Overal helpful hints – Winter’s Ankh

Overal helpful hints – Winter’s Ankh 1 - steamclue.com
Overal helpful hints – Winter’s Ankh 1 - steamclue.com

General help.

General Help

Beware of spoilers
The first section of this game is character creation, followed by a transition towards the introduction to expeditionary camping.
A few quests are required to upgrade the old fortress.
Follow the tutorials as well as the boards and quest scrolls that are in your inventory.
There are three main tutorials. After that, you can play sandbox until the end.
If you have nothing to accomplish, try to increase your main faction's power. You can also solve quests and upgrade buildings in a variety of ways.
If the main story doesn't seem to be moving forward, you might consider declaring war on other factions in order to cause their champion to lose the faction influence calculation.
Quests may be given via mail, messengers, and talking to people. Importantly, check your summoning guide for the various actions that can help you in many quests.


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