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Resource Guide – Valheim 1 -
Resource Guide – Valheim 1 -

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Warning: This guide will be constantly updated as the game evolves.

Introduction with Equipment Tiers

Resource Guide - Valheim - Introduction with Equipment Tiers - C7D48C5
This guide will show you how to find, or create, a resource.
Let's start with the tiers. This will give you an idea of the weapons you will need.


Tier 1


  • Stone/flint-axe
  • Antler Pickaxe
  • Clubs
  • Flint Spear
  • etc


Tier 2


  • Bronze Sword
  • Bronze Pickaxe
  • Bronze Axe
  • Etc


Tier 3


  • Iron Pickaxe
  • Iron Axe
  • Iron Sword
  • Iron BattleAxe(May be used like a regular Axe)
  • Etc


Tier 4


  • Silver Sword
  • Etc
    Silver does NOT contain any axe or pickaxe


Tier 5


  • Black Iron Axe
  • Black Iron BattleAxe
    Black Iron contains no pickaxe type
  • Etc


Meadows Resources

Resource Guide - Valheim - Meadows Resources - BF73CB2
The meadows, which is the first place you will find, is a relatively simple area. The meadows has almost every resource you need.



Item Description
Boar Meat It is pretty much how you get it, aka how to find boars or murder them
Deer Meat Similar thing again, commit ma*s genocide on deer
Mushrooms Just walk through the forest, you'll almost be walking on them
Raspberries Like mushrooms, they are all around the forest. Just go look for 'em!
Neck Tails They're little lizardlike creatures that can be found in water and wait for it rain.
Honey This is a result of bees. However, this will be a difficult task. Beehives can spawn in any building structure in the wild in the meadows!


Crafting resources


Item Description
Stone Look down. It's everywhere. You'll have to pick it up from the ground until you get a pickaxe to extract the nodes.
Flint It can be found on the shores of watery areas and looks like rocks, but is light grey.
Wood Without a type axe, you will have to pick sticks off the ground until one is found.
Fine Wood This kind of wood is from the birch(and) tree. It cannot yet be obtained unless you have a Tier 2 or higher axe/battleaxe.
Beech Seeds These are after you have successfully cut down a tree using an axe/battleaxe of the tier 1 and higher levels
Oak Seeds It is necessary to cut down Oak trees.
Birch Seeds Become an ecoterrorist and raze birch trees
Leather Scraps/Boar Trophy This is because of the killing of boars
Leather/Deer Trophy This is the result of killing deer
Resin This is possible due to many factors, including greylings and little forests.
Bee Queen This is required, if you would like to have your own honeybeehives

To complete this region, and obtain Tier 2 objects (or any other tiers), you must defeat Eikythr the lightning-horned Stag.
He drops Antlers(are used for the first pickaxe[tier1]). Eikythr trophy
Resource Guide - Valheim - Meadows Resources - BE5FB19

Black Forest Resources

Resource Guide - Valheim - Black Forest Resources - 1BCF946
Black forest is a semihostile zone. This is the second area in the game, after meadows.



Item Description
BlueBerries Like Raspberries, they can be found all over the black forests
Glowing Mushrooms These are found in the dungeons of the troll caves
Corn You will find them in the black forest as white seeds which need to be sown.
Bukeberries These are dropped off by Greydwarf() green eyed boys and are used in resetting food buffs


Crafting resources


Item Description
Wood/Corewood Wood from cutting fir tree and core wood from removing pine trees, tier 1 or higher required
Pine/Fir seeds This is after you have cut both trees with a Tier 1 or higher axe.
Antiquity of seeds These can only be used for one purpose: to summon the elder dark forest boss
Copper/tin Ore Copper can be found as large rocks with an orange shimmer in the forest. Tin can also be found near water sources, though sometimes the shore is not considered.
Bronze Bronze is made in a smelter by melting copper and zinc, and then being combined at the forge.
Corn Seeds These plants can also be found in the forest.
Greydwarf/Shamon/brute trophies These can be obtained by killing blue,red, or green eye greydwarfs
Thistle These plants are very shiny and glow throughout the forest.
Bone Fragments These are obtained by smacking them skeletons, which wander through the forest and mostly in dungeons.




Item Description
Amber/pearls Both pearls as well as amber are found in dungeons within the forest.
Ruby Red objects were found in troll caves and underground dungeons throughout forest
Coins Obtained from trolls, dungeons all through the forest

To progress through this region you will need defeat the Elder. This Elder is the Black Forest Boss. He's a tall, tall tree man.
The Elder Drops Elder trophy and Swamp keys that are used to open the Dungeons in the Swamp. Keep it on you!
Resource Guide - Valheim - Black Forest Resources - 0E53602

Swamp Resources

Resource Guide - Valheim - Swamp Resources - DDBDD2B
The swamp is home for blobs or ooze, skeletons (leeches), beings that are of fire and Draugr. It's where you can get wet and chased by wraiths.
The dungeons are located in the swamp.



Item Description
Turnip To find their seeds, look out for yellow-looking flowers
Thistle Similar to the Black Forest, but also found growing in the swamps as a blueflower


Crafting resources


Item Description
Ancient Bark Be careful not to cut down an old tree in order to obtain its bark.
Scrap Iron This can be found by digging up muddy piles in dungeons. If you're really lucky, above ground.
Guck A green object found on the larger tree or by killing an abomination
Chain Found in chests or from wraiths
Entrails Draugr was dropped from those lovely swampmen.
Blood Bag Leeches drop these lovely delicacy's
Bone Fragments Dropped and rearranged by skeletons.
Coal The last thing that remains from a Surtling((Fire creatures)).
Surprising Core This is used to make portals, and it was dropped by Surtling
Root These can be obtained by killing an abomination. Now make your "not quite fire-proof" armor using them
Skeleton Trophy Use the heads and skulls of the dead to stop incoming attacks(Bone Shield)
Withered Bone It's used to summon a ma*s…of bones

To complete this region, and get to Tier 4 objects you will need defeat the turd boss Bonema*s.
He drops Wishbone(used to find treasures in the world and silver within the mountains biome). A beautiful trophy to mount at your summoning stones
Resource Guide - Valheim - Swamp Resources - 7B0F79F

Mountain Resources

Resource Guide - Valheim - Mountain Resources - 82D8021
Resource Guide - Valheim - Mountain Resources - 01B7B9F
The extremely cold mountains and various creatures will make you hate your entire life. This chilly region needs a cold resistant brew or clothing.



Item Description
Wolf meat Drop when you kill wolves
Onions These seeds were found in the chest of mountain cabins.


Crafting resources


Item Description
Freeze glands/Drake Trophy Dropped from drakes that fly in the mountains
Dragon Egg Usually found around the drakes
Silver Ore Only found with wishbones when Swamp Boss Bonema*s was killed
Obsidian Some rocks in the mountains are oddly black.
Crystals Found in the frost Caves and dropped from stone Golems
Red Jute/Fenring Trophy The trophy drops from Fenrings and cultist. The red jute drops by cultists only in caves
Wolf hide/fangs/trophy Dropped by the wolves
Ulv trophy Ulvs dropped it in frost caverns
Leather scraps Bats in the caves dropped them

Moder the motherdrake must be defeated to move through this region. To do so, drag 3x dragon egg to her alter. After killing her, kill her with your sword.
Moder trophy and dragon tears The tears are used for the blast furnace to smelt black iron on the plains.
Resource Guide - Valheim - Mountain Resources - 05B9C89

Plains Resources

Resource Guide - Valheim - Plains Resources - 86A2470
You'll soon be a bit more disgusted by mosquitoes in the final(currently level of the game than in real life.



Item Description
Cloud Berries These little joy-filled berries are small and fluffy. They can be found in natural bushes or in chests.
Lox Meat Lox's, the tall towering beasts that were Lox's, were murdered and this gave rise to the name.
Bukeperries Consumable but not recommended.


Crafting resources


Item Description
Flax Fuling Villages, used in the making of linen thread
Barley Fuling Villages. Used to make barley and tame Lox.
Tar These were found in tar-filled ponds and dropped off by Growth's. They were used to make the highest level furniture.
Black Metal Scrap Fuling's dropped it, used to make tier 5 weapons/tools/armor
Lox Pelt Dropped in Lox, used to create beautiful rugs.
Needle Dropped off by our favorite friends, Deathsquitos. Used to make arrows.

This biome conceals Yagluth, the final boss(currently. You'll need 5 Fulingtotems to summon Yagluth to battle. They are usually found on small pedestals at Fuling villages. Fuling Berserkers drop them off.
He drops a Yagluth Thing (currently, not used for anything). A beautiful trophy to mount at your summoning stones
Resource Guide - Valheim - Mountain Resources - 82D8021

Ocean Resources

Resource Guide - Valheim - Ocean Resources - 62B6EC7
The oceans can be quite calm during the day but when it rains/thunders at night, it's best to "hold onto your butts", as you won't want it to happen again.
At the moment, however, the ocean is still an "in-progress" biome. More things are constantly being added to it.
Resource Guide - Valheim - Ocean Resources - 1177B95
Resource Guide - Valheim - Ocean Resources - 38CA2A9
Now is a fast sea serpent that can devour any boat. However, if you have the largest boat and the most wind, you will be faster.
The Serpent does not drop

  • Serpent Scales
  • Serpent Trophy
    In which you can make an armour out of the scales…
    Resource Guide - Valheim - Ocean Resources - 53BEA63
    Next is the Leviathan. You can find him anywhere in the ocean. But be careful as he will sink down below at some point.
    His Chitin can make
  • Abyssal Harpoon
  • Abyssal Knife
    Technically, this knife is a tier 3 knife. Don't bother if you have higher than that.


Mistlands coming soon

Currently Unavailable on recent patches

Ashlands -coming soon

Currently Unavailable in recent patches

Deep North – coming soon

Currently unavailable in recent patches

Written by JustAKhat, Rehlik

I hope you enjoy the Resource Guide – Valheim guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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