Secret Achievements – Rhythm Doctor

Secret Achievements – Rhythm Doctor 1 -
Secret Achievements – Rhythm Doctor 1 -

For the people that want to 100% the game or something idk


All of these are in spoiler text in case you want to find the achievement without help. This one, however, is probably the hardest to find without help.
Select the level 3-X, but instead of starting the level, press the RLRRLRLLRLRRLRLL arrows in that order. A slightly different version of the level will start.

Hey, I wasn’t Ready Yet!

Play the Beans Hopper minigame and get a score of 0.

Worth a Shot

Attempt to select a locked level by mashing the action button until a dialog box appears. (This cannot be done on save files that are 100% finished or have all levels unlocked – you may need to create a new save file)

I’m Dizzy

Hold the left or right arrow in the level select until a dialog box appears.

Written by zuure

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