Some information about the game – Devil Spire

Some information about the game – Devil Spire 1 -
Some information about the game – Devil Spire 1 -

This is info I have found/gather from playing the game so far. It is incomplete and poorly organized but here in case anyone finds it useful. If anyone wants to use this guide to make a better guide go ahead.

About the guide

This guide is just made of info I found on my own from playing, it is incomplete and poorly organized.
Any description that I placed question marks around means that the description is a complete guess about what the thing does based on the name and could be completely wrong.
(i.e. unknown – ?I think this does a thing?)
I also put the correct spelling of some words next to the names of a few things in case they were a typo by the devs like Enpowering instead of Empowering or Obsfuscate instead of Obfuscate. If these potential typos are intentional then I will remove the corrections in the guide.
This is my first time making a guide so sorry if it is hard to follow or read
If anyone wants to use this guide to make their own better guide go ahead. I am just making this because there doesn’t seem to be a lot of info about lots of the game mechanics yet and figured this might help people until others make more and better guides or a wiki is fully made.


Body Ailments:
Cramp– Prevents attacking and blocking
Root– Prevents movement (Can still attack and block)
Paralysis– Slows movement and attack speed significantly
Poison– Reduces health over time
Mind Ailments:
Blind– Removes vision
Confusion– Randomizes controls
Mute– Prevents spellcasting and reduces mana by 5% of your max per second
Panic– Makes your character act randomly (attack, block, kick, swap and cast spells without control)


Cube– Increases Intelligence
Cup– Restores all Health
Scarab– Cures Body Ailments
Tome– Teaches a Spell


Enpowering– Grants Experience
Hastening– Increases Agility
Illuminating– Creates Lamp Oil (5 min)
Wisening– Increases Intelligence


Darkness– Consumes Lamp Oil (5 min)
Greed– Takes 100 Gold
Lethargy– Decreases Agility
Torture– Inflicts Body Ailments


(W) = Weapon (S) = Shield
Binding(Inflicts root) – Inflicts root on an enemy on use
Blinding(Inflicts blind) – Blinds an enemy on use
Blood(W) (Drains Health) – Drains health and gives it to the player on hit
Blood(S) (Regenerates Health) – Recovers some health on block
Body(Power from vitality) – ?Bonus damage based on vitality?
Chaos(????) – Random effect when used
Cold(Freezes) – Freezes enemy on use
Dark(Chance to kill) – Around 10% chance to kill enemy on use?
Disarming(Inflicts cramp) – Inflicts cramp on use
Emptiness(S) (Reduces magic, then health) – ?Enemy loses magic when hitting shield and loses health if out of magic?
Fear(Inflicts panic) – Inflicts panic on enemy on use
Force(Greater impact) – Increases/gives knockback to item
Fraility(S) (Decreases vitality) – ?Lowers vitality of enemy that hits shield?
Illusion(Inflicts confusion) – Inflicts confusion on enemy on use
Lethargy(Decreases agility) – ?Decreases enemy agility on use?
Light(Critical hits) – Chance to do critical hits doing pushback and extra damage
Magic (Magic-powered) – Uses 5 MP to do extra damage
Oil(S)(Gives oil) – Chance to give oil on block
Phasing (Phasing attack) – Weapon goes through walls (won’t cause stun for hitting wall or lose weapon durability)
Skill(Better counterattack) – ?Higher damage after parry?
Speed(Power from agility) – ?Bonus damage based on agility?
Spirit(W) (Drains magic) – Drains magic on hit
Spirit(S) (Regenerates magic) – Recovers some magic on block
Tears(Pain is power) – ?More damage with lower health?
Thorns(Damages back) – Enemies take damage when blocking with item
Thunder(Shocks) – Does electric damage to enemy on use
Trash(S) (Gives Trash) – Has a chance to drop trash on use
Venom(Inflicts poison) – Inflicts poison on use


White Potion – Heals all Health, Magic, and Ailments
Black Potion – Deals random damage to you
Red Potion – Recovers your Health
Blue Potion – Restores your Magic
Yellow Potion – Cures all Ailments
Purple Potion – Gives a random Ailment
Green Potion – Cures Panic, Mute, Blind, and Confusion
Orange Potion – Cures Poison, Cramp, Root, and Paralysis


Abracadabra– ????
Befuddle – Shoot a bouncing ball that inflicts Confusion on whoever it hits.
Bind – Shoot a shockwave that inflicts Root on all it hits.
Blizzard – Call a snowstorm around you, freezing and dealing damage to any unfrozen foes.
Construct – Construct a golem which autonomously seeks out and attacks enemies, exploding when it runs out of power.
Decelerate – Shoot eight pillars outward that inflict Paralysis on whoever they hit.
Disable – Shoot a pair of spheres in a spiral that inflict Cramp on whoever they hit.
Drain – Fling a magic disc forward, which damages any foes it hits, then flies back to you, healing proportionately.
Electric Chain – Throw a shocking bolt that jumps on hit, always going for the nearest foe not behind cover.
Ennervate(Innervate) – Shoot a chasing orb that inflicts Panic on whoever it hits.
Envenom – Shoot a bubble that pops into smoke that inflicts Poison on all it hits.
Gravity – Collapse a point into immense gravity, pulling everything but the caster to its unstable core, exploding when it reaches critical mass.
Ice Spike – Release a wave of cold that damages all in its path and freezes them.
Invoke – Invoke a random item at your feet, which can range from a mighty weapon to a piece of trash.
Mend Wounds – Restores your Health.
Obsfuscate(Obfuscate) – Shoot a growing cloud that inflicts Blind on all it hits.
Phantom Rush – Conjure an image of yourself which delivers a flurry of debilitating punches, but leaves you Cramped.
Pillar of Flame – Erupt a fiery pillar that slowly travels forward, burning everything in its path.
Short Circuit – Hurl an electric lance that pins on hit, periodically shocking its target and whoever’s nearby.
Silence – Shoots rays that inflict Mute on all visible targets, spreading evenly.
Snowball – Rolls an enlarging snowball that catches all in its path, bursting when it hits an obstacle.
Symbol of Pain – Draw, or explode, a sigil that hurts all who come close.
Telekinesis – Grab hold of the closest foe or moveable object. Recast to launch it forward, dealing damage on impact.
Time Slow – Slow down time for all but yourself.
Transfusion– Sacrifice half of your current Health to restore Magic proportionately.


Broken Tools
Dirty Rags
Fool’s Gold
Sticky Goo
Glass Shards
Scrap Metal




Rules of potion crafting:
Primary plus secondary of other primaries = white (i.e. Red + Green = White)
Primary plus Primary = color you get when mixing the primaries (i.e. Red + Blue = Purple)
Primary plus secondary it is part of = other primary it is part of (i.e. Red + Purple = Blue)
Two secondaries added together make the third secondary color (i.e. Orange + Green = Purple)
Black Plus color = the opposite color (i.e. Black + red = green) – green is made of the primaries blue and yellow so red is the opposite and vice versa
White Plus color = the opposite color
Exception to black and white is when you do black + white which gives you black
Crafting list: (There is another visual guide that shows this much better in my opinion)
Black + Blue = Orange
Black + Green = Red
Black + Orange = Blue
Black + Purple = Yellow
Black + Red = Green
Black + White = Black
Black + Yellow = Purple
Blue + Green = Yellow
Blue + Orange = White
Blue + Purple = Red
Blue + Red = Purple
Blue + White = Orange
Blue + Yellow = Green
Green + Orange = Purple
Green + Purple = Orange
Green + Red = White
Green + White = Red
Green + Yellow = Blue
Orange + Purple = Green
Orange + Red = Yellow
Orange + White = Blue
Orange + Yellow = Red
Purple + Red = Blue
Purple + White = Yellow
Purple + Yellow = White
Red + White = Green
Red + Yellow = Orange
White + Yellow = Purple


Broken Tools + Dirty Rags = Hilt Strap (Combine with a weapon to increase its Speed by 0.08)
Broken Tools + Fool’s Gold = Inscribed Rune (Combine with a weapon or shield to enchant it)
Broken Tools + Glass Shards = Spikes (Combine with a shield to increase its stagger by 0.5)
Broken Tools + Scrap Metal = Armorer Tools (Combine with armor to increase its Durability by 1000)
Broken Tools + Sticky Goo = Blacksmith Tools (Combine with a weapon or shield to increase its Durability by 1000)
Dirty Rags + Fools Gold = Bag of Gold (A bag containing 100 gold coins)
Dirty Rags + Glass Shards = Arcane Parchment (Combine with a spell to increase its power) (Increases by 0.1x)
Dirty Rags + Scrap Metal = Magic Catalyst (Combine with a spell to increase its cast speed)
Dirty Rags + Sticky Goo = Fermented Moss (Combine with an empty bottle to fill with a white potion)
Fool’s Gold + Glass Shards = Moonstone (Combine with any equipment to decrease its weight by 0.5 kg)
Fool’s Gold + Scrap Metal = Whetstone (Combine with a weapon to increase its attack by 10)
Fool’s Gold + Sticky Goo = Philosopher’s stone (Combine with a spell to decrease its magic cost) ?(Decreases by 10%)?
Glass Shard + Scrap Metal = Lockpick (Opens a locked door)
Glass Shard + Sticky Goo = Empty Bottle (Can be used to store liquids)
Scrap Metal + Sticky Goo = Piece Of Armor (Combine with armor to increase its defense by 10)


Alchemy + Sacrificial = Trapper
Arcane + Cannibal = Protection
Arcane + Protection = Storm
Arcane + Shield = Scraping
Arcane + Reaver = Goo
Bull + Tearstone = Mighty
Bull + Eye = Shield
Cannibal + Protection = Reaver
Cannibal + Lightwood = Thief
Cannibal + Sacrificial = Alchemy
Cannibal + Serpent = Vortex
Cannibal + Tornado = Arcane
Cannibal + Trapper = Cannibal
Cannibal + Vortex = Cloranthy
Cloranthy + Reaver = Mighty
Cloranthy + Mighty = Thief
Darkwood + Darkwood = Thief
Darkwood + Eye = Lightwood
Darkwood + Trapper = Darkwood
Eye + Reaver = Tornado
Goo + Mighty = Arcane
Goo + Tornado = Martial
Lightwood + Scraping = Alchemy
Lightwood + Vortex = Martial
Martial + Shield = Reaver
Martial + Tearstone = Trapper
Mighty + Scraping = Protection
Protection + Thief = Vortex
Reaver + Scraping = Serpent
Scraping + Tearstone = Lightwood
Shield + Tearstone = Sacrificial
Shield + Trapper = Shield
Storm + Thief = Sacrificial
Storm + Vortex = Thief
Tearstone + Thief = Eye
Tearstone + Trapper = Cannibal
Thief + Vortex = Trapper

Written by dmm3000

I hope you enjoy the Some information about the game – Devil Spire guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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