Slender Fortress Special Rounds [Info + Advice] – Team Fortress 2

Slender Fortress Special Rounds [Info + Advice] – Team Fortress 2 1 -
Slender Fortress Special Rounds [Info + Advice] – Team Fortress 2 1 -

A guide giving a description on every special round on Glubbable’s SF2, plus some tips and tricks.


Slender Fortress 2 (also known as just Slender Fortress, or SF2) is a custom gamemode for TF2. It takes the concept/gameplay of the original Slenderman games and builds upon it.
One of these SF2 concepts are special rounds, which change up the basic gameplay with different modifiers. They can make the round easier or tougher, and typically require you to do more strategizing to stay alive.
In this small guide, I’ll go over the Special Round present on Glubbable’s SF2 server. Use the sidebar or Ctrl+F to search for the Specials you want to know a bit more about, and get some advice for.

List of All Special Rounds

Here is a list of all Special Rounds in alphabetical order (44)

  • 1 Up
  • Bacon Spray
  • Beatbox
  • Blind
  • Bone Mode
  • Boo!
  • Boss Roulette
  • Cla*s Scramble
  • Coffee
  • Countdown
  • Deadline
  • Double It All, but Go No Higher
  • Double Players
  • Double Roulette
  • Double Trouble
  • Ducks
  • Earthquake
  • Escape Tickets
  • Glitched Pages
  • Infinite Flashlight
  • In the 90s
  • Item Detector
  • Just a Dream
  • Kritz
  • Last Resort
  • Lights Out
  • Multieffect
  • Night Vision
  • No Refills
  • One Battery
  • Page Rewards
  • Realism
  • Simply Time
  • Single Player
  • Space Distortion
  • Special Round Revolution
  • Special Round Vote
  • Start Running
  • Stealth Box of Doom
  • Suicide Time
  • Super Jump
  • Surprise Me
  • Tiny Bosses
  • Wall Hax


Special Rounds [#-C]


1 UP

“This just prolongs the inevitable…”
Players can take one extra hit from the boss.
This special increases your survival chances. A hit that should kill you will instead you leave at 1 HP. Not the ideal health, but still one you can win with.

Bacon Spray

“That ain’t no boss repellent boy!”
Bosses are always alert around players.
In Slender Fortress, most bosses have an “alert” phase. It’s where they have heard you, and either roam around to search for you or are ready to chase you if you get into view (like Timorous).
Using Timorous as an example, he regularly requires you to be in his view for a few seconds before chasing. But he will auto-chase if you trigger his view with Bacon Spray.
Spy can be a good pick to escape the boss.


“1… 2… 3… Die!
Plays a beat in the background, which you much time your movement to. If you don’t, you die.
The song is “Beep Block Skyway” from Super Mario 3D World. Throughout the song, you’ll hear three beeps, followed by a ‘thud’ sound. You must be standing still when the thud sound hits, or you will die. This special forces you to constantly pause your movement.
Stop moving when the third beep happens to be safe, and don’t move until after the thud is played.


“Hey! Who turned out the lights?”
Ultravision is removed.
Ultravision is that dim glow that surrounds you while your flashlight is off. (You can see it if you turn off your flashlight while in the darkness. At first, the area will be completely dark, but after a second, a dim bluish light surrounds you.)
This special may require a bit more battery management, but is easily beatable. Knowing the map layout can help you walk in the dark.

Bone Mode

“The British Skeleton has invaded!”
Replaces the current boss with Spook the Overpowered Skeleton, a self-insert boss of a Glub server admin.
As the name says, he is very powerful. He’s fast, persistent, and hits you hard.
It is possible to win against him, thought death is likely. If you hear/see him chasing somebody, hide. Remember that he can be stunned.
Spook plays music to all of RED while on the field, so it can be a bit hard to tell if he’s chasing somebody, or chasing you specifically. You can tell if he’s chasing by his voicelines.


“This is not Halloween!”
Bosses spook the player if they get too close.
The Spook state is reused from the TF2 ghosts from Scream Fortress. You are defenseless, and forced into third person. You can still sprint, but cannot swing your weapon. You can’t stun the boss or pick up a page while spooked.
Stay away from bosses to avoid this. Run, don’t stun.

Boss Roulette

“Pick a page, pick a boss!”
Upon collecting a page, a boss is rolled and added to the round from the current pack.
This is a very hard special round. Pages will add bosses. Obviously, maps with lots of pages to collect like Arizona and Penitentiary will add many bosses.
I’m pretty sure that picking two pages up close enough to each other will only spawn one boss, as the game can’t roll two at once, so trying to collect pages at the same time can make things safer.
Bosses rolled can be duplicates.

Cla*s Scramble

“Identity crisis simulator.”
Collecting a page switches every player’s cla*s to another one.
As cla*ses work differently, this could help or harm you. For example. if you’ve taken damage, you may get switched to Medic and heal, though now the boss targets you more. On some maps, pages are usually collected fast enough to switch before you get to experience any positive or negative cla*s traits for long.
*This one is only worth noting on servers without Glubbable’s “Cla*sless” update.


“Oh look! Caffeine addiction”
Sprint meter is increased, but sprint regeneration is decreased.
You can run for longer, but it takes you longer to regain your sprint. You have to keep that in mind if you’re sprinting everywhere.


“What happened to the time?”
Hides the round timer at the top of the screen.
With the timer hidden, you’re in the dark on how long you have to collect, but it’s not all bad. On standard maps, it’s mostly not a problem. At most, you just get caught off guard by randomly dying when the round suddenly ends.
On Survival maps, however, this is can be a bit of a problem. As the exit opens up at certain times, usually around 30-40 seconds left, this special makes it harder to position yourself near the exit at the correct time. Some of the survival maps have music/sound indicators for when the exit opens, so keep an ear out for those, and try to talk with your team.

Special Rounds [D-G]



“You can’t buy time anymore.”
Collecting pages no longer adds time to the timer.
This special is very difficult to deal with. You are on a very strict time limit, as you can’t gain any more time. Your only hope is for everyone on RED to sprint around and find every page fast, though chances of winning aren’t very high.

Double It All, but Go No Higher

“It’s a lagfest!”
Doubles the player count, adds a new boss into the round, and changes the difficulty to Suicidal. (It’s essentially a combination of “Double Players” and “Double Trouble”.)
While this special is all around negative, you still get the benefit of more players to search for players. Keep away from large groups and hope that your team can find all of the pages, and keep the boss away from you.

Double Players

“Twice the finding power! Double the death!”
Adds twice the number of players to RED team, and sets the difficulty to Suicidal.
Depending on the map/boss, this can make it much easier. You have twice as many players to find the pages, which let’s you demolish small maps, and can help a bunch on larger maps.
Certain bosses can lead to disaster with many players, such as Paranoia or Timorous. Add in the fact that it’s now Suicidal difficulty, and you really need to be careful. Stay away from large groups and you’ll be fine.

Double Roulette

“It’s double the luck or double the curse!”
Upon being picked, this special will initiate two more rolls for two special rounds.

Double Trouble

“The more the merrier!”
Adds another boss from the current pack into the round.


Changes the collectibles of the map into Ducks
May make pages easier or harder to see, depending on what was replaced. Just check spawning locations a bit harder.


The boss makes the ground shake, with the intensity of the shaking increasing the closer they are to you.
The shaking is not like static. While static can kill you, Earthquake shaking cannot. It’s main thing is to disorientate you.
With this special, you won’t have to question where the boss is. If it’s near you, you will know.

Escape Tickets

“Get one, get out alive.”
Pages act as your own personal way out. Collect one, and you can head to the escape for a victory.
This basically turns the round into a free for all. No need to wait for the other pages to be found, you can run ahead, grab a page, and ditch your teammates.
So basically, betray your team, as if they get the pages close to spawn first, it makes your job harder. Know the spawn locations of pages and get running.
If you fail to get a page, it doesn’t matter, just run to the exit, as all pages were collected.
*Used to just teleport you out as soon as you got a page.

Glitched Pages

“I can’t see ♥♥♥♥ captain.”
Causes pages to be invisible if you’re too far away from them. You have to get closer to render them.
Not very hindering on maps with tighter corridors and rooms; more of a problem in open areas where items can spawn outside, like places in Bloodwood or Swamp. Know the spawn locations and be close when you check them.

Special Rounds [I-R]


Infinite Flashlight

“Flashlights that don’t cost $5!”
Gives you an infinite amount of flashlight (or night vision) battery.
You can just leave the light on at all times now, without worry. You won’t run out, and won’t have to make noise turning it on/off.
Especially helpful on dark maps like Storage Zero, and against bosses that are stunned by the flashlight like The Rake. Even if it’s a map that’s not that dark (or one that’s bright), like Frostbite, it usually doesn’t hurt to leave the light on.
Just be sure to remember that stunning the boss has a cooldown.

In the 90s

“Running in the 90s!”
Sprint speed is increased, and sprinting will play an instrumental of “Running in the 90s”. Bosses will also get a speed boost to keep up with you.
While your Sprint Meter still has the same amount of charge, you get a lot more out of it due to your increased speed. You can cover a larger part of the map than normal, and your sprint meter drains at the same rate as normal.
Can be useful on maps with lots of sprinting, like Escape Maps or Silent Hill (specifically the ending of the map). When combined with Scout or Demo, you can get the most out of it.

Item Detector

“Good thing I brought these instead”
Players are given an audible sonar that beeps according to their distance from a page.
The item detector is very useful for searching. Listen to it, and learn exactly what the beeps mean. Fast, high pitched beeps means that you’re close to a page (hot). Slow, low pitched beeps means that you’re far away (cold).
If you walk and the beeps get colder, you’re walking away from a page.
If you’re hearing high pitched beeps, only for them to suddenly turn low, that simply means that somebody collected the page that your sonar was tracking.
Knowledge of map layout helps here, as sometimes it’s not always a straight path to a page. Trying to get around solely by listening to the sonar may not be the best idea.

Just a Dream

“Oh God everything’s chasing me!”
Spawns hallucinations of the current boss.
The illusions of a boss act and sound like the real thing. There’s only one way to tell the difference: if the boss disappears when it gets close and tries to hit you, it’s a fake. The fake boss cannot hurt you (I’m not sure if their static can kill you).
With that in mind, you may be able to gamble with a boss that’s near you. Catching the illusion is usually just luck, but sometimes you need to take that chance to avoid the AFK timer or something else.
Calling the bluff is riskier with instant kill bosses than ones that do regular damage, as if you’re wrong, the former just kills you, while the latter can still be outrun.
May be harder to do when the boss is one that spawns multiple copies of itself at once, like the Bobbies.


Hitting the boss always crits
Never seen this special, but I’m pretty sure it was once used. Would most likely make stunning the boss easier, if it was used in regular play.

Last Resort

“Better give it your all now!”
Upon collecting all pages and entering the Escape phase, a second boss is added to the round.
The round can be played as normal, but at the end is when you should be a bit more cautious. Get to the exit fast to avoid even having to see this new boss.

Lights Out

“They’re blind like bats!”
Removes your flashlight, leaving you in the dark.
You’ll be walking in the dark for this special. Knowing the map layout and spawning locations is a good way to find some pages without your light.
Dark maps like Sewer, Abyss, Storage Zero, etc. become much more difficult. Bosses that can be stunned by the light become more powerful. Bosses can also become harder to see. Bosses that glow in the dark can still be seen, but you don’t really want to be seeing bosses at all, as running away from them is also made tougher.


“♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ MERASMUS!”
Bosses inflict different status effects while hitting you.
List of effects I know:

  • Bleeding
  • Burning
  • Jarate

Upon death, your body will also either explode or disintegrate, as opposed to a regular ragdoll.
(May share effects with “Page Rewards”, but I don’t know much about Multieffect)

Night Vision

“Everything’s ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ green!”
Replaces your regular flashlight with night vision.
Unlike the flashlight, which lights up a circular area where your crosshair is, night vision dimly lights your whole screen in green. It has less range than the flashlight, but doesn’t need to be pointed in a specific direction, and also doesn’t interact weirdly with certain floors and surfaces.

No Refills

“No shoes, no shirt, no service.”
Takes away your cla*s specials.
All cla*ses, while retaining other traits, lose their specials. No more dropping aid to teammates, or getting yourself out of a tight spot with them. Most dangerous on Spy if you’re used to cloaking away from the boss.
*Not applicable on Glub servers with the “Cla*sless” update, as no cla*ses have their specials.

One Battery

“Someone forgot the charger!”
Flashlight battery no longer recharges.
While not as bad as “Lights Out”, it’s not good either. Conserve battery power by walking in the dark and only using the light when you need to see in a dark area or stun the boss.
You can easily just flash the light on quickly, see the room you’re in, then walk through it using memory. Just remember that turning the flashlight on and off makes some noise.

Page Rewards

“Slender has left some goodies for us.”
Picking up a page will either reward you, or punish you.
A random effect will be picked and given to you. The list of effects I know are:

  • Crits
  • Flashlight Refill
  • Sprint Refill
  • Speed Buff
  • Resupplied (refills cla*s special)
  • Uber (invincibility)
  • Bleeding (bleed effect)
  • Ignited (set on fire)
  • Slowed (to a crawl)
  • Stunned (cannot move)
  • Slapped (can kill at low health)

It’s up to luck. Try to avoid picking up pages while a boss is close by and can hear you, in case you get a negative effect. You can try your luck though, you might get a helpful buff to escape the boss.


“L4D2 Realism, but deadlier.”
Removes the camera HUD, energy meters, the timer, the page counter, and all music.
Here’s a list of everything that gets hidden from you:

  • Camera Overlay
  • Page Counter
  • Timer
  • Sprint Meter
  • Blink Meter
  • Flashlight Battery Meter
  • Map Music (music played at certain # of pages collected, escape music, etc)
  • Boss Music (alert phase music, chase phase music)

While the first thing on that list is cosmetic, the rest of them affect you. You can’t keep track of pages, sprint, blink, flashlight battery, or the time. Wiith music muted, it’s harder to know where the boss is, and if they’re looking for victims, chasing somebody, or even chasing you.
Communication with your team can help you get a better idea of pages collected and boss location. If you hear boss voicelines, consider hiding. But don’t delay on page hunting, you may have less time than you realize.

Special Rounds [S-W]


Simply Time

“Quick Run! SIMPLY’S COMING!!!”
Spawns in a staff boss, Simply Raptor
I’ve never seen this boss or special in action before. I’ve seen one video of it, and it looks overpowered, so run I guess.

Single Player

“It’s just like real life…”
Players on RED will no longer be able to see/interact with each other.
Your teammates are invisible to you, and you are invisible to them. You cannot see or hear their chat/mic, and they cannot see/hear yours.
You are still on the same map, but can no longer coordinate with your team. As you can’t talk with them, you have to a*sume that all areas of a map are unchecked. And since you can’t see them, you may accidentally lead the boss to each other.
Despite all that, it’s still possible to win. You just have to search the map efficiently, and be extra careful whenever you hear the boss chasing somebody. Always be ready to run or hide.

Space Distortion

“We’ve taken some powerful mushrooms…”
Upon collecting a page, RED players teleport, swapping locations with each other.
Searching areas can be much more difficult with this special. Planning to search a specific area? Well somebody picked up a page, and you got teleported across the map, which may leave that area unchecked. You’ll either have to ask somebody to try and check it, walk all the way back to where you were, or see if you get teleported closer to the location (or even right back to it).
Knowing the map helps here. Being able to notice a landmark or room after being teleported can tell you exactly where you are.
And on the bright side, if you’re being chased by the boss, you may get teleported to safety. The guy that takes your place isn’t so lucky, however. Better hope it doesn’t happen to you

Special Round Revolution

“The round just keeps on changing.”
This special will periodically roll for another special, leading to a round that escalates in craziness. Most specials can be chosen.
You pretty much just have to hope and pray that you don’t get too screwed over. Knowing which specials are positive and negative, and what exactly each round does, can help a lot.
Depending on which specials get rolled first, it may become impossible to win.

Special Round Vote

“For once democracy won.”
Once this round is rolled, a voting menu opens for RED. They get to pick from five different options for a special round. Those choices are:

  • Double Trouble
  • Suicide Time
  • Single Player
  • Double Players
  • Lights Out

Three of the five options, “Double Trouble”, Suicide Time”, and “Lights Out”, are obviously bad. The other two options aren’t much better. The best option (and one almost always voted) is “Double Players”. While it will set your difficulty to Suicidal, it gives you more help.

Start Running

“These guys are really impatient today.”
Grace Period instantly ends, and the difficulty is set to Extreme.
This gives you less time to spread out before the timer starts and the boss spawns, while also making the boss a bit harder. Try to scatter to prevent the boss from spawning near the group and hurting/killing multiple people.

Stealth Box of Doom

“They really wanna go MGS on your a*s.”
In addition to the boss that’s picked on the round’s start, this round adds two extra bosses, bringing it up to three. The two new bosses have their intros muted.
With the two added bosses having silent entrances, you won’t know who it is until they’re looking for you.
Keep an ear out for any boss noises or music you here. Communicate with your team to find out what bosses have spawned. Good luck.

Suicide Time

“It’s already over before it began!”
Sets the difficulty to Suicidal, the highest votable difficulty.
Bosses hear better and run faster. Your chance of winning is decreased, especially with tougher bosses. Hiding, stunning the boss, and a quick getaway are crucial, though it may all still lead to your death.
Some bosses actually act differently on Suicidal or higher.

Super Jump

“Gravity?! Who gives a crap abou- *crunch*”
RED can jump 5 times as high, but takes twice as much damage.
I don’t know much about this special, as I’ve never seen it in action. I think it was mainly used on discontinued RAID maps.

Surprise Me

“Fingers crossed!”
If this special is chosen, another special round is rolled. But the results are hidden from the players, as it’s meant to be a surprise.
Some specials are obvious. If you suddenly lose your flashlight, it’s “Lights Out”. But some, such as “Just a Dream”, are less so. It helps to know what the special is, so try to figure out ASAP.

Tiny Bosses

“Tiny boss is tiny!”
Boss size is reduced by 4
“Reduced by 4” means that they are shrunken down to 25% of their normal size. Their damage is also reduced, and voices pitched up. They can also become harder to see.
As bosses deal less damage, this can help you survive. But beware for insta-kill bosses, as they still end your life with one touch, while being harder to see beforehand. Traps set by bosses are not resized.

Wall Hax

Players gain x-ray vision, and the difficulty is set to Suicidal.
The x-ray effect is the same “Glow Outline” seen in Casual when you respawn.
RED can see their teammates (red outlines) and bosses (orange outlines).
While the boss will be tougher, avoiding him altogether is made easier. It can make avoiding teammates easier, but gives them the ability to easily follow you.
Traps set by bosses do not receive a glow. Pages do not receive a glow either.

April Fools’ Day

The April Fool’s event brings a bunch of wacky changes for the month. One of those chances if the renaming of all special rounds to something different, as well as a different description.
I don’t have any of the names, but will eventually update the guide to name them. If I manage to do that, the names will be listed under each special’s individual section above.

Joke Specials

While the special round rolls, several “specials” can be seen but never actually chosen. They exist just to add a bit of humor to the Special Rolling tab.
Here is an incomplete list of Joke Specials:

  • Artistic Vision – 24 fps, ♥♥♥♥♥♥ textures, omg look at those filters
  • Coming Soon – Yes, soon, this gamemode, coming sooooon!
  • Cla*sic TF – Excuse me! I’m in need of medical attention!
  • Dodgeball – Wait… opps wrong gamemode!
  • Glub Glub – Everyone’s gonna get glubbed!
  • Kiss Me – Kiss and have sensual, intimate activities with the boss.
  • Kneecapper – Let’s see you walk now chucklenuts!
  • Medic is a Snail – Paint drying simulator 2014!
  • Oof – My longest ‘oof!’
  • Opps – Server shutting down in…
  • Scoot! – Scoot scoot scoot scoot!
  • Second Opinion – From a professional standpoint, you’re DEAD!
  • Slap My A*s – Slap it now!
  • SSR – A rose by any other name… is still Goku.
  • Useless – How does it feel? HUH?! HOW DOES IT FEEL HUH???

These never get picked, but I might as well list them anyway. Will try to add more.


Thanks to:


  • Slender Fortress Wiki + District Zen SF2 Wiki (and whoever wrote the pages)
    For having several videos showcasing some Specials. Helped me get the names of Joke Specials and info on other specials, especially Page Rewards


Written by Major S.A. 99

This is all we can share for Slender Fortress Special Rounds [Info + Advice] – Team Fortress 2 for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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