Questions and Answers – AudioSpace

Questions and Answers – AudioSpace 1 -
Questions and Answers – AudioSpace 1 -

Here are some answers to the most common questions regarding AudioSpace.

What is this?

AudioSpace is a virtual area for visualizing audio. It can be used to both personal entertainment or for professional purposes such live performances, streaming, and video production. Get it today and you will be able to enjoy your favorite music as never before.

How does this work?

AudioSpace creates beautiful visuals using sounds that come out (of your PC, for example when you play back) some music or into it (. Just start it up and choose the visualization mode.
You can find tutorials at this link:
Basic use- []
Advanced usage – []


Is it possible to do this without internet?

AudioSpace is functional offline too.

This can I use in my stream/video/live performance?

Yes! Please send an email to [email protected] and tell us where and when. If you are streaming, please mention that anyone can get AudioSpace on Steam.

How do presets operate?

Each preset contains all configuration details for your AudioSpace area, as well your position and orientation. AudioSpace will automatically save any changes to the current preset. When you restart AudioSpace, everything will be exactly as it was before. Exceptions are your position and orientation. You can save them to current preset with Enter (. Or a controller button. Refer to the in-game console) anytime.
You can change your current preset using a number key (0.9 – or by clicking on a preset button within the menu. If you don't have enough presets to choose from, you can either press Page Up (or Page Down) to access another set. 100 presets are all available, ranging between 0 and 99.

What do the "random” buttons do?

Randomization can be used for each visualization element to alter the color palette and parameters. The button and small triangular arrows (for any or all)) are activated. Each time there is a silence in the audio stream, new colors or values will be selected at random. This is usually done between tracks in a playlist.
Presets may also be randomized in the same manner: When enabled, a randomly selected (used) preset will be selected whenever there's a moment of silence. This allows you to easily adjust the visualization of playlists using a few presets.

What should you know about running this in virtual reality?

AudioSpace must be compatible with your VR gear before you can use it. The store page lists all supported devices.
All three modes of VR are supported: sitting, standing, and roomscale. AudioSpace can reset your orientation and place in the virtual environment upon startup. AudioSpace should be launched only when you're wearing your headset, facing forward. At runtime, you can also change your VR position and orientation. Controller mappings can be found at the doorway of the in-game console.

Why is it so dark in here?

Maybe the lights are not on and there's no audio. Move the mouse left and right to check if there is a doorway. AudioSpace may need to be restarted. If nothing happens, verify that your computer meets the hardware specifications.
It is possible for AudioSpace not to be reinstalled to return to its initial state.
C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\AudioSpace\Saved\SaveGames All files that are stored there should be deleted. If Windows is not installed on C Drive, your drive letter may be different.
NOTE – This will erase all your presets. To save your presets but only reset the application state (config.sav) in the same directory, delete it.

What can I do with my money?

AudioSpace is yours for life. You can use it as part of your video productions or live concerts. You will not need to log in online to receive any future updates. This is not an annual subscription. It is a one-time payment that will support the continued development of the best sound visualization software available.


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