives you a quest to kill a werebear, which is a level 65 monster. The werebear can spawn in the evergreen forest or deep forest and will kill most players in one hit, blocking the forest for all players until it is killed.
It is possible to kill the werebear by entering the forest, dealing damage, dying, respawning, and heading back to the forest over and over until it is defeated.
The Joy of Altruism
The description says “help a farmer, a researcher, and an armorer”. The farmer and armorer should be easy to find. The “researcher” is actually the shopkeeper in Smalltown. She gives a quest to research slimes.

Written by Emmeraldyne

Here we come to an end for the New game tips – Sokpop S07: Chatventures guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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