Space Crew Tips ‘n Tricks – Space Crew: Legendary Edition

Space Crew Tips ‘n Tricks – Space Crew: Legendary Edition 1 -
Space Crew Tips ‘n Tricks – Space Crew: Legendary Edition 1 -

A handful of tricks and tips that I have personally uncovered about the game that will help you in a variety of situations so ya don’t die 😛

The Deets

• Always move either your security officer or your engineer to the forward facing weapons module of the ship.
• In the event of your ship being heavily damaged or at risk of heavy damage, click on the security module of the main deck of the ship and go into stealth, this will give you around about a minute to to collect your thoughts as well as repair any damages, give shields time to replenish, and also contemplate whether you should’ve chosen an easier mission.
• You are able to stay in a quadrant once you’re cleared it out to wait for your cool-downs to refresh, this is EXTREMELY useful for later stages where the “REQUEST FIGHTER SUPPORT” and “REQUEST CRUISER SUPPORT” options at the navigation module are available.
• Your “evasive manoeuvres” option at your main captain’s module is a GOD SENT in later runs and also in general, the 100% evasion that it will give will basically make you invulnerable for a handful of seconds and allow you to absolutely obliterate the enemy, it ALSO stops any boarding by Phasmids and Androids alike if you time it right as they dock.
• Always go into a quadrant with the evasive manoeuvres ability ready, it is truly god’s blessing to your run and your crew will thank you. Combined with focus fire and weapon boost on all 4 of your turrets and you will shred any opposition.
• Early on you will need to manage your credits VERY sparingly, only invest into a ship once your crew is incredibly talented and you’ve flown at least 5 missions and lived, the better the player you are and the better you are at managing your crew the earlier on you can invest because it is all up to stats and partial skill of the player.
• Whatever you do, do NOT panic once you see 9 targets on your radar, you can get through it and so keep calm and relax your damn self if you wanna survive and keep your crew alive.
• Now, you may be asking, “what’s the best weapons?” well from my experience, the best weapons are the missile launchers, i usually deck my ship out with 4 of them because why not its cool, but in my opinion all the weapons are good at max level and all of them can succeed no matter what, once you get to the later stages of the game they all operate functionally identical and the only drawback is with energy weapons as they require a bit of reactor power, but once you’re levelled up your reactor it becomes no problem as you’ll always have 1 bar for your energy weapons even whilst channelling a hyper jump, you can also always boost your reactor while hyper jumping if you don’t want to be defenceless, but just so ya know for a rule of thumb its good to have 2 energy weapons and 2 kinetic weapons on standby.
• If you are badly damaged and you need to get through a quadrant unharmed, use stealth as soon as enemies start firing on you and then use the faster hyper jump option at the captain’s console (i forgot the name specifically but it speeds up your hyper jump to like 27 seconds, combined with the near 1 minute stealth duration, once you exit stealth the enemies will be LEAGUES away from you and by the time they reach you you’ll be gone.)
Also, don’t invest in escape pods until the very end or if you have legendary characters that you REALLY want to keep, its never worth it because YOU MUST GO DOWN WITH YOUR SHIP as a consequence for you messing up and also to learn the hard way what messing up does.
Enjoy the game and remember to join the discord server for a free hat :33 – []  (Bomber Crew and Space Crew discord)

End off and sidenotes.

Space Crew Tips 'n Tricks - Space Crew: Legendary Edition - End off and sidenotes. - 0A88F01A6
Just a disclaimer, this is a compilation of tips and tricks that I myself have personally found out by me playing the game, it is also not for beginners as some things i talked about you may have not unlocked yet or might be content exclusive to the DLC, also just a sidenote: This applies to the DLC and the base game, have fun out there people and keep your crew alive, TO INFINITE AND BEYOND! 😀
ALSO PLEASE CURVE GAMES ADD DIFFERENT OR BIGGER SHIPS, I DON’T EVEN CARE IF ITS A DLC JUST PLEASE, WE’VE BEEN INTRODUCED TO “FIGHTERS” AND “LIGHT CRUISERS” BUT WHAT DOES A HEAVY CRUISER LOOK LIKE? WHAT DOES A CAPITAL SHIP LOOK LIKE? please oh please just let me play as a big battlecruiser from starcraft or something so i can have these big battles that are immersive and cool.. theres so much potential and i love the game with a pa*sion god i’d suck your di- ahem, have fun people =w=

Written by Røsslyng

I hope you enjoy the Space Crew Tips ‘n Tricks – Space Crew: Legendary Edition guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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