Space Suit Survival Starter Guide – Space Engineers

Space Suit Survival Starter Guide – Space Engineers 1 -
Space Suit Survival Starter Guide – Space Engineers 1 -

A simple guide on how to survive and get going with a space suit start.

The Guide

How To Start
Always remember that the Space Suit start is heavily reliant on good RNG, as such, there will be a lot of moments when your start will be extremely difficulty.
First thing first, you will ultimately be heading towards “Earth”, since the planet has infinite oxygen, making it easier to survive without a respawn pod.
When you arrive at Earth, you will need the following items in your inventory:

  • 7x Computer
  • 22x Construction Comp.
  • 1x Display
  • 24x Girder
  • 10x Interior Plate
  • 3x Medical Comp.
  • 12x Motor
  • 22x Steel Plate

Gather these before your arrival.
With these items you will first create (upon arriving on Earth) a Light Armor Block, then place a Survival Kit on top of it, then a Light Armor Block attached to the Survival Kit with a Wind Turbine on top to generate power and make the Survival Kit functional. You do not need to complete the Light Armor Blocks, since they can transfer power even with only 1 HP.
Some of these items will prove difficult to find on your way towards Earth, but most encounters will provide you with these. However, encounters will be very dangerous since most will start shooting at you as you approach them.
The best way to survive encounters with only your tools is to quickly a*sess where the enemy guns are and then circle around and arrive at an angle where their guns can not harm you.
If possible, approach the guns in a way so they can not harm you and then take them out with your Grinder, this will be easier if you take out the engines first. If you can find the Remote Control then prioritise taking that out instead as that should disable enemy control of the ship.
Destroying the enemy Battery to circumvent the threat will prove fatal since you need to replenish your energy, which is your main concern when trying to arrive on Earth, it will run out before you get there.
To replenish your energy, after you’ve disabled any threats, you need to create a Landing Gear and then hack the ship’s Cockpit (or other control station) and then enter it to replenish your energy.
If you’re lucky this will also replenish oxygen and hydrogen. If this does not work, make sure there is a working power source that connects to the control station.
As a final note; simply put, to get to Earth with just a Space Suit is hard but is done by jumping through encounters, gathering materials for the essentials so that you won’t run out of energy after you’ve landed. If you run out of energy on Earth without having built a powered Survival Kit, you lose, since there will be no way to replenish it.
Best of luck, you’ll need it!

Written by zeeb

This is all we can share for Space Suit Survival Starter Guide – Space Engineers for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check for MORE!

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