Simplistic walkthrough – Black Mirror

Simplistic walkthrough – Black Mirror 1 -
Simplistic walkthrough – Black Mirror 1 -

its non video walkthrough

Chapter 1


  • Interact with suitcase and the box on table.
  • use candle to leave the room
  • Continue to the upper library
  • Interact with bookshelf’s and cabinet, head down the stairs to chat with the lawyer, after he leaves,
  • use the desk.
  • leave the room into the entry hall.
  • enter the kitchen
  • pick up clever on table
  • interact with drawer for wire
  • Return to the cabinet in the study, use wire for silent
  • open the 2 drawers
  • code 3618 on the dials provide key for 3rd drawer
  • push the snake head on right side of desk
  • on left side 2121211122112212 or bwbwbwwwbbwwbwb


  • head to the master study you pa*sed by on your way to the room
  • change the key to fit the lock(the first one doesn’t move, the second should be to the right, and the
  • bottom conjoined should be left.)
  • interact with the dial on the wall
  • interact with the desk and the drawers, a note says 251
  • return to the dial and put in chicken foot, B of triangles, and a crudely drawn N.


Chapter 2

  • Clean you face by move the spark thing into moving bubble
  • Eat all the breakfast prepared for you Your going to need it
  • head to the kitchen to talk to the maid
  • help her clear spiders, head to the cellar door
  • pick up candle on table and a bottle of spirits on the back wall nearby( by the local stuff)
  • perform a magic trick to get of the spiders
  • head to the extra smaller living room near the dinning room
  • obtain family photo on top of fire place and inspect it
  • speak with granny in the living room, the room with animal head and knight stands
  • read the note left on the desk in bottom library from the lawyer
  • check the phone in the entry hall by the stairs he lie to me, he die to me
  • enter the garden through the kitchen
  • speak with the tool box and then the grace that stands out from the others
  • return to the gardner and ask for his bolt cutters to clean the graves
  • clean he grave to obtain chapel piece, then break the chapel chain/lock
  • read 5 of the papers, the last one is far right and ripped is it just me or does he have no pupils?
  • play with the bubble behind you and the stream by the front door
  • Dons forget the fishy by the small scaffolding
    o catch the lady when she falls, !!the big sparkle is the telltale sign!!
    o climb the scaffolding to do it again
    o then climb the rocks/shrine to see what grandfather was holding, becareful he will kill you, the darkening of the screen is a warning
  • do the sparkle thing again
  • Inset epic scream


Chapter 3

    chi chat

  • use the dumb waiter, convince her
  • obtain the butter knife on the silver tray
  • use the dumb waiter again
  • find and search the maid to activate a vision congratz your insane and the doc think so to but her curiosity gets the better of her
  • follow the 3 orbs
    o my doe
    o i rip at you
    o betraying my mothers amulet
  • find the photo in the bottom library to the right of the stair
  • play mind games with the butler in the smaller living room to make your cousin confess his sins
  • head to the gardens for more fun
  • the dock has a tale to tell through gardners rose
    o there is an array of strange stones and a rose
    o talk to the gardner by the gla*shouse(greenhouse)
  • enter the greenhouse to pick roses for his aunt
  • talk with the gardner
  • inspect the wreath and then the roses
    o grandfather writes
    o he throws
    o the window breaks
  • continuous insanity rolls out
  • find the thrown object and the crack in the gla*s
  • find your weird cousin in the attic where the maid was caught going into
  • look at eddies toys and talk with him
  • do you see the cross etched into the wall, use it
  • how about the secret door nearby or the one to the far left of the screen/wall
  • crawl till the darkness ends and spooks begin
  • remove the cross to welcome the devil
  • break the chains to free the innocent
  • hear Rosemary’s words to learn the truth
  • climb around the scene
  • grab the bone to use as an arrow on the crossbow


Chapter 4

  • interact with desk to obtain key part
    o first layer doesn’t move
    o second should be lined with the first
    o the third is to the left of the second
    o add the fourth, to be to the right of second
  • insert the key into the desk drawer
  • learn your grandfather is a neket iadet speak with the quack doc
  • head to the wood bridge for sight of the great dank abyss
  • make a Molotov on the table with the candle
  • use with caution on the abyss
  • speak with the gardner in the library
  • speak with rosemary in the attic remember that you’ve only been here for a few nights and you are already seeing things and had one meal, no wonder he has no meat on them bones
  • inspect odd poop (not important)
  • talk with the gardner
  • ready the boat
  • use the car to push the boat (it bothers me that you wold dare to leave the lights on in the car)
    oh the screams, oh the dreadful screams
  • inspect the scythe symbol
  • talk with Rory
  • wander around till you find the planked up cave, follow the symbols, or keep going left
  • pull the planks
  • read all the pages
  • recover the document through a puzzle
  • run into the ghost smashing 1 or your interact button and hope it works, i noticed they all are super finicky
  • head out of the cave and south into a cave that will be right of the double arch when the screen does its weird fliping
  • a ghostly scene will activate that requires ur “1”
  • take the shortcut like he said
    activate your super sense


Chapter 5

  • talk with granny
  • inspect the fireplace and the writing
  • follow granny
  • inspect the writing on the wall
  • talk with granny
  • Bette & Joan 35 YEARS!!
  • head to the master study
  • go to the master key
    o 1 does not move
    o 2 is left of 1
    o 3 stands tall with 1
    o 4 disobeys 1 pointing away ( it point south of 1)
    o add 5, it points to the right of 1
  • insert key
  • get the 3 ghost sparkles one on David, one on Edward and one on the piece that fall, watch the scene first if needed
  • guess what time it is, more keys head to the globe in the entry hall
    o 1 is stationary
    o 2 is right of 1
    o 3 and 5 are in line with 1
    o 4 is left of one
  • move the top globe to point to the north western part of Africa but not too far
  • the bottom is the small islands above Australia on its tip
  • inspect the tablet it gives
  • head to the fireplace and trial n error or chicken foot, tipped over table, incorrect t or X
  • behold the gates to Olympias, or has Hades tricked you follow the directions given to traverse the path
  • push the door, you know you want too
  • enter the left room
  • leave the left room
  • enter the left room
  • leave the left room
  • enter the left room
  • take the stone statue
  • head to the right entry way
  • walk around till father gives you a candle
  • follow the blood,only enter the scythe once and then go through the other door off camera to the right with tree
  • place statues by the big door
  • defeat the mirror with the power of clicking
    “shut your mouth woman!” oh Andrew, uncle/cousin
    this man drops the knife and doesn’t think to use it on the rope?


Written by Malinda

Here we come to an end for the Simplistic walkthrough – Black Mirror guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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