Saving Files Can Help You Skip the Grind in WRC 7

Saving Files Can Help You Skip the Grind in WRC 7 1 -
Saving Files Can Help You Skip the Grind in WRC 7 1 -

Saving Files Can Help You Skip the Grind in WRC 7

Hey there! I wanted to share something that helped me get some annoying achievements in WRC 7 without having to grind away endlessly for them. As someone who doesn’t always have tons of time for gaming, I appreciate anything that lets me bypa*s some of the tedious busy work.

Basically, I put together a folder with saved files for WRC 7 that make getting certain achievements much quicker and easier. I’ll explain more in a bit, but here’s what you need to do to use them:

  1. First, locate your WRC 7 save folder. It’ll be in your Steam folder > userdata > your Steam ID > 621830 > remote.
  2. Next, download my save files from the link I provided.
  3. Copy the files you want into your WRC 7 save folder.
  4. Before overwriting your save.dat file, I’d strongly suggest making a backup copy just in case.
  5. Rename one of my files to save.dat.
  6. Boot up WRC 7, do the thing to unlock the achievement, and close the game.
  7. Repeat for any other achievements you’re after.
  8. When done, restore your original save if you want to pick up where you left off.

I want to be clear – these files won’t magically give you 100% game completion. They only help shortcut some of the tougher achievements that require ridiculous amounts of grinding.

You can grab the files from my Dropbox here:

What Each File Does:

  • 45 min repair: This one lets you fix up a badly damaged car just enough to finish a race. It pops the “Manager” achievement. I used 3x engine, 1x steering, 1x gearbox repairs.
  • 479.66 km tarmac: Gets you to 499 km driven on tarmac surfaces. Just drive 1-2 more km to unlock the 500 km achievement.
  • 496.92 km snow: Similar to the tarmac one. Drive just a little on a snow track like Sweden SSS to get the achievement.
  • 998.27 km gravel: Honestly this one probably won’t unlock the 1,000 km achievement for you, but I figured I’d include it anyway. Let me know if you find a better gravel save!
  • 4956.18 km: This got me the “Nomad” and “Legend” achievements without having to drive an absurd distance.
  • Spy + MP: Raw save with multiplayer and some Spy achievements done. You’ll still need to play through the full game to grind out Spy.

That pretty much covers it! Have fun and I hope this saves you a ton of time with some of WRC 7’s grindier stuff.

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