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P&B Core Mechanics Guide – Princess&Blade 1 - steamclue.com

This game guide explains a basic game mechanics and some other stuff in v0.9.0602.2 Patch.

0. Before you read

  • Please understand that english is not my first language.
  • This is my ever first steam guide so im getting used to Steam Guide Tools UI.
  • In this guide i will refer to the player as “he” or “player”.
  • My graphics card is GTX 1660 Super and i prefer higher FPS, so images containing 3D won’t give you 100% accurate graphics representation of the game.
  • Im using a keyboard+mouse to play the game.
  • Screenshots in JPG format because of 2MB file limit.


1. User Interface; Hotkeys; Mechanics

1.1 Hotkeys


  • By holding Ctrl key player will access a list of available controls.
  • Press Esc to pause the game and open ingame menu where you can find Mission tasks, Princess Status, Sword Gift description (also its easier to hold Q key in game if you want to select a specific gift in the fight)and System menu.


1.2 User Interface


Game itself (orange arrows):

1. Main status. Pretty self explanatory. EXP, Health, Stamina gauges; consumables in backpack and corresponding hotkeys; Princess icon that changes to the sword style icon if player unsheathe a sword.
2. Princess backpack that can store some of the clothes if player want to swap something in the middle of adventures. Note: Backpack are limited by clothes weight and this limit will increase after each Princess level up. Do not try to store all clothes in backpack. Access Wardrobe (red 3 arrow) to store unused clothing.
3. Sword Exitement gauge. It fills up over time and player can speed it up by performing following actions:

  • Strike an enemy with a sword. (low increase)
  • Counter attack after successful dodge by using E key. (each counter attack hit will give a medium amount of exitement)
  • Do a backstab by using F key if player silent enough and behind an enemy’s cone of vision. (high increase; doesnt work on Boss Orcs)

Note: player can perform counter attack and backstab only on a humanoid Orcs.
4. Princess resources. Enchantment gems quantity; Gold; Clothing Vouchers.
Gems can be aquired in chests and sometimes enemies carry them. Gems can be used in Clothing workbench to enchant clothes.
Gold drops from:

  • Monsters. (low amount)
  • A final chest in The Road of Salvation. (amount depends on how well player performed a dungeon cleanup from H to SSS rank)
  • In the Arena gamemode at the top left corner of The Way of Revenge map. (Huge amount)

Clothing Vouchers can be traded for a new clothing in Wardrobe. To aquire a Voucher, player have to find a clothing that he already have in a backpack or wardrobe (also this clothing must be unenchanted), just play more and you will stockpile these vouchers.
P&B Core Mechanics Guide - Princess&Blade - 1. User Interface; Hotkeys; Mechanics - C85541D42

1.3 What we can do in “main hub” Sword Territory (red arrows)

1. Customization cave where you can edit Princess appearance.
2. Brewing stand allows to purchase a potions.
3. Wardrobe provides a clothing storage and ability to trade Vouchers for an extra clothing.
4. Clothing Workbench to enchant desired clothing.
5. A pa*sage way to The Road of Salvation a default gamemode where each of the levels have a different conditions to complete. (open from the start of the game)
6. A road to The Way of Revenge which have an open map to explore; farm and enter in Arena gamemode zone. Player have to complete a Cloud City dungeon in The Road of Salvation to enter.
Extra. Make a nice photo using ingame Photo mode by pressing G key. 😉

1.4 Status Screen

P&B Core Mechanics Guide - Princess&Blade - 1. User Interface; Hotkeys; Mechanics - 8F9938182
1. Basic Properties contains info about:
Princess Level. Max is 70, after leveling up player have to enter in Status Screen to distribute a point into one of the three choices:

  • +1 to Attack damage
  • +20 to Health Points
  • +8 to Stamina Points

Max Health and Stamina Points can be raised only by spending a point when leveling up.
(Max physical strength is Stamina Points)
Attack damage, Attack speed, Defense. Critical Hit rate can be amplified by clothing and clothing enchantment. The red numbers are bonuses from clothing. exept strange defense thing lol
2. Charm direct influence window represents overall information about a what charm bonuses Princess receives from a clothing that she wearing right now. Clothing charm points can be upgraded at Clothing Workbench.
Each clothing have one of the following charm types:

  • Heroic will give bonus damage to counter attack. (default 100% +10% per each point)
  • Gentle will amlify potion effectiveness. (default 60% +10% per point)
  • Mature will boost Health regen. (default 0.72 HP/Sec +0.288 HP/Sec per point)
  • Wild will boost Stamina regen. (default 2.88 SP/Sec +0.96 SP/Sec per point)
  • Sexy will boost Critical Hit damage. (default 120% +12% per point)
  • Noble will amplify Sword Gift effectiveness. (default 0% +10% per point)
  • Pure will amplify Exitement bonus when player attack enemy. (default 0% +10% per point) See more at 1.2 User interface Sword Exitement gauge
  • Shy will make your foosteps do less noise for an enemy. (default 0% +10% per point) Upon achieving 100% Hide foosteps, Princess run will be silent even if you bump enemy’s back by running. you will still hear high heels sound on a certain terrain

3. Charm-Posture window shows how skilled Princess with each of the postures. Posture rank can range from F to SSS and do direct influence to the orange text effects in 4. Posture Effect window. Note: Charm effects do not amplify any of the Posture Effect window parameters.
Each of the Postures have an animal that represents it. Princess can put on clothes that boost mastery gain for a specific skill to raise it faster up to SSS For example: Wolf style Posture gains “Growth per attack” bonus from a Heroic charm bonus. Mastery gain starts from 0.5 +0.05 per charm point.
4. Posture Effect window explains details what can do each of the Sword Style. White text is static bonuses, that active all of the time if this posture is currently selected. For example: a Leopard Style gives +30% movement speed – if player set this posture, will hide a sword then The Princess will run quite fast, it comes handy in The Way of Revenge.
On the other hand the Orange text represents bonuses received from a Posture mastery.

1.5 Some dungeon end screen info

P&B Core Mechanics Guide - Princess&Blade - 1. User Interface; Hotkeys; Mechanics - CF9224B12
I dont know much about exact values but here is what i have noticed:

  • Starting score is 100 (it represents SSS rank)
  • Each of the ranks have their own chest type at the end of the dungeon. H is smallest and SSS is the biggest.
  • Counter attack, Time spent is pretty self explanatory; Assasination score raises when player do backstab on orcs; Play Tricks score raises when player use any Sword Gift; Be injured score reduces when an enemy do damage to The Princess.


2. Enchanting Tips

P&B Core Mechanics Guide - Princess&Blade - 2. Enchanting Tips - 80EEAAD87

  • Every item starting enchantment chance is 100%. It decreases after each successful enchantment by 5% and the lowest value is 5% chance, so player can boost character infinitely, but it will take a high amount of the enchantment gems.
  • Only Charm points can give you a variety of nice bonuses so player should find by himself an effective set of clothing that gives him a desired unique bonuses and also look not very ugly or not very skimpy if player have other people in apartment nearby 😀
  • As image shows, player can enchant even a nak*d part of the body, the game conciders it like an item so feel free to use an “empty” slot to boost The Princess power. If you are enchanted one of the basic “nak*d items”, you will be awarded automatically by a new one if you return in Sword Territory.
  • Boosting Critical Hit and Critical Chance is very good strat.
  • I do recommend to enchant clothing up to +10 Charm points as soon as possible, because those bonuses just simply very good.
  • I do recommend to enchant every item slowly, make sure that chances to enchant is equal in all of the cloth slots.


3. A way to The Arena game mode

What can give us The Arena?
Huge amount of gold
Cleared Cloud City dungeon in The Road to Salvation
Enter into The Way of Revenge
Note: i wont give players an easy way to enter into The Arena because players have to be ready enough to fight there so players have to do exam by clearing Orcs on their path. Yes, im cruel but fair.
P&B Core Mechanics Guide - Princess&Blade - 3. A way to The Arena game mode - 392E7EE30
So you have spawned here
Stick to the orange line and stop at red E icon
P&B Core Mechanics Guide - Princess&Blade - 3. A way to The Arena game mode - 3AB5E743A
Remember this E?
Again stick to the orange line, it will be fun!
At the end of the line you will see a green G icon, this is what we have searched for.
P&B Core Mechanics Guide - Princess&Blade - 3. A way to The Arena game mode - B84C0ED59
P&B Core Mechanics Guide - Princess&Blade - 3. A way to The Arena game mode - A47C823F9
This is how it looks like when you right near to the save point. Save there if you are not sure.
I can see this NPC from here! You should chat with her 😉
P&B Core Mechanics Guide - Princess&Blade - 3. A way to The Arena game mode - 5C4449539
At The Arena player have 3 interactive things to do:
1. 2 in 1 Store and Claim Rewards.
2. Wave Trigger at the red circle, E key to start.
3. Portal to The Way of Revenge.


Thank you for reading this guide. I hope i’ve helped someone. 😛
I dont want to make a huge guide and also i think that players have to experience a new things by themselves, so: enemies description, what to do in each of the dungeon levels, map with all locations in The Way of Revenge simply doesn’t worth an effort.

Written by Ripashel ♿ ッ

Here we come to an end for the P&B Core Mechanics Guide – Princess&Blade guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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