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Prison Guide – Chased by Darkness 1 -

This guide contains basic info, monsters and locations for keys, codes and Soul Stones.


The goal is to find 10 Soul Stones and sacrifice them to the bonfire. Not every Soul Stone is available from the start, you will need to find keys and codes to unlock all areas. The more Soul Stones you sacrifice, the angrier Barkannan becomes. After burning all 10 Soul Stones the game ends automatically. You can only carry one Soul Stone at a time.

Starting Off

After spawning, make your way to the flooded cell block, find the white door. Pick up the keys and turn on the power. This causes the cell block to flood. Swim up, climb the stairs, find the second white door. Upon pressing the button, you will get a gun and monsters will start to spawn. Kill the purple monster outside of the white door and pick up the Soul Stone. Swim back to the entrance you came from originally. After opening the door on the way back, a cutscene will play and Barkannan will start roaming.
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Keys, Codes & Soul Stones

This section contains the known locations of key, code and Soul Stone spawns. The keys and codes that may be found are random, so you might not find everything in the same order. The possible locations of keys and codes remain the same.
The locations of the collectibles are shown on the maps below. They are represented as colored dots. These do not pinpoint the exact location, but the room the collectible can be found in.

  • Green: Keys
  • Red: Codes
  • Pink: Soul Stones

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Prison Guide - Chased by Darkness - Keys, Codes & Soul Stones - 28259CBA5


The Prison contains three types of monsters
Barkannan, the main focus of this map, is a goat-like humanoid that wanders around. Randomly, and when a Soul Stone is burned, Barkannan will attack. You may hear a growl, and the closer Barkannan gets, the heavier your screen will shake and your flashlight will flicker.
Barkannan can be calmed temporarily by shooting him. If Barkannan catches you, quickly spam E to escape.
Raptors are the fat, glowing, red monsters that idly stand around until you get close. Upon catching you, they move you to a new location. They can be easily killed, but they will respawn again eventually. To save ammo it is advised to move past them when possible.
Carriers are glowing, pink monsters that carry the Soul Stone. They do not damage the player. When you kill one they drop a Soul Stone.


This guide may be incomplete. If you find missing information, please contact me or comment down below. Have fun!

Written by Blasty

I hope you enjoy the Prison Guide – Chased by Darkness guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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