Prize car list – Super Woden GP

Prize car list – Super Woden GP 1 -
Prize car list – Super Woden GP 1 -

Save money by looking at what cars can be won at different events and not having to buy them.


You will not receive compensation if your prize car is already in your possession. Therefore, it is a good idea to know beforehand what you should wait before you buy. This will give you more credits later on to help you complete the game. It also makes it easier to grind if one wants to purchase every car.
You must finish 1st within the relevant series to win the cars.

Weekend events

Turini Compacts: None
Snowy Chicken Evenings: Aalia Polar (92PP).
Mattra Hill: None
Astral Speedway Rain Mylene Gordelius Relay (193 PP).
Le Fantomas Danse: Mylene Fantomas ZR (163 PP)
Annelid vs Fantomas: Cinder Annelid Turbo (166 PP)
Muscle Car Festival, Soop Moby (236PP)
Vermak Annihilation: None
Polar Cup: None
Cla*s C Tour – Cinder Vermak Rally (350PP)
Star vs. Eudee: Soopratzer rally (234 PP).
Nanwolf Dalton (254PP), Bravery and Courage
Cla*s B Race Car Festival: Raven Unua TRC (300 PP)
Speed Challenge I – Soop Moby Patrol (236 PPP)
Racing Legends B. Soop Guayakill RRR (398 PP).
Speed Challenge II Raven Nightmare (487PP).
Sivi Cup:
Ballvino Parade: None
Winpiwler City Compacts
Margaret Tour: Cinder Margarettella (52 PP)
Oval Series Raven Soma Rally (335PP).

WGP Championship events

Cup for Compact Cars – None
Tourist Cup:
Sportfest – None
Summer Cup: Aalia STRX Rally (2500 PP)
Justice Cup: Cinder Garstutt GT (315 PP)
GT Cup Rally: Soop Rogers Rally (244PP).
Euro Cup: Raven Jupiter Turbo GT (446 PP)
WGP World Championship Cinder Marg (15 PP).

Endurance events

Hudson Point 6h Mylene's Rare Hero Rally (305PP).
Greenlands 6h – Aalia 271 Rally – 185 PP
West Millswood 12h: Soop Annihilator GT2 (385 PP)
Greenlands GT 24h: Soop Ess*x GTR (500 PP)
Saturn Ring GT 24h: Soop Spartan (497 PP)

Rally events

South Africa S1: None
South Africa: Nanwolf Minion Rally (200 PP).
Sweden S1: None
Sweden S2: None
Spain S1
Spain S2
Finland S1
Finland S2 is None
Japan S1
South Africa S3: None
Argentina S1
Sweden S3: None


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