Rulebender for Dummies: Achievement Unlocked – Death and Taxes

Rulebender for Dummies: Achievement Unlocked – Death and Taxes 1 -
Rulebender for Dummies: Achievement Unlocked – Death and Taxes 1 -

This is the guide for all the dummy players like me who struggle with getting the Rulebender achievement. If you are looking for unusual tips, feel more welcome to read them through. This whole thread contains ma*sive spoilers, so for your pleasure safety, do not continue if you are playing in this game for the very first time.

Welcome deadly traveller. If you are visiting this guide, it means probably that:

Rulebender for Dummies: Achievement Unlocked - Death and Taxes - Welcome deadly traveller. If you are visiting this guide, it means probably that: - 9A5D6E50D

  • You are a gamer failure (just like me) for rare achievements.
  • You are deadly, taxed enough and bored *OINK*
  • You cannot figure out how to achieve the Rulebender, despite reading all discussions, guides and friendly tips made by no lifers from the 4chan and other dark corners of the internet, you have no life, no bae, and this achievement is all you might get in life, if not the bitcoin, social life or other miserable and boring stuff jhdahdak.

It doesn’t matter which thing from the above list applies to you. In my case: After playing for at least 70+ hours, I’ve managed to get Rulebender achievement. I struggled. I almost crie… Oinked a lot *OINK*
After 74+ hours, I became a happy potato *wink wink* Yes. I managed to do this as a total dummy and clumsy gamer.
Just read this guide step by step.
Lets begun:


  • It would help if you remembered all dialogues and recognised the basics of the game. So you have to be after 1-2 gameplays at least.
  • You need money—a LOOOT of cash (just in case).
  • You have to play in the alternative timeline version (New game+) and NOT restart the whole game completely. NOPE, NOPE, NOPE.
  • You have to own the Mirror, snowball, lamp, eraser, calendar and blue plush toy in your inventory.


  • Fate’s office (every evening)
  • Mirror’s room (occasionally)
  • Mortimer’s shop (sometimes)
  • Your bedroom (to finish the day)
  • Office (to follow each day)

That means that for this rare achievement, the bar is not necessary at all. Just skip it and save your time. Likewise, you don’t have to interact for the first week with the Mirror. The same goes for Mortimer’s shop. Yep.
Why do you need the shop and the Mirror at all? Well, to be honest:
Based on the dialogues with the Mirror, you can predict if your gameplay goes well. Trust me, that is useful.
Mortimer has in the inventory the rubber. That is your stop point if you are afraid of marking the wrong number of profiles by accident. Make sure to have the OOPSSS eraser during each day.
Rulebender for Dummies: Achievement Unlocked - Death and Taxes - REQUIREMENTS: - 237BC081D
OK, let’s start cracking:


During your first week, you will be introduced to your work and treated politely by Fate. Therefore, on your first day, remain friendly towards Fate. When you enter the office, make sure to prepare the lamp, snowball, and calendar to be available first for use. If you are freakin’ out, make sure to have also the eraser. Put all the unnecessary stuff into the drawers to have enough space.
Rulebender for Dummies: Achievement Unlocked - Death and Taxes - WEEK NUMBER ONE - F3120A6D1
On your first day, you will receive two profiles. Since this main achievement goal is to be a grim “rebel” reaper, mark both profiles alive. Both profiles should generate + marks inside of the snowball. They should be profitable if you check them under the lamp before stamping. After finishing them and sending them, you go back to Fate’s office – and that is where you have to play looser, dummy, polite newborn grim with the very apologising type of an attitude. Due to that act, you should receive a reprimand and stay away from the trouble.
On day 2,3,4,5,6,7, whenever you see a request that “one person has to die”, make sure to mark two people dead (or more). If you see the instruction “3 people have to die” permanently, keep just one profile dead. You always have to mark some profiles dead and some profiles alive. Never make all profiles dead or alive on those days. And always make sure that you use on them the lamp. You have to make those profiles that balance peace/nature/technology/life statistics remaining alive. Be careful while seeing additional instructions related to age or profession. For example, if you see “request for sparring all young people”, make sure to eliminate some young people, which are lowering statistics. If you are supposed to “kill all people related to religion”, make sure that some will stay alive. The main point is the number of people who die + how they balance the world sphere inside the snowball. Additional instructions are essential – and you have to ensure to mess with them (do opposite, or do 50/50).
Fake example:
Kill five people in total, in the age below 30 years old = You have to kill less than five people, try to keep alive people below 30 years old, as many as you can, from those that are adding + mark into a sphere, not the – mark.
If you play it well, after six first days, your ball sphere world should contain inside brick building/gla*s skyscraper, clean air, healthy tree and peace flag in the middle/top.During the first week, it is essential to keep the statistics at the TOP LVL and check the sphere between marking each profile every day. The lamp will show you when you will gain maximum profits after killing/sparring profiles.
Whenever you visit Fate’s office after work, make sure to be rude/selfish or keep an attitude like “I don’t give a flying flamingo about that”. Fate might be surprised with your answers but will not take any serious actions.
If you follow those rules correctly, you will gain 0 coins every day. The only exception is your evaluation day, where despite breaking the rules, Fate might give you a bonus cash (500+).


Rulebender for Dummies: Achievement Unlocked - Death and Taxes - WEEK NUMBER TWO - DCFA28511
Continue following the pattern with – killing more or much fewer profiles than required. Still, try to balance the sphere in the ball by adding as many + points as possible. If you are supposed to kill artists, do otherwise – but if that will give you more – points, try not to kill all artists, maybe just one. Remember:the required number of dead profiles never can be correct. You always have to end up with alive & dead profiles each day.
You might finally, during that week, focus on visiting the mirror room. Whenever a mirror initiates the talk, be mean, egoist, and rude towards it. However, don’t act like a failure and observe the messages created by the Mirror cause they will give you hints related to your route. You cannot be pleasant and lovely. You are a rebel, and you break the rules – so keep that in mind.
So far, so good, but here comes…


This is the moment where things are getting harder. At this point, Fate should be already making you aware of his holidays and reporting each night to his cat. So you have to be VERY careful while reading through the profiles and marking them. And it would help if you were cautious with Fate’s cat.
After one of the days (before day 14), you will see during the evaluation with the cat the option of giving him the blue plush toy. DO IT. JUST DO IT. It will save one of the days (I think day 13) from not receiving any profile. If you don’t give the cat the toy – your rude attitude (yes, remain rude all the time, impatient, careless, that’s the point) will provoke the animal to steal human profiles from your desk. If that happens, your gameplay is over, and you will have to start over again new game+. So make sure to give the toy to the cat. During this week cat will be absorbed with the plush, you can avoid evaluation (by getting out of it ASAP), and you may focus on talking to Mirror> finishing route with bed > starting new route > marking profiles in a wrong way, but balancing one.
Rulebender for Dummies: Achievement Unlocked - Death and Taxes - WEEK NUMBER THREE - A8F8C7A32
That’s the sausage! These two days are the biggest trickery during the 3rd week.
Day 18: You will be instructed to mark dead every other profile during that route. The solution here is the usage of the lamp & careful an*lysis of the profile descriptions. On day 18, I started an*lysing the profiles during one of my routes. I found out that Janitor, which popped up with the other people’s cards, has the most profitable statistics and the most peaceful/good description I could have ever seen among the profiles. So I decided to mark him dead, which was the only profile I had sacrificed. This was my key to surviving day 18 according to the Rulebender achievement requirements. I managed to be treated neutrally by Fate and did not receive any warning from him. I had 0 coins in total from that, while generally, on day 18, you might get by accident the coins (which means that you lost the route).
Day 19 had usual instructions, so nobody should get stuck with it.
The other trickery is hidden on day 20: You will be asked to mark every profile that seems to be suspicious. For completing the route without any loss, you have to mark all the profiles alive. Not kidding at all. If you follow this tip correctly, you should get your second warning for overdoing your actions. But Fate will not fire you. You might get the bonus again on evaluation, but that will not affect your gameplay.
Rulebender for Dummies: Achievement Unlocked - Death and Taxes - WEEK NUMBER THREE - C8EF77548


This is your final chapter. If you followed all the tips mentioned above correctly, Fate should act like he “does not care anymore”, and he will be less cautious with you. BE RUDE. Still keep marking a wrong number of the profiles than required. You might lower some of the + statistics cause that will not affect the ball sphere too much. Air in the ball should remain fine. The same goes for the other elements.
On day 23, you will be asked to GO WITH THE FLOW. This is your last chance to go entirely against Fate and his requirements. Mark all the profiles alive, and nothing terrible will happen. If we an*lyse the whole gameplay, you have three chances maximum to go against the Fate. If you overdo the game more than three times, you lose. On the other hand, if you stick to that limit, you survive and smoothly go against Fate.
Focus on your talk with Mirror. You should have a chance to reply to it during that week, like a total douchebag and egoist. DO THAT. If you end up with the option of slapping the Mirror, DO IT. This means that you will end with the Rulebender achievement and game result on your side.
On your last day, Fate will act like he will quit the job. Remain neutral with your dialogue replies, and watch the ending with pleasure. It would help if you remained with the end where the whole world is balanced, humanity goes against all health obstacles, the world is healthy and at peace, and you are becoming the new ruler.
Rulebender for Dummies: Achievement Unlocked - Death and Taxes - WEEK NUMBER FOUR - 3E0D6A715


Rulebender for Dummies: Achievement Unlocked - Death and Taxes - SUMMARY: - B386F24DA
Before I made it so far and got this achievement, I lost the gameplay at least 25+ times. I had read all the guides, but they did not help me with a few tricky things. That is why I gathered everything I spotted in the game, an*lysed the whole thing in my way and decided to create this guide. If you succeeded after reading this all information, share your opinion in the comment section or the other thoughts crossing your mind. Thank you all for reading the whole guide until this point! xoxo
Rulebender for Dummies: Achievement Unlocked - Death and Taxes - SUMMARY: - 2C2958929

Written by KIRU

This is all we can share for Rulebender for Dummies: Achievement Unlocked – Death and Taxes for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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  1. I’ve played through this game quite a few times, followed multiple guides (INCLUDING this one) and still do not have the achievement. I must be making a mistake in the days that don’t give specific directions, because I followed the instructions to a T. I got the ending described in the guide, but still don’t have the achievement. I’m just not rebellious enough, I guess.

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