Point Values and What You Can Spend Them On – Unfortunate Spacemen

Point Values and What You Can Spend Them On – Unfortunate Spacemen 1 - steamclue.com
Point Values and What You Can Spend Them On – Unfortunate Spacemen 1 - steamclue.com

This guide details ever possible way to earn points whether it be tasks or otherwise, but also what you can spend it on! The guide lists what the point item is how to do it and some other information to note. Eventually this guide will include monster and traitor score factors. This was written on February 2 2022 on the 1.6.1 task update hot fix. Feel free to leave suggestions or let me know if I missed something or incorrectly inputted something. In the future this will be updated for new or updated point values if they are to come. This guide was written solely by Crumply and the action of referencing must be noted when used. Shot out the dev team and the USM community!

All Tasks & Their Point Values

There is a total of 11 tasks as of the 1.6.1 update, below I have listed all of them. Do note that these tasks spawn in randomly and our probability and map determined.

TaskPointsOther Info
Sealing Samples200Ghosts can seal samples unless unsealed by traitor.
Turning On Transmitters150 (50 for turning on after sabotaged)Can be put on a 30 second cool down by a remote arm, direct contact, or power cut from monster or traitor.
Clearing Debris8 (For each piece)Can be welded by traitor to make it 5 presses to clear.
Take Out The Trash400 (For putting bag in the compactor) 150 (Ejecting trash in eme)Compactors can be turned on and kill players inside.
Protect Company Data (Servers)15 (For each block)The traitor can hack these servers to shield causing a red shield to appear which makes it take longer for spacemen to complete. Ghosts can also do this task at a slower limited rate.
Intergalactic Space Conference350 (On completion)Most of the task is luck based and the number will go up and a down or up by a randomly selected number from a range dependent on the emote. Also note that all participants will receive the full point value. According to Lone Goat the point value is determined by the lobby size (to be determined in further testing).
Eat The Leftovers25 (For Each Plate)The traitor can spoil food to induct 5 damage and regen block on non antibodies players.
Insurance EstimateA measly 150 after emeingThe scanner only scans new areas and requires 30 scans to complete.
Clean Out The Lockers90 (Each Locker)The lockers makes some of the same sounds vents do.
Snail Mail150 (Per bag)As of now. it is faster to crouch than walk with the mail.
Eject Bonus Supply Crates300 (Per crate)This task is completely optional and only gives extra points and xp.


Outliers That Give Points

There are a few things that give points that are not from completing tasks, these include:

ItemPointsOther Info
Killing a Zombie200Zombies still have the effects and perks of their spacemen host.
Destruction Of Noise Grenade15They off the same amount of points as shooting a server block.
Voting At Tribunal200 (Potentially incorrect)The company encourages attendace at the tribunal, so you know it has to be good.
Damage To BadiesDependent on how much damage(With a max cap to be found out)Damage from airlocks, drop bridges, and the void varies map to map.
Killing Crumerians5 (Each one)You receive this for sentry kills and tripmines as well!
Picking Up A Power Weapon100 (Each one)Eidencraft has a great list of the damage values of each weapon!
Reporting Bodies200 (Each one)Investigators that die have their body auto reported.


What You Can Buy

As of now there are only two things you can purchase with your points:
1) Health Syringes: 450 in a max lobby (Only medics can purchase)
2) Power In Weapons (From Vending Machines): It is always a shotgun (2,200 points in a max lobby), railgun (2,500 points in a max lobby), or a flamethrower (2,750 points in max lobby)
The price of vending machines is always at a same percentage dependent on the size of the lobby. Although you can only purchase 2 things as of now there are many other fun aspects of points.

How Naughty Spacemen Loose Points

Spacemen Can Loose Points In These Following Ways:
– Killing innocent spacemen as spacemen (Murdering): You loose 600 points in addition to a lowered moving speed and 10 less health and oxygen.
– Skipping tribunal: Data to be tested
So be a good spacemen and protect your other spacemen and go to the tribunal! – The Company

Monster and Traitor (Score) To Be Written


How Points Are Better In More Ways Than One

Getting more points allows you to:
– Buy from vending machines & health syringe dispenser.
– Be featured on the MVP screen if you had the highest point value.
– Level up slightly faster with higher point values.
– Doing tasks keeps the game going at a positive rate while preventing prolonged games.
Now get out there with your Company training and get some work done! It’s what we hired you to do, after all.

Written by Crumply

Here we come to an end for the Point Values and What You Can Spend Them On – Unfortunate Spacemen guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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