Simple 100% service rating with maximum profits – Endgame – Weed Shop 3

Simple 100% service rating with maximum profits – Endgame – Weed Shop 3 1 -
Simple 100% service rating with maximum profits – Endgame – Weed Shop 3 1 -

After about 200 hours of experience, I’ve derived the profit meta for Weed Shop 3. This strategy will not produce XP. The only focus is pure revenue in the late game, when there is nothing left to unlock. Let me know if my reasoning is wrong, or if there are ways to improve this guide.

Service Rating Composition

Weed – 16, 20%
Smokes – 4, 20%
Paraphernalia – 7, 20%
Extracts – 1, 3%
Vapes – 0, 0%
10% off or more – 17, 17%
Average discount – >80, 20%
Total: Exactly 100%


  1. Stock 1g [NOTE: MUST BE 1G] of the 16 hybrid strains excluding Purple Queen and set the price to $1 in Sellify. Stock as much as possible of Purple Queen and disable the strain on Sellify.

    • This strategy uses two main features:
    • The higher your service rating, the more money customers will be willing to spend when they walk through your doors. Within this calculation, they decide how much they want to order of an available strain based on the price of that strain. This is the fundamental reasoning of the customer. By minimizing the price of all offered strains to $1, the customer will order their maximum quantity.
    • If a customer asks for a strain that does not have enough stocked (for example, if the strain only has 1g in stock), the cashier will try to sell a strain of the same type (sativa, indica, or hybrid) that is in stock, regardless of whether or not it is enabled on Sellify – selling the same quantity of weed at the price of the second strain. If the second strain is higher tier, you will even get a 1% respect reward, but you will not get any XP, as you have failed to provide what the customer originally asked for.
  2. Stock 3-Packs of Dolla Joints, Cross Joints, Crackwood Blunts, and Blunts at the default maximum price. Keep this in stock.
  3. Stock the 7 most expensive paraphernalia items at the default maximum price. Keep this in stock.
  4. Make sure that the paraphernalia is closer to the register(s) than the 3-Packs. Stock the most expensive paraphernalia item on all the closest shelves – as many shelves as you can fit without causing traffic jams. Keep this in stock with a healthy buffer.

    • Customers will consider purchasing merch on shelves that are closer to their register first. Usually, they will choose between the closest two shelves.
    • I prioritize selling paraphernalia over 3-Packs. Unless you go through the tedium of growing certain strains just to roll smokes instead of using a high-tier strain, 3-Packs aren’t profitable, and they require more time and equipment to acquire than paraphernalia, which can simply be ordered.
  5. Stock at least 1g of Terpenes and set the price to $1 in Sellify.

    • Terpenes can be stocked and discounted, but it will never be sold, as it has no THC. I only include this for the extra 1% service rating from the discount.



Where are the vapes?
Running back and forth between the shop and the lab is torture to me. Waiting the full 5-minute timer for the Cart Packer to finish each batch? Unthinkable. That’s why I came up with a strategy for a 100% service rating that doesn’t require any vape 3-Packs. The reasoning is similar to my aversion to selling/producing 3-Packs of smokes: it’s tedious! I dream of a run in which I can simply stock an immense amount of a simple product and let the game run for hours on Chill mode. Stocking vapes may be more profitable – I haven’t tested it – but to me, it’s not worth the micromanagement or the insanely expensive equipment for bulk production.
What if I’m even lazier than you?
If you don’t want to grow hybrids at all, because using the lab or grow field at all would be preposterous, this strategy is still mostly intact! Stock Maui Wowie instead of Purple Queen and the other 9 Indica strains instead of the 16 other hybrid ones. Your service rating will stick at 93%, but what’s 7% in return for never having to leave the shop? On a more practical level, this amendment also works if you haven’t quite reached the late game, but you’ll want to enable Maui Wowie on Sellify so that you still get XP.

Written by insufficience

I hope you enjoy the Simple 100% service rating with maximum profits – Endgame – Weed Shop 3 guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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