Save Files for Achievements – The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker

Save Files for Achievements – The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker 1 -
Save Files for Achievements – The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker 1 -

Save files for achievements.


Please beat the game before earning these achievements. Just use the drop-down and ask the questions that are automatically supplied for you. If you want to experience all of the dialogue then go to the options menu and turn the Hint Timer down to 30 seconds. Then type ‘Hint’ into the box for more questions. You can also use the other guides for a list of the questions to ask.

Save Files

You will need to replace or edit your save file to earn the achievements. Your save file can be found here:
The save file is named “currentSave.1.01.000.json”

Save 1 – [] 8249499
Save 2 – [] 16299999101
Save 3 – [] 2034919991
Save 4 – [] 2539929990

Back up your own save file in case this doesn’t work. Then replace the save file before starting the game. Tell Jaya “Psychokinesis bothers me” as soon as you continue the game. Then accuse patients in Saves 2-4 to earn the “Solved in #” achievements.

Manual Method

If the save files don’t work then you can earn the achievements by editing your own save file. Use Notepad, Wordpad, or any other text editor. Then search for the specific key words listed below and then edit the number next to them.

Cher This

This achievement is earned by getting Nathan to talk during the final act. Ask him the following:
What haven’t you been telling me?
What about time travel?
What do you mean except once?
What had changed about Hannah’s death?
When did you travel back to the accident?
You said you couldn’t time travel. <- achievement

Questions Asked

Ask any patient a question such as “a” over and over again.

Century100 questions asked
Curious200 questions asked
Committed500 questions asked
Inquisitive1000 questions asked
Thorough2000 questions asked
Dictionary3000 questions asked


Solved In

Complete the game after failing to guess the correct person X number of times.

Lucky GuessSolved in 1 guess
Second Time LuckySolved in 2 guesses
Three is the Magic NumberSolved in 3 guesses
How Un-Four-tunateSolved in 4 guesses
Have You Been Drinking?Solved in 5 guesses
Epic Justice FailSolved in 6 guesses


Insanity Points

Edit the “sanity” in your save file and then gain insanity by asking questions.

Mind Games50 insanity points reached
Slightly Mad200 insanity points reached
Slightly MDA250 insanity points reached
Seeing Things300 insanity points reached
Totes Mad350 insanity points reached
Youthulhu400 insanity points reached



Edit the “hints” in your save file and then beat the game.

Hintless Wonder0 hints used
Hundy Hints1 hints used
Hinty Aftertaste101 hints used


Time Played

Edit the “timePlayed” in your save file and then ask a patient a few questions. Use the number of milliseconds listed in the third column.

Part Timer4 hours played14399999
Day Tripper8 hours played28799999
Two Working Days16 hours played57599999
Late Shift20 hours played71999999
Employee25 hours played89999999


Written by Double Dark

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