Save File Speedrunning – Demon Turf

Save File Speedrunning – Demon Turf 1 -
Save File Speedrunning – Demon Turf 1 -

Want to do some speedrunning, but keep your save file and also you don’t really want to play through the whole game to do specific speedrunning challenges, right?
In this guide I will share with you some save files I prepared for speedrunning as well as my Save Manager tool.


Hi, nice to see you here!
Here I will share some of the save files I prepared for speedrunning purposes, but you may use it for whatever you wish. I will also share my Save Manager tool, with which the process of swapping around save files becomes a lot easier!

Speedrunning Saves

These are artificial save files I prepared with a private tool.
Nitro’s Speedrun Save V1: – [] 
This save file has everything unlocked and all levels are playable. This is great for 100% Individual Level runs.
Nitro’s Speedrun Save V1 + Collectables: – [] 
This save file has everything unlocked, all levels are playable and also every collectable in the game is already collected. This is great for any% Individual Level runs.
Before using it, I’d advise you to:

  • Backup your original savefile!
  • Check the button mappings!
  • Check the gameplay settings!
  • Check the visual settings!

You may either replace your save file manually or by using the tool from the next section.
Manual instructions:

  • Extract the .txt file from the .zip file.
  • Navigate to your Steam directory
  • Enter the userdata directory
  • There should be a folder with pseudo-random numbers, this is your Steam ID. Enter this folder.
    (If there are multiple ones, enter the one of the account whose savefile you want to replace)
  • Enter the “1325900” directory, this is Demon Turf’s Steam ID
  • Enter the “remote” directory
  • Copy over the provided savefile and rename it to “DTSaveData.txt”!
  • (Re)start the game!


Save Manager

With this tool you can easily swap around your save files, import new ones and even create duplicates for backup purposes. This greatly reduces the amount of work needed to manage your save files!
Feel free to check the source code: – [] 

IMPORTANT! Please back up your important files BEFORE using this program. While I don’t think I made any critical mistakes, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Download: – [] 
Save File Speedrunning - Demon Turf - Save Manager - 8DA233F53

Written by nitro

I hope you enjoy the Save File Speedrunning – Demon Turf guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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