Solutions Guide – Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 90s

Solutions Guide – Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 90s 1 -
Solutions Guide – Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 90s 1 -

Complete official walkthrough and solutions guide to Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 90’s.


Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 90’s Solutions Guide/Walkthough
Warning: Spoilers ahead!!
If you want a hint, use the in-game phone system that will just give you a clue.
These are the direct answers to the puzzles.
Getting into the laptop
To get into the laptop, collect all of the case files- Delia’s case file, on the laptop, and 4 more:
-In the desk drawer on the left, the middle drawer
-In the cardboard box on the floor, under the map. Case file is behind the binders
-In the trash can to the right of the desk
-On the office chair
Get the “Top Secret” notebook from the desk drawer (right-middle), and put the case files in order according to their dates.
Flip the files over, revealing the pa*sword: ASIF

Leaving the office
Enter the pa*sword into the laptop, and go into the Case Files folder. Open up “case_800.txt”. The message on the screen says “8,0,0”. This is the pa*s code to the door. Enter it in the keypad on the door to leave the office.
Finding all the penguins
Here are the locations of all 6 penguins:
-On the prize shelf by the skee-ball machines, surrounded by other penguins
-On top of the basketball machine (knock off with a basketball)
-Take the dollar that’s on a stool by the sitting driving cabinets, and put it in the change machine by the pinball machines. Change machine will dispense a penguin.
-Retrieve from the claw game.
-In the locked box by the sick ball machines- complete the sick ball puzzle to unlock
-In the safe under the counter behind the prize cabinet. To unlock, use the note from the unlocked box by the skee ball machines.

Locked Box by Sick Ball machines
In the cabinet under the counter behind the prize cabinet, there are two polaroids showing the Sick ball machines with specific scores on each machine.
Score the following scores in the Sick Ball machines in this order, left to right:
1st machine: 10 points
2nd machine: 30 points
3rd machine: 40 points
4th machine: 20 points
5th machine: 10 points
The locked box should glow green and make a weird sound, when the glow fades the box will unlock and you can open it.

Safe under the counter behind the prize cabinets
Get the note from the locked box you unlocked from Sick Ball. Use the capitalized directions as a guide to enter the code into the keypad. The directions can be interpreted 2 different ways, both will unlock the safe.
Solution #1:
Solutions Guide - Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 90s - Solutions - 71945C4CC
Solution #2:
Solutions Guide - Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 90s - Solutions - E7708D789

6 Penguins, what now?
Take the 6 penguins to the table under the blackboard with the cipher. Grab the note from the locked safe under the counter with the list of Danger Rangers. Use the list to order the penguins by hat color.
1. Pink
2. Black
3. Yellow
4. Blue
5. Red
6. Green

Solving the Blackboard Cipher
One big hint first:
Rotate all of the penguins so the lines on the bottom of the penguin are underlining the shape they’re next to. This is the correct orientation for the symbols to solve the puzzle. Read on for the complete answer.
How to solve the cipher
Each symbol on the penguin refers to a letter on the cipher. The shape on the penguin symbol is the shape of the lines around the letter.
If there is a dot on the penguin symbol, it corresponds to the group of letters that have dots on them. If there is no dot on the penguin symbol, it corresponds to the group of letters that do not have dots in them.
So for example, the top-left hand corner of the hash symbol without dots would be _| (U) The middle would be |_| (B) and the top-right would be |_ (N) and so forth.

The actual answer to the cipher
DABOMB (“Da Bomb”)
Enter the cipher answer into the keypad to enter the break room. You only need to press the button once for each letter.
Air Hockey Challenge
If the AI is too difficult, just grab that puck and use your hand to put it in the goal a bunch of times to score points. It’s okay to cheat against an evil robot. You need 6 points to win.
Once you win at air hockey, you should receive a chart with dots and arrows, and a bomb milk cap.

Milk Cap Puzzle
Getting the guide
Grab the milk cap guide from the table in the corner of the break room, the one with the computer on it. The key is under some papers. This will let you see which milk caps go where on the board.
Collecting all the milk caps
Jan: Baseball cap. On the prize shelf, behind the canteen.
Feb: Gold bomb. Sitting on a table in the break room
Mar: Chicken. In the arcade, next to your suitcase on the counter, under your hat
Apr: Ca*sette. In the break room I believe.
May: Synth. In the arcade, on the prize shelf, under the stuffed monkey.
Jun: Bomb. Given to you when you beat the AI at air hockey
Jul: 8 Ball. In the break room fridge.
Aug: Alien. By the pinball machine, either alien is fine.
Sep: Crystal ball. Next to the desk in the break room there’s a stack of papers and boxes, it’s under some of the papers.
Oct: Spaceship. In the break room I believe.
Nov: VHS tape. Also in the break room, possibly the arcade. This milk cap is not totally necessary to solve the puzzle.
Dec: Reindeer. In the arcade, on a milk crate by some arcade machines by the break room.

Getting the key
To read the code from the milk caps, you’ll need the cardboard chart with the dots and the arrows. Align it with the milk cap poster to reveal the code to open the closet door.
The Code to the Closet Door
Raze Pa*sword
To unlock Raze, use the pa*sword found in the break room. Press the buttons 1, 2, 3, 4 to start up the machine. It will ask you for 2 power sources.
Snacky Snake
To play Snacky Snake, pick up the Game dude and press the indicated button to start. Use your joypad/trackpad to direct the snake. Keep playing, the points are cumulative so don’t worry if you die, it still counts towards your total. Eventually a red dot will appear, get that dot to reveal the clue.
Snacky Snake Clue
Crystal Knights
Jump, Attack, Magic, Magic
Enter this into the Crystal Knights cab to unlock the cabinet.
If nothing happens, that means you need to unlock the Raze cabinet first.

Time Card Puzzle
Grab the time cards and flip them upside down on the table to reveal the Koolnami code. Assemble the puzzle pieces. The last card is in the closet, on the shelf to the right. Grab that and add it to the rest of the pieces to show the complete rebus puzzle.
Koolnami Code
The answer to the rebus is this:
Up Up – Down Down
Left Right – Left Right
B A – Start B
Techno Warrior
(tea + k + no) and (w + oar + y + oar)
Enter this code into the Techno Warrior machine to unlock it.

Raze Machine- Waiting for Sources
Once the Crystal Knights cab is unlocked, it will reveal a code:
3 – Shoot, Shoot Reload
Go to the Raze machine and press the buttons in this sequence-
Once the Techno Warrior cab is unlocked, it will reveal a code also:
2 – Melee, Shoot, Reload
Go to the Raze machine and press the buttons in this sequence-
This will unlock the Raze cab.

Keep shooting, you need to shoot 125 of them to progress.
Sammy Salmon
Keep shooting, although the game should progress after 60ish salmon land behind you. If the game is launching fish for a very long time, it may need to be reloaded. The game should continue automatically.
Tommy Gotcha
Shoot the screen once and he will die. Poor Tommy.
The rest
Chill and enjoy the show 🙂

Written by lunabeat

I hope you enjoy the Solutions Guide – Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 90s guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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