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Official Guide – Agonize 1 -
Official Guide – Agonize 1 -

Official Agonize Guide – created by the developers
Agonize can be solved by the player, but this guide is available in case you need it.

Tips and Tricks

These are some tips and techniques to help you beat the game. These tips will give you some direction if you're lost.

  • Outrunning her
  • You should not be trapped in a room if she doesn’t break the door.
  • You can use a trap on her level to stop her agro and slow her down


  • Before you inject a serum-containing serum into her syringe, you need first to stun her with the traps
  • The wrong serum could trigger her. Make sure to use the blackboard as well as the periodic table to locate the correct serum.
  • Serums are spawned on floors 2, 3 & 4. After processing, they can be stored in the bas*ment in jars.
  • If one of you teammates dies from the serum, make sure to check the bas*ment cabinets for the serum that they have lost.
  • Pick up revive syringes individually or in teams. These are vital and almost essential for winning.

    Floor Plans/Map

    Official Guide - Agonize - Floor Plans/Map - C91DB78
    [previewicon=28995195;sizeOriginal,inline;Floor 2.jpg]
    [previewicon=28995196;sizeOriginal,inline;Floor 3.jpg]
    [previewicon=28995197;sizeOriginal,inline;Floor 4.jpg
    Official Guide - Agonize - Floor Plans/Map - 5022835
    [previewicon=28995196;sizeOriginal,inline;Floor 3.jpg]
    [previewicon=28995197;sizeOriginal,inline;Floor 4.jpg
    Official Guide - Agonize - Floor Plans/Map - 7D91BA4
    [previewicon=28995197;sizeOriginal,inline;Floor 4.jpg
    Official Guide - Agonize - Floor Plans/Map - 9E67DCD


    Step 1

    You will need the Front Door Key to open the door.
    The key can be found in the graveyard at the back of your house.

    Step 2

    Look around the house to find a keycard that allows you to enter the laboratory at the bas*ment.
    These marked locations are where the keycard can be found:
    Official Guide - Agonize - Walkthrough - 9C68638

    Step 3

    Inside the bas*ment, there will be a chalkboard with 3 numeric values. These values are Atomic Numbers and can be found inside the bas*ment on the periodic table.
    The 3 values are the serums required to help you escape from this monster and leave the mansion.
    The 3 numbers will be cross-examined with the Periodic tables and the vials. This will reveal the 3 colored serums.
    Numbers on Chalkboard
    Atomic numbers on Periodic table
    Official Guide - Agonize - Walkthrough - 42FE1A8
    Vials on a table labelled by different elements

    Step 4

    With the key from bas*ment, the next floor can be unlocked, allowing you to access the first 4 serums. Find the first colour serum and a pen. Return to the bas*ment and process the serum.

    Step 5

    Get the monster to trigger a bear trap, then inject her with the correct serum. Grab the key she drops for the next level.
    *If a key isn’t lost, the wrong medication was injected into her.

    Step 6

    Repetition Step 4 and 5, but instead of the rope trap and/or teslatrap, use Floor 3 and 4.
    Rope Trap
    Rope required from floor 3. Used throughout floor 2. To trip the monster.
    Tesla Trap
    After having obtained serum from floor 4, grab your Tesla from the bas*ment. Place Tesla at one of the two stations located on floor 3. In the bas*ment, activate Tesla using the CCTV Camera system. Monster will run through to inject Tesla with last syringe.

    Step 7

    Congratz! Congratulations!

    Final thank you

    Vault Interactive, the developers and creators of Agonize, would love to thank you for enjoying our Coop Indie Horror Game. We hope that you and your friends ((if they joined you on the journey) were able t get your heart pumping and adrenaline pumping so you can finish the difficult challenge called Agonize.


    Written by Deviantall

    Here we come to an end for the Official Guide – Agonize guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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