Some tips for beginners – Ravenous Devils

Some tips for beginners – Ravenous Devils 1 -
Some tips for beginners – Ravenous Devils 1 -

I just want to leave some things I wish I knew when I started this game.
These small tips will hopefully help you make it through the game easily.

1) Don’t buy tables too early

Once you get tables the entire gameplay changes and becomes drastically more stressful. Different from the self-service trays you can’t choose what to cook, which means you always have to have a supply of every kind of ingredient ready. And since everything gets cooked to order you have little room to prepare.
Tables also don’t give you enough money to prioritize them early on. It’s better to wait a bit, get settled and buy some of the more crucial upgrades (the attendant is pretty much mandatory, I’d also advise getting the cat first).
However should you buy the tables and find yourself in a situation where you fail to wait them, don’t beat yourself up too much over it. If all other customers leave satisfied your reputation at the end of the day will still be net positive.

2) The cat is crucial for success

If you can get the cat, do it. Every time you play with it in the kitchen, it goes hunting mice afterwards, returning after a minute or so (it’ll only appear when the camera isn’t focused on the kitchen or pub, so you’ll need to scroll up).
These mice can be baked into 3-star-skewers. No customer at tables will ever order them, but they are absolutely perfect for the self-service trays.
Especially towards the endgame human meat will be the most sparse resource and using mice to fill up the self-service will relieve your supply stash so you have enough humans to wait the tables.
Just fill up all trays with mouse skewers before opening the shop, cook one order in advance and maybe pet the cat once more to get another mouse and you’ll be set for the day and able to concentrate on the table orders without having to worry about resources.

3) If you still run out of meat: exploit the game

Currently there seems to be a glitch giving you a chance for an additional corpse at the end of the day.
If you are processing a corpse in the meat grinder or sausage stuffer when the day ends and a cinematic starts (couldn’t get it to work with the steak table or at the regular report screen) you may find that you got the mincemeat/sausages but the corpse respawned inside the chute. The timing is a bit finicky and it doesn’t always work but it’s worth trying for the chance.

4) Maximize customer satisfaction by waiting

If you work tables and try to cook everything as fast as possible, most of the time satisfaction will be in the yellow section when the food arrives at the table. The attendant will reset the bar using the gin barrel once it is about to reach the red section, so if you really wish to maximize the reputation you get, it makes sense to wait with delivering the food until he runs off to the gin barrel.
Note that he’ll only reset satisfaction using gin once per table. Should you fail to deliver the food when the bar has fallen all the way down for the second time, the customers will just leave.
And a small one because it isn’t directly obvious at first: Fertilizing birds gives you eggs.

Written by Elhao

This is all we can share for Some tips for beginners – Ravenous Devils for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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