Smooth videos guide – Teardown

Smooth videos guide – Teardown 1 -
Smooth videos guide – Teardown 1 -

Ever see cool 4K 100+ FPS and think they have a NASA PC, well they probably don’t they probably use this.

Installing The files.

Head over to FFMPEG – []  and download essentials.
Smooth videos guide - Teardown - Installing The files. - E9AF41686
On the FFMPEG website.
After this head over to Teardown and into mods then scrool down on “built in” til you see screen recorder.
Smooth videos guide - Teardown - Installing The files. - 9CF447088
Then proceed into a map and press record in the pause menu. then you can quit out.

Where to put these files?

Head into your files and go to: C:\Users\(Name)\OneDrive\Documents\Teardown\movies
Once there open your FFMPEG folder, Then proceed to place it in your movies folder.
Smooth videos guide - Teardown - Where to put these files? - 4788FDE7E
That is all for this part now for the next.

In Game!

There will be no videos/gifs for this as this is simple but head into game and go into the pause menu.
then there should be a bar at the bottom with screen recorder option. go hit that and press record. If you hear no noise that is perfectly normal dont worry record your video and bam section done.

Final Part.

Head into C:\Users\(name)\OneDrive\Documents\Teardown\movies
Then press makemovie.bat and let that run until dissapeared.
Smooth videos guide - Teardown - Final Part. - 194A06D5C
Bam now a recording should appear and you are now done.

Written by Kelidus

I hope you enjoy the Smooth videos guide – Teardown guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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