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Quick diamond glitch – Idle Research 1 - steamclue.com
Quick diamond glitch – Idle Research 1 - steamclue.com

Small glitch that allows you to gain infinitely slow but steady diamonds.

Hello There

You must first reach the maps and tubes to trigger this glitch.
First, ensure that daily solitaire is available on both tube & flask.
Map to Tubes can be used to obtain free diamonds by using daily solitaire.
After solitaire, you'll be redirected to the menu screen instead of to the game. To load Tube save, you must not use Flask.
After you have saved Tube save, you can use map to Flask.
You can either use solitaire to receive 5 diamonds for free or play to win all.
After Solitaire once again load Tube save.
Return to flask using map
You will now be able to see that daily Solitaire remains available, so you can re-try the steps you took earlier for infintie.
You can also support developer by purchasing diamonds.
Have fun.


Written by Gankersik

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