Platformer Levels – Baba Is You

Platformer Levels – Baba Is You 1 -
Platformer Levels – Baba Is You 1 -

A set of levels I made about platforming! I’ll explain stuff along the way so dont worry if you dont know what something does.

Level 1 – Happy Havoc

This level presents itself as a small chaotic level that introduces the main gimmick of these levels.
Platformer Levels - Baba Is You - Level 1 - Happy Havoc - 6F9D28021
To begin, you are descending. This simulates gravity.
You can’t jump. (You can move up 1 block which only really makes you grab whatever above you)
Now, onto the block.. things..
Ah, the line. Lines stop you from descending! You can move all around on them. But if you move off of them, you fall. Think of them as ropes!
The main obstacle! Spikes kill you. That’s it.
Donuts are collectables! Baba has been platforming with an empty stomach, so feed him!
Circles act as jump pads. They launch you a slight bit in the air.
Squares are like ultra jump pads! They send you all the way up. (Unless there’s something in the way)
Triangles are teleporters.. Get in one triangle, come out the other!

Level 2 – Spooky Heights

Platformer Levels - Baba Is You - Level 2 - Spooky Heights - 63E58678D
Introduces two new objects.
Ghosts are like spikes, but they move!
Clouds. You can go through the bottom and sides, (Bottom in this case) but not the top!

Level 3 – Ghost Temple

Platformer Levels - Baba Is You - Level 3 - Ghost Temple - 07F1B88F1
Introduces 2 new items!
Does nothing. Just looks nice.
Makes you sink. Alot. But it doesn’t hurt!

Level 4 – Magic Crates

Platformer Levels - Baba Is You - Level 4 - Magic Crates - 9C07B873A
Introduces the:
They.. MOVE?! Are there ghosts in there?!

Level 5 – Cosmic Chaos

Platformer Levels - Baba Is You - Level 5 - Cosmic Chaos - 1B73D01A2
Opens stuff! Does it have a key inside it, or does baba mould it into a key?


So, how’d you like that? I may keep adding more levels, but that’s it for now!
Have a good day!
Love, Mini

Written by Mini

Here we come to an end for the Platformer Levels – Baba Is You guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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