Roman Numerals Cheat Sheet – Kingdom Two Crowns

Roman Numerals Cheat Sheet – Kingdom Two Crowns 1 -
Roman Numerals Cheat Sheet – Kingdom Two Crowns 1 -

A quick Shift Tab cheat sheet for Roman numerals while playing Kingdom 2 Crowns. For People who may not be the best or have a simplified knowledge of them. Keeping track of certain days is useful for seasons and making sure you go back before your walls decay.

Picture Guide

This is for every individual roman numeral numerical value for 1-100. For those who just want to convert their days using a simple chart.
Roman Numerals Cheat Sheet - Kingdom Two Crowns - Picture Guide - D51765D2F
Below is for 100-200
Roman Numerals Cheat Sheet - Kingdom Two Crowns - Picture Guide - 1EEBE44DB

Kingdom Two Crowns days to remember.

You will always start in spring when you begin your game.
Every season is 16 days or XVI
Day 17(XVII) Is summer
Day 33 (XXXIII) is Autumn/fall
Day 49 (XLIX) Is Winter
49-64 (Is the start and end of the first Winter.
and 113-128 Is the start and end of the second winter.
See the first and only image in the guide if you want to keep track of your days or see which one you are on.

Basics for understanding (for those who want to learn)

Roman numerals are easy once you understand what each symbol means.
A value that equals 1 will look like an uppercase (i)=I or lowercase (L)=l
So 1= I
2= II
3= III and so on.
Every 5 intervals adds a new symbol as the main way of showing the value.
5= V
20= XX
And so on.
You might find it confusing that 5=V but the number four is shown as: 4= IV
At first it may seem like IV is a bigger sum (bigger number) than just V.
But look at what appears in front of the V. An I (or 1) instead of just a V which alone equals 5.
Whenever a number is lower than another the previous symbol which stood alone will be in front. You always add smaller symbol values placed in front and subtract them when in the back.
So for instance the value I=1 stands by itself.
So when 5 comes along with a new symbol 4 changes from IIII to IV to show that its just before the switch.
And because 5=V but I is the previous symbol that stood alone 4= IV
And since you subtract smaller values placed in front 5-1=4 or V-I=IV
A good rule to remember about this is the maximum number of consecutive (same) symbols is 3.
So III already has the max amount of same symbols changing it to IV which is 4.
You can apply these rules as you go up in numbers.
M=1000 (I doubt you’ll get to 1000 in game)

Website tool.

If my explanation is difficult I recommend this website. – [] 
Or if you simply want to use a converter – []  that’s fine too.

Written by Chickey

I hope you enjoy the Roman Numerals Cheat Sheet – Kingdom Two Crowns guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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