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PVP nukes – Barotrauma 1 - steamclue.com
PVP nukes – Barotrauma 1 - steamclue.com

how to make nukes in PVP games :3

Check before even thinking about it

Before you even think about making nukes first thing first is there even an railgun to use?
on the sub mean there no point to making it if you can’t use it.
Also make sure there also an Fabricator and a Deconstructor .
(Also an Status Monitor while not needed it is very useful.)

Prep work (before spawn)

now to make the said nuke you need to start before the game even starts.
with your

Security Officervery highyou have easy access to many of the crafting Material along with the high weapon skill for crafting
Captainhighyou have even easier access to many of the crafting Materials as well the ear of most Security Officers however it will take forever if the Security Officer is deaf or brain dead or you have no mic
Engineerlowwhile you have easy access to the rods good luck getting the ear of the Security Officer
Assistantlowgood luck getting the Materials and the ear of the Security Officer without getting shot however you start with 20-25 weapon skill
MechanicVERY LOWgood luck getting the Material and the ear of the Security Officer but hey at least your not going to get shot
Medical DoctorVERY LOWgood luck getting the Material and the ear of the Security Officer also your going to busy healing people so yea you don’t have the time for nuke making


Crafting Materials

now you have spawned now have to get the Materials starting with the
Steel Bar:
well then if you don’t know how to find this dear god don’t use the nuke but this is an guide so first go looking near the Fabricator lockers if there none then go and look for the Status Monitor and change it to Item Finder.
if that still don’t work and there some how no steel bar what so ever cry and go to the wiki ♥♥♥♥ me if i’m listing them

recommended items:
Fuel Rods
Plasma Cutter
Small Planter Box
Storage Container
Watering Can
Welding Tool
and more! (im not listing all of them i hate you)

while an bit harder than steel to get any player can get their hands on it if they know what are doing they are commonly found near Fabricator lockers as well reactors,
if there is none (after using Item Finder) find Fuel Rods and make sure it is at 100% and break it down they are found near the reactor do note other Fuel Rod types do not work like Thorium rods
now on to the hard part:


inless you have an SUPER OP sub something on the lines of that your just not going to have this so you going to have to make it starting with getting the
Incendium Bar:
now this is one the main problems with getting the IC-4 the hardest thing to get and will be the most common roadblock besides the crafting speed however can be found in Incendium Grenades which are common in most subs.
C-4 Block
now on to the 2nd hardest part now there are 2 ways to get C-4 make it or find it to find it look in the armory as well railgun shells
however more than likely you will have to make find some UEX and Plastic and toss it in
note DO THIS FIRST no cla*s has the skill to make this fast it will at least take 3 mins so make sure to craft it first as soon you spawn in
also Plastic is found near Fabricators if there is none somehow just break down an Diving Mask
oh you don’t have the UEX for the C-4? or sec is deaf? at this point give up but if you don’t want to look for Sodium and Phosphorus they are found near medbay and the Fabricators
if there is no Sodium break down Saline
and if there is no Phosphorus break down Light Components or 4 flares


well you got everything now make it and watch the host cry

Shooting Nukes

now you have made the nuke tell your cap and follow his orders if he is deaf or also brain dead
hold on to the nuke and wait for contact
load the nuke on the rail facing the bad guy
get on the railgun and cilck on the bad guys
watch as their sub fails
and watch as your team ask what just happened and all kill them self trying to kill the 1 guy that lived the nuke no i’m not saity your saity

Written by iforgotmeword

I hope you enjoy the PVP nukes – Barotrauma guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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