Resolution Fix – Assemble with Care

Resolution Fix – Assemble with Care 1 -
Resolution Fix – Assemble with Care 1 -

Fix the strange resolution problem

The solution

If you have any of the following issues

Originally posted by buræquete:
The game is somehow problematic, I cannot see buttons, text or content on the edges, the game resolution seems to be broken, and there is no option to change it.

I tried with windowed mode, and popup mode, same issue. Any solution to this?

Try the following
The game is forcing 4 to 3 resolutions which are causing this issue.
You can set the launch options at something like

 -screen-height 720 -screen-width 1280 

This appears to fix the problem.
You can specify any resolution value in the launch option.

 -screen-height 1080 -screen-width 1920 

For a resolution of 1920×1080


Written by buræquete

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