Secure. Contain. Escape. Walkthrough Guide – Escape Simulator

Secure. Contain. Escape. Walkthrough Guide – Escape Simulator 1 -
Secure. Contain. Escape. Walkthrough Guide – Escape Simulator 1 -

This is a walkthrough of the map Secure. Contain. Escape.
The guide is ordered from left to right like the panels are on the wall.
Thanks for playing!

Code 1

RGB Balls
Hint 1: The RGB Balls are located on the high shelf in the observation room, moving back and forth.
Hint 2: Count how many red balls, green balls, and blue balls there are.
Solution: 536

Code 2

Amorphous Blob
Hint 1: The A.Blob is sending you the pa*sword on its body. Look closely and carefully.
Solution: 358

Code 3

RGB Balls?
Hint 1: The answer is the same answer as the first code.
Hint 2: It should now require a shapeshifter code. Three things around the room should have changed.
Hint 3: Two things changed on the panel where the enterable code is and one thing changed on the floor.
Hint 4: The ‘o’ in the word ‘our’ is red. The number 4 on the turnable is green. One of the red floor panel now has a blue 8 on it.
Solution: 048

Code 4

Death Dealing Cards
Hint 1: This puzzle has to do with the shuffling cards in the observation room. You need to find 9 cards to proceed with this puzzle.
Hint 2: 5 cards are unlocked after solving Code 6. 2 cards are in the drawer in the back of the room. 1 card is under the cowboy hat. 1 card is unlocked after solving the first key in Code 7.
Hint 3: Identify the cards when they are face up, and follow where they end up after being shuffled. There are many Aces of Diamonds, but the red diamond on the panel tells you which to follow.
Blank 10ofSpades Joker Blank AofHearts Blank AofHearts
10ofSpades QofClubs Blank Blank Blank 10ofSpades 2ofClubs
Blank Blank Blank AofDiamonds Blank Blank Blank


Code 5

Hint 1: When you interact with the white buttons, the grid above changes from red to green or vice versa.
Hint 2: Where else have you seen red or green squares?
Hint 3: For two of the squares inside the observation room, you need to be standing in specific positions. For the other two, there is a hidden button in the room.
Hint 4: There is a hidden button on a computer.
Green Green Green Green
Green Red Green Green
Red Green Red Red
Red Red Green Red


Code 6

Hint 1: The pa*sword is right in front of you when you’re facing the lockbox.
Hint 2: There is a specific word in front of you. You can use that word in a*sociation with the keypad, which has letters on it to a*sociate with numbers.
Hint 3: The word does not say “Open”.
Solution: 3467

Code 7

First Key
Hint 1: This key is found in the box on Cliffton’s desk facing the Sad Bot and his computers.
Hint 2: The puzzles can be changed on the Sad Bot’s computer via Cliffton’s mouse and keyboard.
Hint 3: The first puzzle with the arrows has nearly nothing to do with numbers. The puzzle with the large sequence of numbers has a much simpler solution than it seems. The puzzle with the lines doesn’t give you the full picture when just on one screen.
Solution: 576
Second Key
Hint 1: The key is in the box on Ethan’s desk. The solution is given to you when you solve the dominoes puzzle. All the dominoes are in the bottom drawer, except for one which is in the lockbox in Code 6.
Hint 2: One of the computer monitors gives a hint as to how to solve the puzzle. Something else in the observation room also gives a very important hint.
Hint 3: Many of the objects in the sand in the observation room look like dominoes.
Hint 4: The columns add up to 9.
Solution 156
Third Key
Hint 1: The key is in the box on Aniel’s desk. The clipboards on the desk guide you to how to solve this puzzle.
Hint 2: The whiteboard in the corner tells you what everyone needs to have put on their desk: a hat, a ball, a pen, and a lamp.
Hint 3: Cliffton’s desk (in front of the Sad Bot) needs a lamp. Aniel’s desk needs a pen. Joe’s desk (in front of Ritual Skulls) needs a ball. Kamlish’s desk (in front of Death Dealing Cards) needs a hat. After that is done, the solution is written on Aniel’s clipboard.
Solution: 238

Code 8

G code
Hint 1: On the panel, it shows the hint GXGGXGGX, which has 8 characters in it. Where else is there a row of 8 things?
Hint 2: This puzzle has to do with all the panels on the gold wall. The X’s show where there is NOT something i.e. the 2nd,5th,8th puzzle do not have hints to this solution.
Hint 3: Look for an capital G’s on the panels that are indicated to have a hint and see if they have a*sociated numbers.
Hint 4: The first digit has to do with the green G on Code 1. The second digit has to do with the green G on Code 3. The third digit has to do with the red diamond on Code 4. The fourth digit has to do with the keypad on Code 6. The fifth digit has to do with the written text on Code 7.
Solution: 34148

Written by Mc.Rawrzee

Here we come to an end for the Secure. Contain. Escape. Walkthrough Guide – Escape Simulator guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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