Pet Evolution Strategy: Minkrat – Chimeraland

Pet Evolution Strategy: Minkrat – Chimeraland 1 -
Pet Evolution Strategy: Minkrat – Chimeraland 1 -

There there was a proverb that said, “Only good wine can truly ease your problems.” However, Chimeraland had an extremely difficult time finding wine in the past. Fortunately, the Minkrat—the cure for all worries—is an even greater remedy for travelers.
The Minkrat has a snow-white body that resembles a cat, two tails that are shaped like hearts, and a ball beneath each of its feet. It is quite nave. Anybody would be pleased just to watch it struggle to get on the ball.

Getting Ready for Evolution

The Minkrat is evolved from the Leoparbeak. If you want one, you need to fulfill the evolutionary requirements first: Leoparbeak Entity + Shellcoon Head + Giant Pinchpion Tail + Minkrat Evol. Pill = C Grade Rare Beast Minkrat
Asides from the Minkrat Evol. Pill, all of the items can be bought at the Auction House. You can also choose to gather them yourself, which is more effort, but costs you less.
Pet Evolution Strategy: Minkrat - Chimeraland - Preparing for Evolution - C552F7E0F
Pet Evolution Strategy: Minkrat - Chimeraland - Preparing for Evolution - 0FC978898
Leoparbeaks tend to live on snowy peaks. Shellcoons live in prairie forests. Giant Pinchpions are mostly found in desert areas. Leoparbeaks are required for their eggs: incubate them for the Minkrat Entity to use. Shellcoons and Pinchpions are needed more temporarily – devour them for a chance to exchange parts. Use the Shellcoon Head and Pinchpion Tail to replace the original parts.
PS: Using the search function can help you quickly find the corresponding animals. Leoparbeak – Leoparbeak Meat, Shellcoon – Small Beast Meat, Pinchpion – Scorpion King Stinger.
Once preparation is complete, travelers can use 30 Minkrat Evolution Powdersto fuse a Minkrat Evol. Pill, then take their Leoparbeak to the Spirit Witch Trahaearn.
Minkrat Evolution Powder can be purchased with Clan Contribution from Home Shop – General – Pets. There is alimit of 10 per week.
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Minkrat Attributes

The Minkrat is a Grade C Rare Beast. Its ATK/HP/DEF quality limits are 60/60/60. Its talent attribute is 4.8% Crit DMG and its Attribute Conversion Rate is 5%. It can unlock up to 7 inherited skill slots and can fight on land and in the air.
The Minkrat has 3 skills, unlocked once the requirements are completed.
Although it doesn’t have many skills, this also means that skill 3 (with high damage) is easier to trigger. Combined with its Crit DMG talent, this makes for considerable damage. A Crit DMG talent is rare, and the more it is cultivated, the more benefits it will return to its owner via Bloodline conversion.
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Minkrat Cultivation

Minkrat cultivation has four aspects: quality, level, skill and attributes.
No pet has maximum quality to begin with. Minkrat’s initial quality is randomly a*signed by its Leoparbeak Entity. It needs to be fed Maturity Pills to increase this. Increasing its quality influences overall Battle Power, so this is essential.
Feed it Maturity Pills to increase its current qualities to their limits. Feed it delicacies to upgrade its quality limits. The Minkrat’s favorite food is Horse Stew Hot Pot. Yurlunggur Mixed Vegetables, Steamed Sweet & Sour Icebug, and Chimeraland One Pot Dish are foods that all pets love, and they can also be used to feed the Minkrat.
Feed your Minkrat to increase its Fullness. Mounts expend Fullness to obtain EXP and level up. You can also take your Minkrat to fight monsters, explore the Secret Realm, both of which will allow it to quickly earn EXP for upgrading.
Finally, you should provide your Minkrat with suitable skill books to cultivate it properly.
Pet Evolution Strategy: Minkrat - Chimeraland - Minkrat Cultivation - 3D95C2608
Minkrat, “The Ender of All Worries” has a low acquisition cost and good strength. It can also provide a great Battle Power bonus when placed in the Bloodline, which makes it very suitable for training as a Bloodline Pet!

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