Secret Blueline Room – Crab Game

Secret Blueline Room – Crab Game 1 -
Secret Blueline Room – Crab Game 1 -

There’s a secret room added by Dani on the Blueline map. This shows you how to get to it the easiest way.


Before the instructions, there’s some things you need to know:
– Make sure you have 60+ HP, since there’s a risk you might take heavy fall damage if you don’t do it right. If you do it properly, you shouldn’t take damage at all.
– This doesn’t involve cheating, but Dani has the right to remove this room from servers or the game entirely, so it might not stick around for long.
– probably won’t remain secret for long lmao

Actual Guide

The secret room is located next to the Light Blue structure, in the corner of the map. The entrance has a ramp, which makes it impossible to slide without the necessary speed
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Here’s the easiest way to get to it.
– Get on top of the Light Blue structure that’s next to the structure that contains the room (the only ways is to jump on the ladder from the building with the room. It’s hard to reach, so you should jump and then quickly hold the crouch button afterwards to slide jump)
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– Reach the top of the structure, then go to the corner next to the big box. Align yourself with the ramp below you.
Secret Blueline Room - Crab Game - Actual Guide - CFFBF8178
– Jump on the ramp (be sure to face towards the room) and just before you’re about to hit the ramp, hold the crouch button and slide to the room. It’s in the left, so be sure to quickly go to the left so you don’t slide off.
– that’sa bout it lol

Room Features

– It’s pretty bland, only containing a TV with a looped GIF of Jeff’s (they don’t look like one, who knows) doing the victory royale while the Winning track plays (doesn’t change volume with distance, it just comes to a halt when you leave or when you’re at the exit)
– Makes it a VERY good room for Hat King, Hide and Seek and pretty much any other gamemode, hence why it might get removed sooner or later
Secret Blueline Room - Crab Game - Room Features - CACA14833

Video Guide

If you’re still encountering problems or haven’t understood something, here’s a video (not sponsored)


Closing Notes

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– don’t sue me

Written by homofob

This is all we can share for Secret Blueline Room – Crab Game for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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