Secret Achievements – Bloons TD 6

Secret Achievements – Bloons TD 6 1 -
Secret Achievements – Bloons TD 6 1 -

For the achievements with no description in the game.
Used for 100%

Big Bloons

Secret Achievements - Bloons TD 6 - Big Bloons - F3BE00790
Win with Pat Fusty on 10 games.
WHAT YOU NEED for big bloons:
– Pat Fusty
Play the game normally while having Pat Fusty equipped.

Alchermistman and Bloonacleboy

Secret Achievements - Bloons TD 6 - Alchermistman and Bloonacleboy - CE0D134A6
Gain 900,000+ damage from Bloon Master Alchemist in a single game before round 100.
WHAT YOU NEED to do damage:
– Bloon Alchemist Unlocked
Also Preferably:
– Glue Gunner Bottom Tree
– Ice Monkey Middle Tree
– Bomb Shooter Bloon Crush Unlock
– Alchemist Middle Tree
– Monkey Village Middle Tree
Actual Guide:
I did this achievement on Logs.
Use Banana Farms to start farming out some economy, for the most part you can use any defense but get a Bloon Alchemist as soon as you can. Place the Alchemist closer to the start of the track, and start placing things to slow down the excess bloons. Ice Monkey middle tree and Glue Gunner bottom tree can be used to slow down extensively just make sure they cover a lot of track. Same with the Bloon Crush Bomb Shooter, though try to get it to shoot in a straight line and get all of those towers in the radius of the Monkey Village Middle Tree. (For the most part you will not get a lot of pops for the Alchemist until about round 70 where it’ll start to pick up more. At the end of the track I would suggest placing large amounts of defense in case some bloons slip through (good protection against DDT’s is a VERY good idea).
You are able to leave the game once you reach the set amount to claim the achievement and hop back into the game if you are wanting to finish.

Josh’s Constant

Secret Achievements - Bloons TD 6 - Josh's Constant - 2A6E985E3
Beat any Expert Map on Chimps with $40,870 or more spent on one Spike Factory.
WHAT YOU NEED to spend $40,870:
– Spike Factory – Bot Tree Tier 5 – Mid Tree Tier 2
– (Recommended) Dark Castle Map Unlocked
– Most Unlocks for Sub Monkey
– Most Unlocks for Alchemist
– Most Unlocks for Monkey Village
The guide for this would be insanely cluttered and long, I would recommend searching the guide up on youtube. Ethan Reid has a really good playthrough for this from May 9th, 2021. (I would link it but it might be against guide rules).

Strangely Adorable

Secret Achievements - Bloons TD 6 - Strangely Adorable - 3DE559898
Build a Vengeful True Sun God with a max level Adora in range.
WHAT YOU NEED for angry Adora:
– Adora
– VTSG Monkey Knowledge (magic tree)
– All Tier 5’s for Super Monkey
Actual Guide:
Play the game like normal, go into freeplay if need be aswell. Upgrade the Sun God to a VTSG with an Adora in range.
Place sacrifices in the first radius before upgrading to Sun God. Need 3 of the 4 categories with $50,000 spent in each. Sacrifice.
Place down the other two Tier 5 Super Monkey’s OUTSIDE OF THE RANGE
Place sacrifices in the radius before upgrading to True Sun God. Need 3 of the 4 categories with $50,000 spent in each. Note that some towers upgrades might be cheaper in cost, place multiple if need be. Sacrifice.

Golden Ticket

Secret Achievements - Bloons TD 6 - Golden Ticket - 53CB0E61F
On Candy Falls, click the Oompa-Loompa monkeys in order to complete the song.
WHAT YOU NEED to click Oompa-Loompas:
– Select the map Candy Falls, any difficulty
– Do not press start.
Actual Guide
Click In Order:
1. Top Right Tree Bunch
2. Gingerbread House Door
3. Middle of the Chocolate Waterfall
4. Top Left Tree Bunch
5. Chocolate Spiral Stick
– (The right side of the river, the chocolate spiral sticks lining the gra*s click the fifth from the top)
6. Bottom Right Tree Bunch
7. Water Wheel Connected to the House
8. Bottom Left Tree Bunch
Secret Achievements - Bloons TD 6 - Golden Ticket - 7CC949C79
Once done clicking you can exit the map and grab the achievement.

Mo Heroes, Mo Problems

Secret Achievements - Bloons TD 6 - Mo Heroes, Mo Problems - 87B366378
Complete any tier Odyssey with no hero equipped before starting.
WHAT YOU NEED for the Odyssey:
– Un-equip the hero in the Monkey Selection screen before starting the Odyssey.
Play the Odyssey like you would normally, easiest difficulty is recommended since you only have to go through 3 maps instead of 4-5.

Chunky Monkeys

Secret Achievements - Bloons TD 6 - Chunky Monkeys - D72251897
Win 10 games with towers that have big footprints.
WHAT YOU NEED for chunky towers:
– Any big footprint tower
– Win the game
Actual Guide
– Monkey Buccaneer
– Monkey Ace
– Banana Farm
– Spike Factory
– Monkey Village
– Super Monkey
– Heli Pilot
– Mortar Monkey
– Caveman Monkey (on map Frozen Over)
– Pat Fusty
– Captain Churchill
Placing any non-big footprint towers will not grant progress. Do not place one on accident.
Play on easy difficulty if you want to run through the achievement faster.

Stubborn Strategy

Secret Achievements - Bloons TD 6 - Stubborn Strategy - 92E1368BD
Win 100 games on maps that have removable obstacles without removing the obstacles.
WHAT YOU NEED to not destroy obstacles:
– Literally do not click on the objects you can remove.
Just play the game, if you see a removable obstacle just do not remove it. You will get this over time. If you cannot wait, just play a map that you enjoy over and over that has obstacles in it.


Secret Achievements - Bloons TD 6 - 2TC - 2A6E985E3
Complete a game on Chimps Difficulty with only ever placing 2 monkey towers.
– Boomerang Monkey – Top Tree – Bot Tree
– Dartling Gunner – Top Tree – Mid Tree
– Resort Map Unlocked
Actual Guide:
Secret Achievements - Bloons TD 6 - 2TC - D82E61031
The Boomerang Monkey will go at spot 1.
The Dartling Gunner will go at spot 2.
First place the Boomerang Monkey, get it to (200) then to (202). Place the Dartling Gunner next and upgrade to (110).
(You should aim to use manual control for Dartling Gunner, softer rounds can use locked aim).
Boomerang Upgrade (302)
Boomerang Upgrade (402)
Dartling Upgrade (230)
Dartling Upgrade (240)
Boomerrang Upgrade (502)
Dartling Upgrade (250)

Bill Greates

Secret Achievements - Bloons TD 6 - Bill Greates - 7F17437E2
Send $500,000 to a co-op player in one go.
WHAT YOU NEED to send money:
– Reach $2,500,000
– Have at least one co-op member
Actual Guide
Can be done on any map and is quicker on easier difficulties.
Start farming as quick as possible, get as many Banana farms as you can fit into an area with a centralized Monkey Village, (try to have a secondary village to expand the radius of the first later on). Upgrade all your farms first to (300) and then get them all to (320), once they are all upgraded I would recommend upgrading your first Monkey Village to (104) so it can reach the other Banana Farms. Upgrade your secondary Monkey Village to (100) for the increased range. Start upgrading all of your Banana Farms to get (420) until they are all upgraded. Place down an Monkey Engineer (040) and Overclock the centralized village (you can use the overclock to check for the cost of consuming the farms before doing it otherwise around $60,000 should be enough since it is $5,000 per farm) Aim to have around 8-10 farms consumed by the village when you upgrade it to a (105) Monkeyopolis. Once you get that you can place down more (420) farms around the village, and also get a (520) Monkey Farm.
You can also use the co-op teammates money to help climb to $2,500,000 by pa*sing it between players.
Get a Monkeyopolis and play the game until you reach the required amount.

Perfect Paragon

Secret Achievements - Bloons TD 6 - Perfect Paragon - C255D22A7
Create a 100 degree Paragon.
WHAT YOU NEED to Sacrifice:
– 12 Tier 5’s
– $250,000 worth of Monkeys
– 100 non-tier 5 Monkeys
– 16.2 million combined pops
(Of the Monkeys above, they all have to be of the Paragon you are creating.)
To set this up you will need 2-3 friends or other co-op players to help you out. (Can use two friends if you do the Dart Monkey Paragon since you can place two (005) Dart Monkeys.
Actual Guide:
I used Cubism for this Achievement.
Get a farming set-up as early as possible, try to get a Monkeyopolis and that should sustain you for most of the game (your other co-op teammates can do the same). Also try to get Dart Monkeys placed down to cover Lead and Camo. I tended to use the crossbow Dart Monkeys for the ones placed further away from the track, and used Monkey Fan Club for the ones close to the track. I filled in the whole map with Dart Monkeys just to help with pop-count. Otherwise near the start of the track I placed all of the Tier 5’s and some Juggernauts. Use towers like village near the Tier 5’s to help with popping. Placing Perma-Spikes and Super Mines near the end of the track to help with any spill-over, and Moab Glue-gunners at the front to slow down the DDT’s. Around Round 140 you should be able to Sacrifice to a Paragon.

Not Lacking Critical Information

Secret Achievements - Bloons TD 6 - Not Lacking Critical Information - 048A73AE9
Achieve 25,000 Critical Hits.
WHAT YOU NEED to hit crits:
(at least one of the following):
– Sharp Shooter (Dart Monkey)
– Robo Monkey (Super Monkey)
– Crossbow Master (Dart Monkey)
– Tech-Terror (Super Monkey)
– The Anti-Bloon (Super Monkey)
Actual Guide:
Play the game normally, you will get it slowly through playing. Otherwise go onto a map you enjoy playing and place the monkeys listed above at the start of the track. Super Monkey will be faster than the Dart Monkey overall.

Written by Qewl™

Here we come to an end for the Secret Achievements – Bloons TD 6 guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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