Some useful neutral cards – Shadowverse

Some useful neutral cards – Shadowverse 1 -
Some useful neutral cards – Shadowverse 1 -

Some useful neutral cards


in this guide I gonna list out some useful cards from the neutral set cards, those card which benefit all to the eight cla*ses and came pretty handy depend your deck need.
for beginner which I recommend craft some neutral cards from starter pack, maybe it outdated but still worth for some mode like single story mode or ranked mode depend on situation.

Bronze cards-

(cost 1/4)Steadfast angel: a light ward card who useful on early
(cost 2)Angel of boon: could give you a card or wind god effect which +0/+1 effect on field monster
(cost 3) Goblin mage: a decent draw card who draw out the monster less than 2 cost
(cost 3) Valkyrie of chaos: a card who could ward or rush on early
(cost 3) Lowain of the bro family : a card offer three type effect which alt choice for tough cla*s like the elf who need quick effect on hand to play.
(cost 4) Angel of the gospel: card that could activate up to three types of effects.
(cost 5) Dance of death: take down one monster and deal 2 dmg too enemy caster, a decent spell
(cost 6) we’ve got a case: draw card and deal dmg to enemy monster

Silver card-

(cost 1) Treasure map: a really complex card provide variety of card in random card, some are powerful but it depend on situation.
(cost 1~X) Brave goblin:enhance this monster by use play points, useful on later stage.
(cost 2) Genesis of legend: give band and hp which worth for it bane exchange value.
(cost 2/5/8) Io, Journeymage: provide dmg to monster and restore caster hp and buffer monster in different stage.
(cost 2/5/8) Valkyrie of order: provide monster on different stage.
(cost 3) Agnel’s blessing: draw 2 cards and restore hp in situation.
(cost 3) Jafnhar, warring flame: evolved when other allied did, deal 2 dmg before attack enemy monster which give some exchange value
(cost 3) Purehearted singer :draw 2 cards and provide a small monster on field.
(cost 3) Gorumet emperor khaiza: could repeats summon a 2/2 hp carrot
(cost 4) Eugen, stalwart skyfarer: gives 0/+1 wind god effect on attack, could evolution for free which useful on stack the evolve effect cards or deck.
(cost 4) Managrocer: give +2/+2 buffer to in hand follower
(cost 4/6) Mavela, budding pyrotech: deal Aoe attck from 1 dmg up too 2 dmg which total up to 3 dmg Aoe to enemy monster, could free evolution on 6 cost which useful to activated evolution effect.
(cost 5) Goblin princess: summon two of goblins, and give your a goblin king in hand for free which without evolution point which could come in handy.
(cost 6) Katalina sky guardian: can’t take dmg up to 3 dmg, which meaning two times strike or ward chance for this card, it’s came in handy on some situation.
(cost 6/10) Catherine, epicurean angel: restore your caster hp from 6 up to 10 defenses, it don’t need evolution points so it’s effect are grant guaranty

Gold cards-

(cost 2) Master chef: gain 1 max hp to your caster, 1 more max hp and draw 1 card when evolution.
(cost 2) Guiding bellringer angel: a ward card who draw card and buffer when evolution.
(cost 2) Glistering angel:it block enemy invocation for one turn, could take down one enemy monster on evolution
(cost 2) Vurm, Li’l red dragon: a decent draw card.
(cost 3/7) Combustion demon: deal enemy monster 5 dmg if evolution, on 7 costs caster could summon 2 of them and evolved them and deal 5 dmg to enemy monster.
(cost 3) Goblin queen: give 2 goblins, when 4 play points you could summon goblin king used evolution to transform goblin, a useful cards in early arggo play.
(cost 3) Princess knight: a decent draw card who draw out a fanfare card from deck.
(cost 4) Oceanus:could destroy below 4 hps monster or heal one target
(cost 4) Embodient of cocytus: low cost to draw card from three cards selection from the cocytus deck
(cost 2/5/8) Ogre weaponmaster: a decent monster who capable to swipe out enemy force with lower cost.
(cost 8) Earthshock orge: deal 3 dmg and repeat once if evolution, could target enemy caster which come handy on later stage.
(cost 1/3/7) Thunder god of the tempest: stage in efferent stage had different effect, from draw card to destroy amulet or storm/ward like Zeus.
(cost 2/7) Steelclad Minotaur: gain hp when attacked, could summon 2 Minotaur on 4 costs which could ward on early.

Legendary cards-

(cost 3) Moon and sun: a powerful summon spell which could repeat used, this monster had two form which choice to restore caster hp or dmg enemy caster on clash.
(cost 3) Gabriel, heavenly voice:enhanced him and a monster, it effect base on used the left play point of your, which meaning you could save this card on later stage to gain more and maximum powerful effect.
(cost 3) Advent of peace:low cost card that take down a follower or amulet with only 3 cost, plus summon some monster in situation.
(cost 5) On wings of tomorrow: a insane powerful card thought out this game, you could deal 5 dmg to two enemy monster and draw 2 cards or 10 dmg and restore 1 evolution point.
(cost 6) Jupiter :a decent ward card who could banish a enemy follower and restore play points and defense
(cost 7) Alterplane arbiter: put two basic cla*s cards from enemy cla*s and subtract 3 cost from it, a decent card which could came in handy in some situation.

Written by Texyalen

Here we come to an end for the Some useful neutral cards – Shadowverse guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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