Nightmare Battles Walkthrough – Hard West 2

Nightmare Battles Walkthrough – Hard West 2 1 -
Nightmare Battles Walkthrough – Hard West 2 1 -

Roguenbauld here. This is mostly a video guide about how to win some of the nightmare battles. Nightmare on Hard West 2 requires a more aggressive play style due to the use of the round limit. I don’t usually like games that force me to play a certain style, but this one does it right. The tactical layout is so interesting and the way bravado works, it makes it more fun to go all-in instead of trying to hide and avoid shots. I hope that you enjoy it. If you have any queries, leave a message and I'll be happy to help. Cheers!

Fooling the Hangman

This is mainly your first interaction with the game other than the introduction. Let's go and free our companion. We are not the good guys.


The Merchant of Boomtown!

This is a side quest you can complete after you're done "Fooling the Hangman". Talk to the merchant. Follow some tracks (mostly campfires spread around the map) and you'll be taken straight into a camp of bandits where you'll get this fight.


Whissel Pa*s

This is the last fight in your prologue and the first real challenge, if you're playing Nightmare. This round is not too long, so you need to be aggressive. Your characters should always be moved forward at the close of each round. Bravado should be used to its fullest extent, but it is best to kill only one character (especially at the beginning). Gin Carter's special skill of lowering enemies' health is a good idea, as it allows at least one kill per person.


Shadow Dance!

Chapter one introduces you to the world of difficulty spikes. Missing one action could prove fatal. This chapter follows the same system of "Merchant of Boomtown", which means you will need to follow some tracks to locate enemies. You will at least have a tracker (and possibly a new companion) to accompany you on the journey. It's also a great way to show loyalty, especially when Flynn is involved (Wizards in any game are the best cla*s).


Village Raiders

This sidequest can be found during "The Ritual." You will only find horseback duels here, which is pretty cool, even with the dizziness it caused (don’t ask if it’s a me thing). Take them out and get your well-deserved reward. Remember, there are no special skills required for horseback duels.


Hunting for Ghost Trains – O'Kane Clan

This is an interesting battle. Before engaging in this battle, make sure you have a companion. If you have the chance, upgrade him to at least ally rank. I also recommend doing side quests for money and upgrading your gear. If you are looking to make life easier, the "desertranger" revolver will work. Purchase Dinamite, as well all other kinds of throwing bombs. Although it can be difficult to get to O'Kane once you have, it is quite easy to kill him. You need at least 4 rounds of ammunition to kill O'Kane.


Hunting for Ghost Trains Calla Calla

This is quite annoying. This is mainly because everything is always one hp away. This one isn't for LD. He is primarily proficient in melee. Instead, grab Lazarus (or Bill) and get out there. Bill's special skill is OP if he knows how to use it. But, for that skill to be available, he must have at minimum one pair (cards). It won't be a problem once this is done. Another thing you should know is that you could have a full house (cards on a character) on a hand (I chose Gin Card). So be aware of the cards, and don't forget about updating your poker hands.


Written by Roguenbauld

I hope you enjoy the Nightmare Battles Walkthrough – Hard West 2 guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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