Official Walkthrough – Deviated Valley (Level 1 – 8) – Smintheus

Official Walkthrough – Deviated Valley (Level 1 – 8) – Smintheus 1 -
Official Walkthrough – Deviated Valley (Level 1 – 8) – Smintheus 1 -

Official walkthrough for Smintheus covering introduction levels of Deviated Valley – levels 1 to 8. Videos included.


Official Walkthrough - Deviated Valley (Level 1 - 8) - Smintheus - Intro - 94368DC7E
This guide will cover puzzle solutions for levels 1 to 8 of “Deviated Valley” world. This world shouldn’t be hard to complete, but if puzzle genre is new to you then you might find this guide quite useful. The guide consists of both written and video form.

Level 1 – “Mouse Begins”

It shouldn’t be problem to pa*s first level – level consists of almost silent tutorials that cover different mechanics such as: movement, keys and doors, special cat keys and magical doors and, finally, water cells.

Level 2 – “Spotlight Bird”

Second level introduces couple of new mechanics: health and damage, hurt cells (cacti, fire and spikes), boots of speed, quests and inventory and life points.
Follow the road, pa*s through the spikes and then turn south – you’ll enter area with boots of speed on entrance, pick up key and return back. Open door, pa*s another spike area and go east.
Pick up another key on south area to open northern doors. Go further and open common door – you’ll notice a crow sitting on a tree branch. The bugger will fly and pick up nearby key. Go and talk to the crow. Apparently, he’s willing to trade the key for icecream. We need the key to open door near the tree.
Go north, pick up cat key and return back to the crow. Southern pa*sage is blocked by magical door, which you can open now. Go to the southern area and pa*s through the pathway full of campfires. You’ll meet Walrus and his icecream cart at the end of the pathway.
Talk to the Walrus – he’ll give you icecream. Pick up boots of speed and go back to the crow through southern pa*sage full of spike traps. Exchange icecream for keys and finish level by going east.

Level 3 – “Hermit”

Third level should be simple as previous two ones, although there will two light puzzles on your way.
This level introduces couple of mechanics: switches and blocks, boxes to push, hill preventing boxes to be pushed at, campfires capable of burning down boxes and magical swords that act as unique keys as well as slipping on oil puddles.

Box Maze Puzzle

Pull the switches and enter northern area. There is a small box puzzle with time limit on western part of new area. To start a puzzle you need to step on southern pressure plate. Then, you have to quickly push and move to the northern corridor before stone block rises and closes the pa*sage.
Official Walkthrough - Deviated Valley (Level 1 - 8) - Smintheus - Level 3 -
After pa*sing box puzzle, enter eastern area. Push the box on pressure plate to lower stone block. Keep in mind: you can’t push box onto hill cells. Pick up cat, open common door with the box nearby and push that box on the former door spot.
Enter new area. You’ll see two boxes, one being burned by the fire. Push remaining box near the campfire and wait it to burn down. Burned box will reveal the key, pick it up and move east.
Talk to the Dr. Rampa – he’ll give you magical sword that will act as a key. Stick the sword into magical rock near campfire, pick up cat key, go back and take the sword back and return to the previous area – you can open magical door and move into southern area.

Oil Puddle Box Puzzle

Southern area has final puzzle – you have to spawn a box by pulling a switch on southern part of the area and “transport” the box up to the north-west part of the area thus creating a wall you can stumble upon when slipping through oil puddles. Pull the switch and go south.
Official Walkthrough - Deviated Valley (Level 1 - 8) - Smintheus - Level 3 -

Level 4 – “The Magical Well”

“The Magical Well” is the first challenging level that tests your newly acquired skills while also introducing new stuff such as: hostile creatures, the cat and a poison potion.
You’ll meet horse called “Incitatus” who came here to make a wish at magical wishing well. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple – according to the legend, one must find and touch three lodestones before making a wish. Gerald really could this kind of magic!

Western Lodestone

The guide starts at central area where Incitatus rests on bench. Our quest is to find and touch these three lodestones. Start with western area. Maneuver through narrow corridors avoiding roaches to north-west part of the area. Touch the stone and return back to the well.
Next, go north-east and enter the area with the cat. Come closer to the area where cat roams, push the box forward two times (make sure cat doesn’t see you) and walk around to the common door. The cat won’t open the door and will walk around as well. When it does, quickly open the door and block former door spot by pushing the box onto it. Grab the sword, pick up the boots of speed and run back to the well.

Box Puzzle with Keys

Finally, visit eastern area. The sign on entrance says it’s “Key Area”. You have to push 3 boxes on pressure plates in order to turn on central teleporter. Start with south-west pressure plate. There’s a box nearby – push it through the fire, let it slip on oil puddle and then push it at pressure plate.
Now, push 2 nearby boxes near campfire, let it burn – they will spawn keys once burned. Then use these keys to open doors that reveal small areas with pressure plates. Push boxes at them and enter teleporter.

Island Lodestone

You’re now on an island. There’s a lodestone on right end of the island. Get there, touch it and head back to the well.

Southern Lodestone

Put the sword you acquired at the cat area into the magical rock that is situated little bit left of wishing well thus lowering stone block that reveals path to southern area.
Enter southern area and teleport to small island below. Pull the switch, touch the lodestone, pull another switch and go back to the well – you need to talk with horse to complete the level.

Level 5 – “Knightmare”

“Knightmare” level finally introduces core mechanic – crafting gadgets and contraptions. It will also introduce you to tools: wrench and saw. Additionally, you’ll get to wear armor, which grants extra hit point.
On level start, move to little central island and pick up trap blueprints. Follow crafting tutorial and pull the switch. Use teleporter and enter eastern area.

Box Puzzle

Behold! Box puzzle! There is a sign with a hint “All Initiates must the test before entering the temple, only those who look shall see the solution”. Zoom out to look for a hint. If you observe surroundings, you’ll see a solution:
Official Walkthrough - Deviated Valley (Level 1 - 8) - Smintheus - Level 5 -


Once you solve the puzzle, go north and visit tavern. You’ll be given quest to fetch a crown from the occupied temple for grandmaster Kendrick. He’ll give you magical sword, use it on magical rock near the tavern entrance, pick up the items, take the sword back and go to the temple entrance via small teleporters.
Stick the sword at magical rock in southern part of the temple entrance area and enter freshly activated teleporter. Pa*s this area and move to the northern area – you’re in the temple grounds now. You’ll meet a black knight on you’re way guarding grandmaster’s room where the crown lies. He won’t budge! Forget about him for now and move east.

Temple Box Puzzle

New area contains small puzzle in southern room. You have to push stone block at pressure plate, so that it will unblock the path to the switch which is responsible for eastern teleporter.
Official Walkthrough - Deviated Valley (Level 1 - 8) - Smintheus - Level 5 -
Enter activated teleporter. Pick up wrench and get back to the area where black knight guards the room with the crown. Kick his butt, pick up the crown and return to grandmaster.

Level 6 – “Stinging Sensation”

Beware! This level is a challenging one! Like previous levels, it continues to introduce new stuff such as: new gadget blueprints, pistol, targets and new enemy type – rowdy.
Go south and meet the drone. He’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse, but for that we need to bring him honey which can be acquired from the queen situated south from the drone. Problem is, the pathway to queen is blocked by magical door.
Let’s start acquiring cat keys for the door.

Pipe Wrench

South-east part of the area where you meet the drone contains common key. Grab it and enter western area. There’s a teleporter on western part of new area blocked by cactii – you have walk through the cacti (make sure you have full health), teleport to the central island and grab pipe wrench.


Time to get the saw. Go back to the starting area and visit northern area. In new area, teleport to north-west island. Pick up bridge blueprints. Build a series of bridges towards the southern area where the campfire is. Build another two bridges in order to get to the south-east part of the area. Grab the key and build two more birdges north. Smash the roach and enter western area.

Launchpad and Bomb

New gadget blueprint – “Launchpad”. Build one and jump at teleporter. You’re now on southern part of the area with lots of clay walls. Get new bomb blueprints and start bombing your way out. To get back, you have to build two bridges across river and build launchpad on bridge. Jump, go back to the drone.

Shooting Puzzle

If you look at north-east part of the area you’ll notice a small area with magical sword and idling roach. Build bridges, cross an pick up the sword. Go to eastern area. Stick the sword, hit rowdy and enter puzzle area.
You have to hit 5 targets with pistol – doing that will reveal the pa*sage to northern area with the rowdy. Pick up pistol, zoom camera out and shoot at rowdy who stands isolated west from you. Quickly run onto pressure plate. Rowdy will reflect your pistol projectile which will hit last target. Grab the last cat key.

Final Combo Puzzle

Go to the queen. Shoot the knight and enter eastern area. A new puzzle – a gadget combo puzzle.
There is a switch in the area that will spawn 3 illusions: 2 knights and 1 roach. You need them to stay still on pressure plates (except southern plate) – in order to do that, you have build obstacles around pressure plates and trap creatures there via launchpad. You need to block southern knight from stepping on southern pressure plate. Once everything is done ,shoot the target on eastern part of the area, build bridge, smash bee nest, take the honey and use teleporter to go back to the drone.
Official Walkthrough - Deviated Valley (Level 1 - 8) - Smintheus - Level 6 -

Level 7 – “Catastrophe”

This level is all about the main star of the show (besides you) – Lanky the Cat. It serves as introduction level for ways of dealing with the cat.
Throughout the level you will:

  • Trap the cat
  • Hypnotize the cat with thread ball
  • Shoot the cat with ballista
  • Scare the cat with dog house
  • Zap the cat’s butt with electrical spring
  • Glue and blow up the cat with a combo trap
  • Blow the cat to smithereens.


Trapping the Cat

Grab trap blueprint and build one trap outside ruin entrance. He will step on it and run away to the northern area – on his way Lanky will open door.

Hypnotizing the Cat

Talk to Syd, he’ll give you thread ball blueprints. Build thread ball in designated area, wait for the cat to get “triggered”. Safely pa*s through the cat to the eastern area.

Shooting the Cat

Smash roaming roach by pushing box at him. Build ballista and rotate it towards nearby target. Saw it and go pa*s lowered block.
Zoom out, you’ll notice target guarded by rowdy on a very small island at the northern part of the area. You have to shoot the target. Problem is, rowdy will reflect your shot, so you have to “overwhelm him” with shots. Build two ballistas and make them shoot at the target.
Move to the cat area. You have to shoot the cat with ballista. Best way is to use thread ball as a bait and then shoot it.
Official Walkthrough - Deviated Valley (Level 1 - 8) - Smintheus - Level 7 -

Scaring the Cat

Go north. You’l acquire new blueprint inside ruins – dog house. Build one dog house in southern room inside ruins, saw the barricade and bait the cat with yourself. Quickly hide behind the wall and let the cat stumble upon dog house.

Zapping the Cat

Pick up Spring blueprint and pipe wrench. Build one spring on the spot where wrench was. Spring will zap the cat.

Combo Trap

Next area requires you to build a gadget combo – glue with the bomb. You have to glue the cat and then activate bomb nearby to blow it up.

Blowing the Cat

First, buil the glue on a bridge and bait the cat with yourself. Run further into ruins once the cat gets glued.
You have 2 glimmering plates. In order to open pa*sage to the small room with bombs you have to simultaneously step on these plates. It’s impossible to do it alone, so you will need help from Lanky. Build thread ball on southern plate and quickly run at northern plate.
Run into the bomb room, build thread ball at the center and wait for Lanky. Once he’s there, trigger the bomb and enjoy victory dance.

Level 8 – “Separate Reality”

Final level from “Deviated Valley” world.
It’s fairly simple level. All you have to do is to find Cactus Warrior and then build 3 totems in proper places.

Cactus Warrior

Grab wrench and saw. If you wish to make further quest much easier then also grab obstacle blueprint in the north-east part of the starting area. Go north and visit shaman’s tent.
Cactus Warrior is nearby. From tent area, move to northern area and then to western area. Talk to Shaman. He’ll give you 3 totems and ask to build these totems on “places of power”
Make sure the totems intersect with shaman’s air totem.

Earth Totem

From tent area, go to northern area. You will see blue flame that goes where it pleases. You have to capture it by touching it. If you’re lucky, you can “get it by surprise”, but if your efforts aren’t fruitless then consider building obstacles in order to trap it at certain area.
Once captured, a place of power will be formed. Rocky area suggest it’s the best place for Earth Totem

Water Totem

From tent area, go to western area. This area has a lot of water, so building water totem would be a good idea. Again, make sure your totems intersect with shaman’s air totem (eagle totem near the tent).

Fire Totem

From tent area, go to eastern area. As you might guessed, this would be a perfect place to build fire totem.
Quest done. Return to Cactus Warrior. He will tel you to continue your quest through the Dyrfel Range. Go north where the earth totem is and go even further north.
Congratulations! You’ve completed “Deviated Valley”

Written by neutonm

This is all we can share for Official Walkthrough – Deviated Valley (Level 1 – 8) – Smintheus for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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