Production Chains – Farming Simulator 22

Production Chains – Farming Simulator 22 1 -
Production Chains – Farming Simulator 22 1 -

Details about Farming Simulator production chains


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Some production chains are worth it more than others. I planned on pulling data on this and just fond someone who did just that from the game files, so I will post the information he found and share on this:
FS22 Production Chains Economy – [] 
This data was taken from the vanilla game’s XML file (maps_fillTypes.xml) and uses the base value of each product. It does not take into account best or worst prices based on monthly price fluctuations. It also doesn’t necessarily tell you what the “best” product to make is because it doesn’t account for the cost of equipment, land, time, or your particular interest in that style of farming. But you can at least browse the list before starting to invest your time and virtual cash into a business to get an idea of the yields.
The spreadsheet shows each industry (oil mill, bakery, carpentry, etc.) and shows each product they can produce. It calculates the value of the inputs and the outputs and generates the “bonus” that the processing yields. It does not take into account the cost of running the production chain. It’s interesting to see the wide range of bonuses given. For example, all the grains give you a bonus of approximately +20%, but carpentry is +115% to +150%. If you convert milk to butter the bonus is +11% but if you use the same building to make cheese instead it’s +71%. Just stay away from sunflower oil because the value of the output is identical to the value of the inputs (so you’re losing money when you consider the purchase of the building and the fees to run it).

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