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PZ Skill – First Aid – Project Zomboid 1 - steamclue.com

getting injured in project zomboid is a very common thing, but wounds that are not properly treated can kill very easily to avoid dying by simple injuries, you should learn first aid.

Types of Injuries and Treatments

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By default, the player can recover from most injuries provided that he or she doesn’t acquire any further damage or has any condition preventing recovery. (for example an unbandaged wound or infection)
The speed of recovery is affected by Moodles. Being well-fed will speed up the recovery while being hungry, thirsty and catching a cold can make this process slower. Other moodles, such as having a fever or having the character starve to death, can reverse the process – further damaging the character.


Other injuries

Back Injury
PZ Skill - First Aid - Project Zomboid - Other injuries - C0B446265When carrying an Very Heavy Load or Extremely Heavy Load, your movement speed will be lowered and Health will slowly drain to 75%, and stop at that point until you carry less, leaving you more vulnerable from another source of injuries.
Fall Damage
PZ Skill - First Aid - Project Zomboid - Other injuries - 3869E7AFACaused from falling from great heights. Damage varies depending on the distance; For instance, jumping from a second-story window causes severe damage while jumping from higher floors can result in death.
PZ Skill - First Aid - Project Zomboid - Other injuries - 164CB3414Caused by being infected with zombie-ism, eating bad food or drinking tainted water, sickness will initially slow down healing. If the sickness gets worse, the character will start losing health in all body parts and slowly die.


What types of wounds lead to zombification, what is their rate?
Zombification rate: %7, Much more common than in build older versions of the game.
Zombification rate: 25% Less common than scratches.

Zombification rate: 100% High chance when attacked from behind. no survive chance.


Any wound that breaks the skin will cause bleeding which will need to be bandaged with either a medical bandage or a ripped sheet. Applying a clean bandage to a wound lowers the chance of a wound infection that having it exposed. Disinfecting a wound and then applying a sterilized bandage or sterilized rag further lowers the chance of wound infection.
However, over time, the bandage will become dirty, which will not only negate the previous bonuses against wound infection but will actually increase the chance of wound infection if left on the wound. This requires the character to remove the bandage and replace it with a clean one. The type, severity of the wound, skill level of First Aid or if it is bleeding will dictate the speed of a clean bandage going dirty.
Any wounds to the neck will make your character die 500% faster and ignore the damage cap, usually resulting in death unless bandaged immediately.
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how to get sterilized bandage

Put the water into a heat source (like an oven) and wait for it to get hot, standing next to whatever you are heating the water in, and with the bandages or rags you want to sterilize in your main inventory right clicking on them will give you a sterilize option.
Sterilized bandages can cure infection faster, becoming dirty rate is same as normal bandages.

First Aid Overview

First Aid is a crafting skill used to treat the player’s injuries. As the skill level increases, the player will perform medical interactions faster, make bandages and poultices last longer, make splints more effective and heal fractures faster and evaluate the severity of wounds and infections. Experience is gained by players treating themselves or other players.


Treatment is carried out by right clicking on the body in the health status window, or right clicking the health status text if injuries are present. Treatment requires materials, even basic ones such as Ripped Sheets and/or Whiskey Bottle. Injuries are indicated by bleeding and/or injured moodles. First Aid will not reduce or change the chance of zombification from a zombie scratch or bite.


Bandages are used to treat injuries and will stop wounds from bleeding. Bandages will become dirty over time, but can be washed with clean water in the player’s inventory. Getting bandaged by a doctor with high first aid skill will cause the bandages to last longer before becoming dirty. Sterilized bandages prevent the wound of getting infected and reduce the level of any current wound infection. Dirty bandages increases infection chance.
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surgical suture (also known as stitches) or suture is a medical procedure used to hold together a wound after an injury or surgery. The usage involves using a suture needle with sterile lengths of thread to stitch the wound closed. The material of the suture thread varies, and are commonly absorbable by the body for full healing.
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Wounds can be sterilized using Bottle of Disinfectant, Bourbon, Cotton Balls or Alcohol Wipes. This prevents injuries from getting infected. Existing infected wounds can be disinfected to improve their healing rate.
Bandages can be disinfected with Bottle of Disinfectant, Bourbon or boiled water in a Cooking Pot or Saucepan.
Infected wounds cause health loss and pain.
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Medicine are types of pills with varying effects, from reducing fatigue to inducing sleep, while antibiotics help the player fight non-zombie sicknesses, allowing them to get better sooner.
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Splints are used to help treat fractured limbs, which severely reduce a player’s capabilities.
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Tools either used to remove foreign objects in the body, such as shards of glass or bullets, or other uses.
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Skill Books

Skill Books give an experience multiplier.
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