Skip Grind. Infinite Points – Gamer Girls: Dating Sim

Skip Grind. Infinite Points – Gamer Girls: Dating Sim 1 -
Skip Grind. Infinite Points – Gamer Girls: Dating Sim 1 -

How to hack the game because you are not interested in playing tetris for 5 hours, but dammit you paid money for this game during the steam summer sale so you are going to finish it.

How to be a Sigma

After playing for 2 hours I started to get a little bored of playing tetris over and over so here is how i got infinite points.
Note: You will need some points to start out with. At least enough to do 1 or 2 actions with any girls. I got to above 70 points.
1. Download cheat engine. – []  (Make sure to use official site) When I tried to install windows anti-virus stopped download. So you will have to go into the control center for it and allow it. From looking into it online it is a safe program.
2. Open up Process list with very top left Icon. Select Gamer Girl Tetris from applications menu.
3. Type the number of points you have into the value area and hit first scan.You will see a lot of entries on left, now we need to narrow it down to which one correlates to in game points.
4. Perform an action with any girl (Chat, Video call, etc..). Just need a way to change your points.
5. Type the new amount of points you have into that Value section from before and hit next scan. There should most likely only be one entry now. Double click that entry and it will move to bottom.
6. In the bottom section double click the value box of the entry you moved down. Set to the amount of points you want. I only tried up to 999 but I’m sure it can go higher without messing up the game. Your points will not update in the game until you complete a new action.
7. Say “Thank you Timmy, I owe you one” for how helpful I have been in writing this guide.

Bop bop

If i did bad job explaining it, look up any guide on youtube for cheat engine. This is like the most basic and easy thing you can do on it.
You can use the same metheod of changing your points to also change your points in game. It is a little bit more difficult and you might have to do a couple different scans. Each time you get more points enter your new value and hit next scan till you get it singled out to one entry.
Pro tip – Get an autoclicker you have to go through all dialogues twice for each character. Also helps with minigame. I use my mouse’s software.
You definitely want to cheat to get 100%. Otherwise into total you will have to get around 6000 points.
All girls once to start dating them on new playthroughs. And then all girls in one playthrough to deny them.

Written by Stevie Wonder

This is all we can share for Skip Grind. Infinite Points – Gamer Girls: Dating Sim for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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