Predators and Prey! Where and what to encounter! – Shelter 2

Predators and Prey! Where and what to encounter! – Shelter 2 1 -
Predators and Prey! Where and what to encounter! – Shelter 2 1 -

This is a quick guide that will help most people who are just starting out with the game. This guide will explain what to expect or where you might encounter different creatures in the game.

The Main area!(. This is where your cubs will be born)

First, we have our cubs! They are the ones you have to care for in this harsh, beautiful environment full of food, competing animals or simply dangers predators!
Prey are harmless food for your cubs(. They can also be used to boost your stamina. However, I recommend feeding your cubs before you feed yourself, especially when there are mountains to climb.). Although many food options are available, bunnies will be the first to see eating the spring gra*s. Bunnies are fast and ur faster! It will take some time to see their movements and tactic but they are easier to catch. They aren't difficult, and they don't pose a danger to your health. But if you succeed, you can bring 3 bunnies home to begin the real challenge of rearing them.(Even though they can only eat 2 of them, it is important to maintain a regular feeding schedule.) You can move or stay in the main areas(Survivalists would be better off moving out as they have migration opportunities. PheasantsBirds)See the below for our next piece.
Just jump and release the spacebar; you might be lucky enough to catch a pheasant mid-flight. The pheasants can be found east of your nest, in the meadows and in the reeds. The vole, however, is just a tiny one-sized snack away!(
The voles may not be the most convenient food. They can only feed one of your cubs, and a small amount of your stamina.
The frogs, which yearlings can catch) in most cases, are the swampland mysteries your cubs(will find. They like to live in swamps, blend in well, and are not difficult to catch. However, they aren't easy to argue with in desperate situations.
After a description of the prey found in the area(is mostly used for people who forget or want to learn, we come to my most fearful predators. If you listen carefully, most predators arent that dangerous and easy to avoid if you're careful (I have not yet had a cub lose to a predator, except for the wolf).
(See below.
The fog isn't scary as first-timers might think. Instead, it's a dark, spooky substance that appears when you don't have dlc. Most prey would have run away, but you might be one of them and end up in the fog. The fog is harmless and doesn't make any noises. Not only are they hungry for no more prey, but they may also be lost and sometimes even killed. You need to keep the babies near you(, the mother will lay down), and cubs should not be far from you or they may disappear forever! The fog will vanish after a while. If ur cub died (, the mother will lay down. Cubs laying too close to) will cause them to wander off.
Now for the mountains …..
Foxes, which are generally a lot of food, can pose a threat to your cubs.
Wildfire(- TBA)
That's all for now. This is my first guide.


Written by andywar927

I hope you enjoy the Predators and Prey! Where and what to encounter! – Shelter 2 guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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