Quick guide to the Crunch Time Achievement – Time on Frog Island

Quick guide to the Crunch Time Achievement – Time on Frog Island 1 - steamclue.com
Quick guide to the Crunch Time Achievement – Time on Frog Island 1 - steamclue.com

A quick guide to the Crunch Time achievement, fixing the boat in under five days.


I recommend doing this on your second play-through so you’ve a good idea of where everything is. I will only be giving quick and basic directions so this guide isn’t suitable for a first run. You’d be missing out on the fun anyway!
The routing on this could possibly be improved and there are alternative options (like getting the feather on the island instead of exchanging love letters,) but I’m not a speedrunner and this method works with plenty of time to spare.

Day 1.

  • After waking grab the two planks nearby (South West) and add them to your boat.
  • Attempt to take your plant from the artist, then bring her the bottle when she asks for it – place the shrub on the rock near the fire.
  • Run to the West and speak to the fisherman about rope, he’ll want a feather, we’ll get that later.
  • Run East to the farmer’s fields, take a blueberry and bring it back to your campfire. The fruits become unavailable on day 2.
  • Run North East to the frog’s village and speak to the knight frog in front of the fort. Receive a letter and take it to the artist, you’ll get a second letter from her which needs to go back to the knight frog. Once he moves out of the way speak to the axolotl.
  • Take the shield on the training dummy in the fort and affix it to your boat.
  • Return to your camp and sleep.


Day 2.

  • Head West to the painter and speak to her. Take the blueberry you saved on day 1 and go East to the grubs. Drop the blueberry and wait for one to eat it before picking up the blue grub and returning to the painter. Get the sail and apply it to the boat.
  • Run to the far South East to pick up the tadpup and return it to the frog town merchant. The blacksmith will walk back to his forge and talk to him when he does.
  • Head East past the lumberjack’s house, through the trees and into the cave. Collect the iron ore and bring it back to the blacksmith.
  • Sleep again.


Day 3.

  • Since it’s raining you can now get the drippy plant from the island to the East. Exchange it with the axolotl in the fort for her feather.
  • Take the feather to your campsite and then return to frog village. Talk to the blacksmith to receive the rudder – go place it on your boat.
  • Take the feather West to the fisherman in order to get the last piece of your boat, the rope.
  • Sleep.


Day 4/5.

  • If the weather is clear take your shrub from the rock and place it on your boat before leaving.
  • If the weather is not clear, sleep until day five before leaving.


Written by Ausmerica

This is all we can share for Quick guide to the Crunch Time Achievement – Time on Frog Island for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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