Quick and Dirty Line Combat Guide for Beginners – Battle Brothers

Quick and Dirty Line Combat Guide for Beginners – Battle Brothers 1 - steamclue.com
Quick and Dirty Line Combat Guide for Beginners – Battle Brothers 1 - steamclue.com

This guide is meant to help new players understand how line-based combat works and to help them get started on their strategies.

Introduction: Summary of the Initial Tips and Intro

Welcome to the quick-start guide to combat of Battle Brothers. This guide was created for new players who are still unsure about the combat.
Although the strategic combat of Battle BrothersA may seem intimidating on paper it is quite easy in practice. These are the three main tenets of this game. Role a*signment, armor, and line-composition

The Importance Armor

Armor is the most important thing you can wear on your units during this game. Armor protects your unit from being killed to an extreme degree. It is even necessary against basic enemies. Good armor can be the difference between life and destruction.
Quick and Dirty Line Combat Guide for Beginners - Battle Brothers - Intro: Summary and Initial Tips - E1F7E35
Jannold, my strong unit, is an example. This brother has just 75 hit points. A good hit from almost any two-handed weapon will instantly kill him. He is protected from the elements by thick armor covering his head and body. Before attacking his armor, enemies will have to get through it.
If you want units that can survive, they should have good facilities. Protect their heads and bodies with armor A shiny new sword is great, but a good set of plate or chain mail will save their lives. You can double, or even triple your units' effective health with better armor. You might be getting oneshots from your guys in the first game because you don’t have better equipment. Shields are just as important, as they increase both melee- and ranged defense by a lot and grant Shield Wall (a powerful defensive buff).

The Importance Line Composition

No matter what, you should never be able to separate your brothers. In Battle Brothers tactical positioning is crucial, unlike other games. If your units become cut off from their allies, they could be surrounded by and killed. If you can't avoid it, never engage an opponent solo!
Line combat refers to the ability to keep all your units in a straight and narrow line that is slammed against enemy lines. For success, a strong line of sight is vital.
You need to think about how your units are put together. Is it a good idea if your ranged units are firing into your line of enemies? It might be best for your ranged unit to become melee once your line crosses the enemy's.

Role Assignment is Important

There are many ways you can field a company. But, just throwing random equipment on your troops and calling it a day is a surefire method to get them killed. Instead, a*sign meaningful roles for your warriors and lead them into battle using strategy.
The next section will provide tips on how to create efficient units.

Part 1 – Unit Archetypes, also known as "Skirmishers Anti Armor, Anti-Infantry"

A strong army of Battle Brothers has three types units: Anti-Infantry and Anti-Armor. Let's look at each one briefly.

Skirmishers, aka your Tanks

Skirmishers will be your defenses. They stand shoulder-to-shoulder, weighing the blows of incoming enemies. Skirmishers with good skills have the following:

  • Decent armor. While not the heaviest to not exhaust your troops, it is sturdy enough to withstand a few hits. Same for the helmet.
  • A shield that can help block attacks completely and a one-handed tool. Although swords, maces, and flails make good choices, they can also be used.
  • High melee- and ranged defence skills.
  • If possible, high HP or resolve

Quick and Dirty Line Combat Guide for Beginners - Battle Brothers - Part 1: Unit Archetypes, aka
Here's an example a mid-game or early lategame Skirmisher. These guys are your job. They will fight their enemies and deal with them. It can be smart to equip your Skirmishers in bows to shoot at enemies before they reach your shields.

Anti-Armor, aka your Supports

Anti-Armor units will defeat your Skirmishers. Their heavy weapons can pierce armor and are very powerful. Anti-Armor units are often equipped weapons that either destroy armor or shields.
Good Anti-Armor units should have the following:

  • A two-handed gun. Axes work well early to break down shields. Hammers and maces work better later to crack armor. Two-handed swords without armor can be deadly to enemies.
  • Heavy armor. These men should have the best armor, as they will be using two-handed weapons.
  • High Melee Attack HP, and Fatigue.

Quick and Dirty Line Combat Guide for Beginners - Battle Brothers - Part 1: Unit Archetypes, aka
Here's an example a good anti-armor unit for mid-game and early lategame. This unit is still using the Axe, which is useful, but could benefit from another two-handed weapon. Your job as an Anti-Armor unit is to locate the tanksiest enemy Skirmishers. Then blast them to ashes. Because two-handed weapons can often be more accurate than one-handed, you should destroy their shields, armor, and make them vulnerable.

Anti-Infantry, aka your DPS

Anti-Infantry unit are designed to make fights fair. They have high range, high damage, high accuracy, and high accuracy. They can punch through enemy lines as a hot knife through butter. Often, they team up with a Skirmisher to make a 1v1 turn into a 2-v1.
These are the qualities of good anti-armor units

  • A good polearm is a weapon that can reach 1-2 tiles. This allows Anti Infantry units to strike against your Skirmishers.
  • Medium armor, which is designed to give them maximum mobility with minimal fatigue. However, they are not safe to be worn without a helmet.
  • High Melee Attack HP, and Fatigue.
  • It is often good to have high levels either of leadership or resolution.

Quick and Dirty Line Combat Guide for Beginners - Battle Brothers - Part 1: Unit Archetypes, aka
Here's an example a good anti-infantry unit, mid-game to early latergame. This unit can snipe anyone who tries to fight with his Skirmisher because of his high Fatigue or Mele Attack. His ability move around the battlefield to help target specific foes makes this unit great for turning the tide in battle.
These are not all unit types available, but they work well together. They can make your line an imposing threat, even when you are outnumbered.

Part 2 – Line Compositions and Morale

Good line composition is entirely subjective and can change depending on your resources. However, a great line looks like this.
Quick and Dirty Line Combat Guide for Beginners - Battle Brothers - Part 2: Line Compositions and Morale - 1BB4149

  • Skirmisher with middle, top and bottom
  • Anti-Armor in Between Skirmishers
  • Anti-Infantry behind Skirmishers &Anti-Armor
  • Standard bearer and Anti-Infantry are available for those who already have one

This line works because it is simple. Your Skirmishers attack enemies and draw their attacks while your big boy Anti-Armor destroys their armor and shields. Your Anti Infantry helps to fill in the gaps and kill units as often as possible, thereby debilitating the enemy line. Your Standard Bearer is there to support your Resolve and ensure your allies remain strong.
This is not a perfect line composition but it is a good place to start. This line can make your early game stronger and your late-game more competitive. Note This strategy should be applied.

How to Manage Morale

Morale can be maintained by keeping your units healthy! Allies units who see their friends being slaughtered will eventually flee from the battle. Make sure they are healthy. If an ally is near death, take out their attacker and disengage them from combat.
Following standards can significantly improve morale. As the game progresses, it becomes more important to have one in your party. It doubles as a decent oar, allowing the Standard Bearer double as an Anti Infantry unit. It is important to obtain one as soon and as possible.

Part 3: Further Reading

Top Perks

Perks can make units stronger than usual. It can be a great way to keep your brothers sane!
For Skirmishers:

  • Fast Adaptation makes it easier to beat successive opponents.
  • Recover can make sure you can re-enter the fight even if you are exhausted.
  • Shield Expert must be used!
  • Rotation can save near-death unit lives, especially if you swap out a strong, healthy Skirmisher.


  • Brawny makes Anti-Armor unit much more mobile
  • Colossus makes Anti-Armor unit a bit more tanky
  • Executioner and Crippling Stike have strong synergies
  • Steel Brow prevents instant kills during early-battle.


  • Crippling Strike works wonders on these guys and sets up Executioner well.
  • Backstabber makes Anti Infantry units very precise.
  • Reach Advantage is extremely useful in a pinch. It makes it easy to get attacked by enemy Anti Infantry.
  • Fearsome makes Anti Infantry units scary Resolvebreakers, if they have high resolve. This is especially beneficial for the Standard Bearer.

FAQ: Are ranged arms good?
Somewhat. The truth is that Battle BrothersA is a melee combat game. Higher levels revolve around armor. This makes arrows/bolts less effective as the game progresses to the endgame. A team of completely armed bros can win against a ranged squad, especially if they have access armor and shields. While arrows may still be useful against undead animals or other high-level human beings, they are not effective against the Ancient Empire or other high-level people. It might be better to go melee.


Written by Sunset Sullivan

Here we come to an end for the Quick and Dirty Line Combat Guide for Beginners – Battle Brothers guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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