“Nothing But Skull” Achievement – Surgeon Simulator

“Nothing But Skull” Achievement – Surgeon Simulator 1 - steamclue.com
“Nothing But Skull” Achievement – Surgeon Simulator 1 - steamclue.com

I know this might seem like a tiny guide, but if anyone’s racking their brains over this (pun intended) I have found an easy way to gain this achievement, that will save you hours of trial and error!

How I figured this out.

I had a theory that, to get the achievement, it’s simply logged by the distance from which the
brain leaves your hand, and enters the skull, from the second you let it go.
I confirmed this with my trick, so now I shall share it with you!
So how does the game calculate how far the brain was from the skull before you let it go?
WHERE you let it go! That’s how!
So, this is what you will do!

Getting the achievement

STEP 1: Carve down the skull.
Simple procedure, just make sure every possible part of the skull is wittled away to leave as
much room for the new brain as possible.
STEP 2: Remove old brain.
DO NOT THROW AWAY the old brain just yet. Once you have it out, you can use it as practice
for what comes next with the new brain.
STEP 3: Getting the achievement
First, turn your hand so your palm is facing up, holding the new brain like this, and move your
hand over to a safe part of the table, where if the brain falls you won’t lose it.
Now, try holding the brain in such a way that, when you let go, it’s still balanced safely on top of your now-open hand… See where I’m going with this?
Now, hold and let go of the brain a few times like this, until you’re totally certain that it’ll stay on your hand when you let go of it, and not randomly tumble or fly out of it.
Once you’re certain, move your hand as far back from bob (patient) as possible, and let go of the brain, so that it is sitting loose on your open hand.
Now just very slowly and carefully move the brain close to the skull, and tip your hand down to let the brain just roll off of it right into the skull.
REMEMBER: You cannot grab the brain again after letting go of it the first time. If you had to grab it to keep it from slipping off early, repeat step 3 from the beginning.
And viola~! Congragulations on your new achievement!

Ending Summary

So, basically, the game counts the brain as airborne the moment you are no longer holding it, meaning, your hand is no longer part of the equasion.. The brain can still rest on your hand just fine, but so long as you’re not grabbing it, the game considers it “in the air”. This is how this trick works.
The dev could have made this a ton harder by just coding it so that the brain LITERALLY had to be in the air for the achievement to count, but, thankfully, this is not the case.
So relish your new easily-gotten achievement, and good luck with the rest..
.. You’ll need it..

Written by Squishybrick

I hope you enjoy the “Nothing But Skull” Achievement – Surgeon Simulator guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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