Opioid Addict Deck – Back 4 Blood

Opioid Addict Deck – Back 4 Blood 1 - steamclue.com
Opioid Addict Deck – Back 4 Blood 1 - steamclue.com

A fun deck for the main campaign that involves exactly what the title would lead you to expect! Taking loads and loads of painkillers to feel practically immortal, only to crash down to reality once it wears off. This deck is scary in regards to how it’ll have you begging your lobby for their remaining painkillers during the mission so you can be in tip-top shape. I originally made this as a joke, and then Turtle Rock buffed all the cards I used, so now it feels insanely strong to use.

The Rundown

Opioid Addict Deck - Back 4 Blood - The Rundown - AA1C0903B
So you saw the title, and for some reason thought “Man, would I love to run the drug-addict deck,” and now you’re here. Welcome to the guide.
For those disinterested in what I have to say about it, I have left the 15 card overview to the left. Feel free to just copy it and play with it.
For those interested in the deck, I will supply some context. I originally made this deck as a meme when I was introducing some friends to the game. The idea was that I would beg everyone for pills and then go Rambo mode and kill everything with my enormous supply of Vicodin. I didn’t want to throw matches with a terrible deck, so I angled it to be towards the utility/support end of the game. The deck was okay when I made it 5 months ago, but I guess since nobody really uses the cards I put in this deck, Turtle Rock kept buffing it.
Today, this thing shreds. You move around the map super quick, are almost never out of ammo, and dish out loads of damage. You also have the tools to pick the team back up when they falter, with fast revives, high movement speed, powerful molotovs/grenades, and an armfull of painkillers, you can make the most of any clutch situation.

Some Notes

One great thing about this deck is that you can run almost any weapon with it, unlike a lot of decks which have heavy weapon preferences. The only weapon preference here is that you have a secondary weapon that can kill lots of ridden efficiently without chewing through all of your ammo.
As for the painkiller usage, that’s completely up to the player. I usually pop one right before a horde or when I’m overwhelmed.
For characters, you could honestly run any of them with this. I originally ran this with Karlee, but it doesn’t belong to her. You could run it on Hoffman, Walker, or any of the other cast. I actually typically run this on Heng.

1. Marked For Death

Opioid Addict Deck - Back 4 Blood - 1. Marked For Death - 0ECBE5BCCThis card is super value, and pretty neat. You can ping out mutations to your allies, and they glow brighter than the sun. Impossible for your teammates to miss. Couple this with the 10% team-wide damage boost and this things insane.
This card was chosen based off of the support capability more than anything. Its great util for the team, as you can ping dangerous ridden that they may have not noticed, and they die quicker.
You scream out to your team that their next Vicodin fix is inside the bowls of that mutation over there. They set into it with the ferocity that only drug-starved addicts can muster. You lied.

2. Highwayman

Opioid Addict Deck - Back 4 Blood - 2. Highwayman - C93532F04This perk is quite underrated. Secondary weapons (which often very ammo-efficient and great at killing ridden), can will now spawn ammo and molotovs for your team, and more importantly, you. 5% seems low until you realize you usually will kill around 120 ridden per match, which means you get six ammo packs or molotovs from this thing per mission.
You haven’t once found your next fix from the body of any ridden, but it won’t stop you from trying. Lots of ammo and beer! Yay!

3. Energy Drink

Opioid Addict Deck - Back 4 Blood - 3. Energy Drink - CB4E66A0CI’m not quite sure what Turtle Rock was thinking when they added this card. Its a single card that gives you 15% stamina, 25% weapon swap speed, 15% Move speed while firing, and 10% slow resistance. Nice. Why would I not take it?
If the above explanation wasn’t enough. Stamina helps you stay away from the ridden, weapon swap speed helps you swap weapons if you are near ridden and out of ammo in one gun, move speed while firing helps you stay away while mowing them down, and slow resistance will help you get away from bruisers and wretches who have hit you while you’re oblivious to them because of your painkillers. Capiche? Capiche.
Its hard to make it through the day without another fix, its hard to even stay awake. This energy drink should do the trick.

4. Chemical Courage

Opioid Addict Deck - Back 4 Blood - 4. Chemical Courage - C3131FF25Do I need to even mention why this is in here? Haha funny drug card.
In reality this card adds some huge damage output to any weapon you’re using, making anything that stands in front of you disappear while you’re in your drug infused rage.
Ah finally, some drugs. I could probably rob a bank with these… and then get more drugs with the money. Great idea!

5. Stimulants

Opioid Addict Deck - Back 4 Blood - 5. Stimulants - C7B817215Hey look, its the other haha funny drug card. So soon after the last too!
Obviously this card is great paired with the other one. Now you have stamina regen to make it out of tough situations that your cajones and temp health might not take you out of. This is in addition to the higher reload speeds and weapon swap speeds, which will help make sure that we’re doing more damage more often during our prime time.
I know they’re supposed to relax you, but I get so excited whenever I’m on them, its like it does the opposite to me!

6. Shoulder Bag

Opioid Addict Deck - Back 4 Blood - 6. Shoulder Bag - 14E125237Some people buy them one at a time, but we buy our opioids in bulk baby! Wooo!
Seriously, buy your painkillers up to the max limit every time you get the chance to top off, you won’t want to be without them. This helps us ensure that we always have a painkiller ready for a dangerous moment.
Guys! It’s not a purse, it’s a shoulder bag. It’s not funny! Stop calling it that! What do I keep in it? My phone! My phone and my wallet! Guys wait its not funny!

7. Fresh Bandage

Opioid Addict Deck - Back 4 Blood - 7. Fresh Bandage - 321AA9F6DI have no clue when they changed this, but this card makes this deck feel too good! Restoring any missing health is a huge bonus on a deck that will have you running around like a madman with temp health. It lets you be reckless, and trust me, you will be reckless with this deck. The trauma heal will help prevent your health bar from looking like hazard tape, which is always a good thing.
I only get the highest quality Vicodin, infused with all these herbal essences and stuff. Its supposed to help my bones regenerate. What do you mean do they even make that? I have it right here!

8. Power Reload

Opioid Addict Deck - Back 4 Blood - 8. Power Reload - 18DE20B0BWhew! The dopamine rush that hits you when your entire screen flashes orange and your mag overfills because you just hit that power reload! It feels great!
Honestly I originally ran this card because it seemed cool, and I kept it because it felt good. For some reason there is just something so satisfying about hitting the power reload in the middle of a hectic situation. As far as an empirical bonus from this one, you’ll have 30% more ammo in your mags if you’re good at hitting this. The timing is tight though.
Yo bro, why do they only put 30 bullets in a magazine for this gun. Like why not just put 200. What do you mean limited space? Space is only what we perceive bro.

9. Ammo Scavenger

Opioid Addict Deck - Back 4 Blood - 9. Ammo Scavenger - 98B7015ECIf there’s anything a drug addict is good at, its finding more drugs. I figured we could extend that to ammo, so I put in Ammo Scavenger.
This deck really needs it, as it doesn’t have any real ammo mods other than this and Highwayman. So in order to prevent yourself from running out of ammo, you better scavenge. This mod also really helps teammates, as more ammo now spawns in the level. Always a plus.
Hello… Yes he broke into my house… Yes he stole my painkillers… I have no clue how he found them. I literally hid them in a hole in the wall behind my dresser. Its like he could sense them or something.

10. Pep Talk

Opioid Addict Deck - Back 4 Blood - 10. Pep Talk - 610E259A3Honestly this deck really needed something to give it that clutch potential, as I often found myself as the last person alive when my team was lacking.
This perk helps you quickly pick people up, so you can top up on a pain killer, kill any ridden immediately nearby, and then tank any who catch back up to you as you res your teammate. Now back to the carnage.
Get up bro get up! I promise I can find more painkillers for you. You don’t have to give up here! Come on lets go. I can feel it, there are some right around the corner.

11. Widemouth Magwell

Opioid Addict Deck - Back 4 Blood - 11. Widemouth Magwell - 599BBC1BEIn Back 4 Blood, having bullets in your guns is important, and even though we have energy drink and stimulants, I still want more bullets in my gun.
That’s why we run Widemouth. Its a very good card that gives us hefty reload speed at the small cost of some additional damage taken. Which doesn’t matter because we can’t feel it. We’re hopped up on painkillers.
I have this wide a*s well for my magazine, yeah I carved it out myself. I sometimes jam my finger in there, but I can’t feel it if I’m on my meds.

12. Silver Bullets

Opioid Addict Deck - Back 4 Blood - 12. Silver Bullets - EE52E14C2More damage and range. Wow!
We don’t have any other damage cards in this deck besides chemical courage, which is conditional. This will help your damage stay high enough to feel like you’re still slaying even when off the pills.
I coat my bullets in silver… It helps their chi, which will help them find the heads of my enemies quicker. I’m weird? What? I could have bought how many bottles of Vicodin with that money? Damn!

13. Hydration Pack

Opioid Addict Deck - Back 4 Blood - 13. Hydration Pack - 8325F631FWith all that doping, its good to stay hydrated. Its hard to tell how thirsty you are when you’re always on pain meds.
This card really just helps give us a bigger buffer of health to mess with. Fresh bandage allows us to play with our health as if it was plastic, so having more to play with is always nice.
What’s a Camelback? Well you know what a Camel is? Yeah? How about how they store water in their backs? What do you mean that’s a myth? They store it in their cells? Oh. Well it’s a backpack with water in it.

14. Demolitions Expert

Opioid Addict Deck - Back 4 Blood - 14. Demolitions Expert - 9512E8CFENothing feels greater than chucking an explosive grenade at a tallboy right before it hits you. His body just goes flop!
This card feels great, and it pulls me away from pipe bombs. Not that their bad, they’re just lame. You can one-shot almost any non-boss mutation with these grenades now, and even though we’re taking repetitive hits in the ammo department, the ammo for this build is found on the ground, not in our backpack. So it’s fine. I really don’t have any ammo problems with this build. Surprisingly.
Man the rush of a grenade exploding three inches away from my face. Almost feels as good as my Vicodin!

15. Pep In Your Step

Opioid Addict Deck - Back 4 Blood - 15. Pep In Your Step - CB6E47149Moving fast is fun in this game, and nothing feels greater than being able to outmaneuver all your teammates and all that ridden. It’s uniquely freeing.
This card gives us very high movespeed on a basic condition of being constantly killing ridden. Which should be the case, because there are very few sections in the campaign where we are not destroying tons and tons of ridden. Basically, its permanent movespeed when it matters.
Sometimes I just get carried away when I’m high, and I try to run as fast as I can. Then I fall over… but that doesn’t stop me. I just keep running.

Thank You

Thank you for reading this guide. I hope you had as much fun digesting it as I did creating it. Its an amusing deck, and hopefully you try it in game and feel how weirdly good it feels to use.

Written by Thorp!

I hope you enjoy the Opioid Addict Deck – Back 4 Blood guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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