Quest Guide, Years 1 and 2 – Path Of Wuxia

Quest Guide, Years 1 and 2 – Path Of Wuxia 1 -
Quest Guide, Years 1 and 2 – Path Of Wuxia 1 -

List of unlock times, conditions, and rewards for quests in years 1 and 2 of the game, to help with planning schedules, and/or to just know if that quest with no listed rewards is actually worth it for you.


The purpose of this guide is to provide a list of all the quests in the game, including their unlock dates, conditions, and rewards. The guide is currently WIP, so please keep in the mind the following:

  • The game is still in development, so exact values of unlocks may change/may have already changed.
  • This is based on the English translation of the game, and as such quest/item/technique names may not match your game depending on the state of the current patch.
  • Some quests have unlisted prerequisites, and/or do not show up at all until you meet the requirements. If a quest should be available but is still locked or isn’t showing up, you (or I) may have missed a requirement.

Regarding the quests themselves, they are listed in unlock date order, with specific quest chains/grouping separated out at the end. Some quests show no specific unlock date; these appear to be locked by stats only, but let me know if you meet those criteria and don’t see the quest. Any items listed without a description are generally just healing items, and can largely be ignored. Learnmarks techniques that are taught directly in the quest; Availableshows techniques which can then be learned from the Library.
In general, if you see something that’s wrong, or a quest I have missed (there are definitely a few related to Four Arts that I just haven’t done runs with yet), just let me know in the comments and I’ll try to update this.

Year 1 Quests

No water for cooking!

Unlocks:Y1M1 Mid Day, empty the well of water in the first night (10 pulls), keep at least two bowls
Ends:This turn only
Time:0 Turn
Reward:50 Money, 2 Bravery if you admit it was you

Training Wooden Automaton Test

Unlocks:Y1M2 Early, Strength 40 + Vitality 40
Ends:Y1M4 End
Time:1 Turn
Reward:200 Money, Double Brew, Crimson Phoenix Dex Powder (+6 Dex)

Gather herbs in the mountain

Unlocks:Y1M2 Early, Dex 40 + Will 40
Ends:Y1M4 Start
Time:1 Turn
Reward:200 Money, Double Brew, Black Turtle Will Power (+6 Will)

Xia Tournament

Unlocks:Y1M3 Start, All Stats 30
Ends:Y1M4 Start
Time:1 Turn
Reward:500 Money, White Tiger Vital Powder (+6 Vit), Warrior Cotton Shirt (Def 25, Parry 5)

Duan Wu Festival Big Eater Challenge

Unlocks:Y1M5 Mid, Bravery 60, Resolve 40
Ends:Y1M5 End
Time:2 Turn, Day Only
Reward:Taotie Cloak Blueprint (Crafts Taotie Cloak, Def 38, 5% damage dealt restored as HP and Qi)
Note:Supposedly intended to be only one use, but appears bugged and will reappear in the shop if you leave and re-enter.

Combat Wooden Automaton Test

Unlocks:Y1M6 End, Total Stats 350, Resolve 110
Ends:Y1M12 Mid
Time:1 Turn
Reward:400 Money, He Rin Yen, Crimson Phoenix Dex Powder (+6 Dex)

Let’s explore the mine together!

Unlocks:Y1M6 End, Enthusiasm 90
Ends:Y1M8 Early
Time:1 Turn
Reward:Sapphire Hemp Armor (Def 50, Strike -5, Receive 20% less damage from Back/Side attacks), Jasper Weapon (Custom Type, Atk 65, Parry 5), 20 Bravery (if all Tigers beaten before finished mining)


Unlocks:Y1M7 Mid, Courtesy 90
Ends:Y1M9 Start
Time:2 Turns
Reward:500 Money, Black Turtle Will Powder (+6 Will), Lushan Yunwu Tea

Pick Grapefruit in Mid-Autumn Festival

Unlocks:Y1M8 Mid, Courtesy 90, Bravery 110
Ends:Y1M9 End
Time:1 Turn
Reward:Money 400, up to Grapefruit x 4 (healing item)

Play Zither at the Flower Terrace of Fate

Unlocks:Y?M?, Zither 180
Ends:Y1M9 Mid
Time:1 Turn
Reward:Chant of Spring Dawn (zither gift)

Wu Zhe’s Special Training

Unlocks:Y1M8 End, Resolve 300
Time:0 Turn, Day
Reward:Physique +3, Trait “Hardworking” (Damage -5% when attacked)

Painting at the Hall of Musics

Unlocks:Y1M9 Start, Painting 130
Ends:Y1M9 End
Time:1 Turn
Reward:? Red Coral Powder (painting gift?)

Perfect Wines of the Three Heroes Village

Unlocks:Y1M9 Early, Enthusiasm 300
Time:0 Turn
Reward:Dukang Village Wine, Trait “Generous” (Parry and Counter +1%)

Horrible Roar

Unlocks:Y1M9 Mid, Bravery 300
Time:0 Turn, Night Only
Reward:Trait “Daring” (Damage +3% on Attack)

Organize Books

Unlocks:Y1M9 End, Courtesy 300
Time:0 Turn
Reward:500 Money, Trait “Scholar” (Qi Consumption -3%)

Track Thieves

Unlocks:Y1M9 Early, Resolve and Bravery 110, Chen Yong at lv 3
Ends:Y1M10 End
Time:1 Turn
Reward:Five Misty Lakes (Umbrella, +79 Atk)

Sneaky Brother Shi

Unlocks:Y1M11 Early Day
Ends:This turn only
Time:1 Turn
Reward:Four Sage Powder (+2 All), Blood Circulation Pills

Straight to their Hideout

Unlocks:Y1M12 Start Day, Medicine Delivery done
Ends:This turn only
Time:1 turn
Rewards:Four Sage Powder (+2 All), Blood Circulation Pills

Lakeside scenery, picturesque landscapes

Unlocks:Painting 150
Time:1 Turn, Day Only
Available:Song Without Words (Painting internal, 1 Read)

Mysterious Go Player

Unlocks:Go 100
Time:1 Turn
Available:The Book of Guigu (Go internal, 1 Read)

Tricky Ink

Unlocks:Calligraphy 110
Time:1 Turn
Available:Mantra of Ink Dye (Calligraphy internal, 1 Read)

Midnight Zither Sound

Unlocks:Zither 150
Time:1 Turn, Night Only
Reward:100 Money
Learn/Available:Song of Flowing Melodies (Zither internal, 1 Read)
Note:Unlike the other three, this can be learned directly by answering the questions correctly during the quest.


– Raging Beast Quests

Completing these quests in one playthrough gives an achievement, but no permanent unlock. The quests do not require the previous ones to be done to appear.
Raging Beasts

Unlocks:Y1M6 End, Bravery 80
Ends:Y1M8 Early
Time:2 Turns, Day Only
Reward:500 Money, 2 Reneration Unguent, Iron Armor (Def 65, Strike -5)

Raging Beasts II

Unlocks:Y1M8 Early?, Bravery 110
Ends:Y1M8 End
Time:2 Turns, Day Only
Reward:750 Money, Elixir of Rebirth, Chestplate (Def+60)

Solve the trouble of the Mountain Beast

Unlocks:Y1M11 Early, Bravery 140
Ends:Y1M12 Mid
Time:2 Turns, Day Only
Reward:1000 Money, Blood Circulation Pill, Icy Moon (Hong’er Only, 70 Atk, 5 Crit)


– Special Studies Quests

Each special study will teach one technique on completion if you finish all quest goals, make one technique available in the library immediately, and (with the exception of Medicine) make another technique available after the Y1 Summer Exam. Completing all Special Studies quests in one playthrough unlocks the starting trait “Bookworm” (-25% Accuracy, Reads take one less slot (minimum 1), Costs 1 point).
Special Studies: Leg

Unlocks:Y1M4 Early, Strength + Dexterity 60, Ceremonial Bow Rank 10
Ends:Y1M6 Mid
Time:1 Turn
Reward:Blue Dragon Strength Powder (+6 Str), Ligament Leggings (40 Atk), Reneration Unguent
Learn:Approaching Blast
Available:Undiscernable Dragon Strike (2 Reads)
Post-Summer:Surging Clouds (2 Reads)

Special Studies: Polearm

Unlocks:Y1M4 Early, Strength + Vitality 60, Nodding Phoenix Rank 10
Ends:Y1M6 Mid
Time:1 Turn
Reward:White Tiger Vital Powder (+6 Vit), Qi Mei Pole (40 Atk)
Learn:Poisonous Dragon Strike
Available:Whirlwind (2 Reads)
Post-Summer:Hissing White Snake (2 Reads)

Special Studies: Short Weapons

Unlocks:Y1M4 Early, Dexterity 80, Sparrow Golden Tail Rank 10
Ends:Y1M6 Mid
Time:1 Turn
Reward:Crimson Phoenix Dex Powder (+6 Dex), Pine Cliffs (40 Atk), Ginseng Aconite Decoction
Learn:Falling Candle Tears
Available:Ineffable Sorrow (2 Reads)
Post-Summer:Spring Departs with Sadness (2 Reads)

Special Studies: Saber

Unlocks:Y1M4 Early, Strength 80, Daunting Flight Rank 10
Ends:Y1M6 Mid
Time:1 Turn
Reward:Blue Dragon Strength Powder (+6 Str), Machete (40 Atk), Reneration Ungeunt
Learn:Breaking the Waves
Available:Through the Clouds (2 Reads)
Post-Summer:Five Strongman Splitting the Mountains (2 Reads)

Special Studies: Swordmanship

Unlocks:Y1M4 Early, Dexterity + Will 60, Sky Carver Rank 10
Ends:Y1M6 Mid
Time:1 Turn
Reward:Black Turtle Will Powder (+6 Will), Iron Sword (40 Atk), Ginseng Aconite Decoction
Learn:The Welcoming Pines
Available:The Blizzard Cliffs (2 Reads)
Post-Summer:The Covering Clouds (2 Reads)

I’m too lazy to write. If you are interested in palm, come find me.

Unlocks:Y1M4 Early, Will + Vitality 60, Long Howl from Heavenly Gate Rank 10
Ends:Y1M6 Mid
Time:1 Turn
Reward:Black Turtle Will Powder (+6 Will), Ligament Handwraps (40 Atk), Ginseng Aconite Decoction
Learn:Wu Yong Masterminds the Strategies
Available:Chai Jin Presents the Seal (2 Reads)
Post-Summer:Yun Long Invokes the Thunder (2 Reads)

Special Studies: Medicine

Unlocks:Y1M8 Late, Total Stats 350
Ends:Y1M10 End
Time:1 Turn
Reward:Double Brew, He Rin Yen, Herb Gourd (accessory 5% HP Regen)
Learn:Method of Warm Yang
Available:Method of Mortal Bloods (2 Reads)
Notes:Choose to heal in all choices


Year 2 Quests

Imperial Weapon Details

Unlocks:Y2M1 Early, Have Iron Claw from Red Automaton from Year 1
Ends:Y2M5 Mid
Time:0 Turn
Reward:Iron Armor (+101 Defense, -7 Hit)

Move Bronze Bells

Unlocks:Y2M1 Early, Strength 150 or Total Stats 650
Time:1 Turn
Reward:400 Money, Energy -10, Strength +10, Improved Strength Training

Transport Water

Unlocks:Y2M1 Early, Vitality 150 or Total Stats 650
Time:1 Turn
Reward:400 Money, Energy -10, Vitality +10, Improved Vitality Training

Private Request

Unlocks:Y2M1 Early, Dexterity 150 or Total Stats 650
Time:1 Turn
Reward:400 Money, Energy -10, Dexterity +10, Improved Dexterity Training

Missing Persons

Unlocks:Y2M1 Early, Will 150 or Total Stats 650
Time:1 Turn
Reward:400 Money, Energy -10, Will +10, Improved Will Training

2nd Xia Tournament

Unlocks:Y2M1 End, Total Stats 560
Ends:Y2M2 End
Time:2 Turns, Day Only
Reward:400 Money, White Tiger Vital Powder (+6 Vit), Fish Scale Armor (Def+125, Acc-5)
Available:If Sided with Shenguan: Blowing Ignition. Otherwise ?

Come to Help

Unlocks:Y2M3 End, Restraint 250
Ends:Y2M4 End
Time:1 Turn, Day
Reward:800 Money, 2 Elixir of Rebirth, Jelly (sweets gift)

Important Request

Unlocks:Y2M3 End, Bravery 250
Ends:Y2M6 Start
Time:1 Turn, Day
Reward:+5 Will, Improve Relationship with Duan Hong’er and Master Duan

Four Sect Friendly Spar

Unlocks:Y2M5 Early, Total Stats 700
Ends:Y2 M5 Late
Time:1 Turn, Day only
Rewards:300 Money, Black Turtle Will Powder (+6 Will), Serpent Sword
Learn:Snow Dance Returning Wind

Abnormal Mountain Beasts

Unlocks:Y2M6 Start, Total Stat 600, Courage 230
Ends:Y2M6 End
Time:1 Turn
Rewards:500 Money, Crimson Phoenix Dex Powder (+6 Dex), Iron Greaves
Available:Pure and Fine Silk, and Snow Breaks Through Springtime

VIP Guest

Unlocks:Y2M6 End Day ONLY
NOTE:Zhang Daochang (Zhenwu leader) must be alive
Ends:Urgent Quest, This Turn Only
Time:1 Turn
Rewards:Zhenwu Jade Shirt (Armor 150, Counterattack & Strike 10), Xuantian Yijin Pill (Strength and Vit +5)

Testing Defensive Wooden Soldiers

Unlocks:Y2M6 End, Total Stat 680, Courtesy 260
Ends:Y2M8 Late
Time:1 Turn
Rewards:300 Money, 2 Medical Oil, 1 Sangyuan Dangsen
Note:Can get points with Master Mu in the ending conversation

Mountain Trip

Unlocks:Y?M?, 300 Enthusiasm
Ends:Y2M7 Mid
Time:1 Turn, Day Only
Rewards:2 Blood Circulation Pills, Nan Feihuang likes you a lot better, unlocks f/u below

Five Elder Mountain People

Unlocks:Y2M7 Late, Mountain Trip Completed, Total Skills 710, Courtesy 280
Ends:Y2M9 Mid
Time:1 Turn, Day Only
Rewards:Nameless Flowing Splendor (Sword, Attack 160, Counterattack & Strike 10)
Available:Fallen of Celestial Money

Shangguan Family Banquet

Unlocks:Y2M8 Start, Total Stat 910
Ends:Y2M9 End
Time:2 Turns, Day Only
Rewards:Flame Grain Copper Pendant (Dodge & Strike 15) (if won), Fiery Armour (Def 190, Dodge -5, Damage Taken -15%, Qi -3% per round), Silver Ticket x3, medicines from homes, Source Stone Fragment x3
Available:Blade Mountain and Flaming Sea
PERMANENT UNLOCK:+10 initial stat points for completing this quest

Providing Information

Unlocks:Y2M8 Early, Total Stat 910
Ends:Y2M9 End
Time:2 Turns, Day Only
Rewards:1000 Money, Ma Suo (Spear, Atk 150) Unhindered Xiaoyao Powder x3
Available:Shura’s Intention (if Golden Phoebe killed in first half)
Bonus:Wu Zhe gains trait “Endure Toxins” (Take 20% less damage if debuffed) if brought along

Pickled Cabbage

Unlocks:Y2M11 Early, Enthusiasm and Bravery 330
Ends:Y2M12 End
Time:1 Turn
Reward:Pickled Vegetable (Sweets Gift), Kick the Bucket Elixir (Actually an Elixir – Full HP/Qi heal, removes all negative debuffs)


– Raging Bandits Quests

Completing all the Bandit Rage quests in one playthrough unlocks an extra 10 starting stat points.
Raging Bandits 1

Unlocks:Y2M3 Mid, Total Stat 640
Ends:Y2M4 Mid
Time:2 Turn, Day Only
Reward:400 Money, Jade Gauntlet (Atk 120), Fish Scale Armor (Def 125, Strike -5)

Raging Bandits 2

Unlocks:Y2M5 Early Day, Total Stat 640, Raging Bandits 1 done
Ends:This Turn Only
Time:2 Turns
Reward:500 Money, Blue Dragon Strength Powder (+6 Str), Double Scimitar (Hong’er Only, Atk 120)
Available:Winter Punishes the Rough Ice (2 Reads)

Raging Bandits 3

Unlocks:Y2M9 Mid, Total Stat 770, Raging Bandits 2 done
Ends:Y2M10 End
Time:2 Turns, Day Only
Reward:Black Carapace (Defense +170, Parry +20)


– Train New Students Quests

Completing all the Train New Students quests in one playthrough unlocks an extra 10 starting points.
Train New Students: Strength

Unlocks:Year 2, Total Stat 440, Courtesy 170
Ends:End Month 2
Time:1 Turn, Day Only
Reward:300 Money, 2 Mushroom Soup, medicine
Available:2 Fist Techniques (library 2 reads, self buff and ranged attack)


Train New Students: Physique

Unlocks:Y2M3, Total Stat 540, Bravery 200
Ends:End Y2M4
Time:1 Turn, Day Only
Reward:300 Money, 2 Elixir of Rebirth, Blood Circulation Pills

Train New Students: Will

Unlocks:Y2M7 Mid, 860 Total Stat
Ends:Y2M8 End
Time:1 Turn, Night Only
Rewards:600 Money, medicine, Steel Chainmail, Master Jing likes you more
Available:Dread Tempest (2 reads), Six Harmonious Paths of the Heart (1 read)

Train New Students: Dexterity

Unlocks:Y2M8 Start, Total Stat 890
EndsY2M9 Mid
Time1 Turn, Day Only
Rewards:600 Money, 1 Qi Tonic Pill, Four Sage Powder (All Stats +2), Master White Fox likes you more


Written by NickBuntline

I hope you enjoy the Quest Guide, Years 1 and 2 – Path Of Wuxia guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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